See You In September

Oh, wait. It IS September.

Do you realize that it’s the first week of September? My mind boggles at the very idea that summer is almost over, kids are going back to school, and the autumn holidays will begin shortly. And here at Women and Words, discussions have begun for this year’s holiday hootenanny.

And with the onset of these events, comes the eating. Yes, the eating. The cakes, cookies, pies, doughnuts, and candies that come with the change of the seasons. Already, the ladies who work in my office who have been so diligent about their diets over the past several months have begun giving in to the little nagging cravings. It starts with a cookie. Then French fries for lunch. Then with the first autumn chill, it all goes downhill. (Oo, I rhymed.)

It’s all well and good for them—they all managed to lose weight and they all look great (there I go again). But me? I still haven’t managed to take off the weight I put on LAST winter. It was a long, hard winter and I really put on the pounds. But unlike my co-workers, my will hasn’t been strong lately.

bosco con colori autunnali, dipinto. 2 dia 13x18 (D02.16.01-02), carige

That may have to do with other things that have been stressing me out, but it doesn’t change the fact that I look like a bag of sausage stuffing in my clothes. I’m hoping that people go easy on the food this year. Of course, I’m one of the culprits, always bringing in cakes and breads and such.

But with the season  also comes crunch time with writing deadlines. Some of us who need to get stories finished for the end of the year start panicking a little right around now. It’s as if flipping that calendar page also flips a switch in our brains that puts us in crisis mode.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. For many people, it lights a fire under their nicely tanned and vacationed butts. The laziness ends now, writers of the world. Take a look at your projects and your deadlines and set a schedule for yourself. When I have a lot going on, particularly during the holidays, I mark down every deadline, every event, every family obligation, every appointment, everything. That way, I’m able to see where I need to be—physically or mentally—throughout the season.

That might be too rigid for you. Hey, do whatever works best for you. But if you tend to panic and hyperventilate over looming deadlines, this might be a way to get it under control.

Together, we’ll make it through. I promise.




  1. I think if I set one more deadline for myself, my wife is gonna divorce me. I’m already too distracted by all the stuff I have to accomplish before the end of the year. Uh thanks for the reminder…who needs sleep anyway.


  2. Spring here and it is about now I realise that I’m not going to fit into that illusive bikini this year either. Oh well best go share a choc with my alter ego.


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