This may come as a surprise…

This may come as a surprise for some of you (as it is for me), but today is Wednesday. Crazy how that keeps happening week after week. Tara and I are running out the door to go look at a twenty-acre parcel of land in south-central Washington (the state, not the district). Before we go, I wanted to share what’s up in my little corner of the world.

First, I haven’t been doing much writing lately. But I’m fixing to change that starting tomorrow. For those of you who hang out on facebook and like a little bit of support in the solitary endeavor of writing, Liz McMullen announced today that she’s starting daily blitzes tomorrow. Check it out here if you want to participate. I’ll be part of the blitzing madness, and maybe I’ll actually finish my WIP sometime this millennia.

So what have I been doing instead of writing? Editing of course. Other people’s books, not mine. I have to say, I very much enjoy that process. Maybe even more than writing. Weird, I know.

Also, this is a total teaser, I’m starting a new job in a couple of days. I’ll announce it all officially on August 1st, after I start. This is just me sticking a cyber pin in the subject as a watch-this-space kinda thing. Stay tuned.

One last thing before I jet out the door. I spent a couple hours in a tattoo chair last night. Want to see a picture?


Now, I know that most of you are thinking “What the hell?” But before you judge, let me explain. The question mark is representative of my son. He has Asperger’s and he questions EVERYTHING. And he knows the answers to EVERYTHING. It’s truly disturbing how much the kid knows; he soaks up information like no one I’ve ever seen before. So, a question mark that says “Seek the Answers” was the obvious choice for him. And the ladybug is for my youngest daughter. Her nickname since she was born is Buggy. Or Bug. That ladybug is totally her.

And thus concludes all my sentimental mushiness for the day.

On that happy note, I’m outta here. Time to go look at some dirt in the middle of nowhere. Wish me luck. And until next time, happy reading. Or writing. Or both.



    • For a blitz, you start writing at a specific time and don’t stop until you hit your goal, whatever that goal may be. It’s fun to do it online because everyone posts their progress and encourages one another.


  1. People who ask lots of questions are some of the smartest people in the world. That’s what my journalist friends tell me. 😉 Great tat tribute … love the ladybug!


    • Stevie, I think it’s fabulous how the internet shrinks the world into a manageable community. Writing isn’t such a lonely occupation now. Congrats on (almost) finishing your book.


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