Procrastination OR Pick One Damn it

Like many other bloggers, I’ve had a hard time coming up with an idea for mine.

3d white people lying on a question mark

It seems each time it’s my turn, I put myself in the “slice of life” and “Where do you come UP with this stuff?”

Let’s add that during the month – I’m inspired to write about several subjects.

Comes time to write them – and I’m faced with the white screen.

But, am I having a hard time because I don’t have anything to say?


Women and Words is an excellent site for authors and writing advice.  It might be nice if I actually wrote some writing tips.

Instead, I ramble about myself, and what’s going on in my life…

Let me also add that my heart attack did NOT give me a longer attention span – in fact – I’d say I have an even shorter one.

Seriously? What’s shorter than a gnat on crack?

I got this picture off “Blogging for the Short Attention Span.”

data porn

I was appalled when it was suggested ADD is reflective of “data-porn.”


On one hand I was all like –

Did you have to put it like that?

And on the other –

Oh, that is SO true!

See? Now, I’m totally off base – again. 🙂

And I’ve forgotten MY POINT!

Oh – there’s a lesson here: A WRITING one!

Write when you’re inspired – if you’re like me – you won’t remember what it is you wanted to write about when you were inspired!

OR you might find yourself so close to deadline, you can’t do the subject justice.

Of which I’ve been guilty of in the past…


I have so many ideas – I write snippets down. Then I write more – and more – still more.

Snippets that is.

Several ideas are next up to bat – so many in fact – I’m having a hard time deciding what the next book should be.  I may just put them all in a hat and choose one!

Oh LOOK! …


He’s been going to Cardio Camp with me…

Sigh, it seems I’m done now.

Have an excellent week!

Happy birthday to my son, Daniel 🙂


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