Greetings! It’s been a little over a week since I returned to Dallas from the GCLS Convention in New Orleans and I think I’ve finally adjusted to not eating 5000 calories a day. Kinda. Maybe.

Liar Liar Panel As I’m sure you’ve heard, the conference was chock full of fun and interesting panels and amazing speakers. I was on a couple of panels, but my favorite was the one I moderated called Liar, Liar. The panelists, Melissa Brayden, Georgia Beers, Elizabeth Sims, our own Andi Marquette, and the incomparable Dorothy Allison spent an hour spinning tall tales. The audience had fun asking questions and trying to figure out whether the stories were true or bald-faced lies.

Ali Vali I also had the honor of introducing the special speaker for the conference, my good friend and amazing storyteller, Ali Vali. Ali told some great stories about her path to publishing and the lessons she’s learned during her time as a prolific author. She had many sage words of advice, as you can tell.

Ali Vali talk

I was super excited on awards night to receive a Goldie for Switchblade, the third book in the Luca Bennett series. Out of all the characters I’ve created, Luca is my fav and it was an awesome feel good moment to discover the judges enjoyed her story. Goldie for Luca

The few days I spent at the conference were a blast, but the bonus or lagniappe of the entire event was…if you know me well, you think I’m going to list one of the many excellent meals I had, but I’m not. It was reconnecting with good friends and making new ones.Good FriendsMothers
Cafe du Monde



  1. Still super jealous of Y’all who got to go..Next year is my year!! the pictures and love the sharing of your insight into the GCLS from your point of view…and congratulations on the Goldie!!


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