Here’s some FRIDAY FUN STUFF for you n’ yours

Hi, peeps!

It’s a nice, long groovy weekend for many of us in the United States and other places where Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in September. I expect that quite a few of our US readers are thus going to be running around on beaches, camping in awesome forests, or simply hanging out at home to get caught up on a few things and prepare for the end of this hemisphere’s summer.

So with that in mind, here’s some stuff that might give you food for thought, giggles, or make you wonder WTF is wrong with me. All of which is just fine n’ dandy. 😀

First, for those not in the know, here’s a neato short vid (seriously–3 minutes) that will explain Labor Day to you. And here’s a cool article in TIME about how Labor Day was celebrated when unions were on the rise. There’s a gallery of photos from the late 1930s.

Okay! Moving along to other things…


39 animal photobombs that make me laugh. I freaking love photobombs. Especially when animals do it. There’s even a whole Tumblr for them.

Cool. Here are some badass womenfolk you might like to know about. Click HERE (It’s even called “Seriously Badass Women”). And how about THIS, which is a site of some vintage photos of women and their motorcycles. Go see. For reals. And for extra awesome, here are 30 more badass women.


ERMAHGERD! Themed “Clue” board games! SHUT UP! Here’s the Doctor Who one. And holy crap, the Firefly edition. The awesome. It’s causing paroxysms of glee! Public Service Announcement: please unplug at least one day a week from your various devices. Board games can help with that. We now return to our regularly scheduled mayhem.

Maybe you’re in the mood for some music. Here. 100 albums to hear before you depart this mortal coil. If that’s too much, here are 40 songs to listen to instead of 100 albums. And if you care, here are recommended albums for 2015.

And, of course, books! TIME’s top books of 2015 so far and Amazon’s bestsellers of 2015 (so far). Paste has a list of best fiction of 2015 so far. Find it here, competing with Flavorwire’s. Bustle has a list of 15 feminist reads for 2015, and here’s a list of feminist reads for younger readers.

Looking for an interesting career change? Try these! I’m totally digging the crew that has to fish bicycles out of canals in Amsterdam. Or how about these? I think I’d have a blast being a fortune writer for fortune cookies.Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 3.02.54 PM

See? I could totally do this.

Speaking of writers, if you’re a Bloggess fan, then you need to get in on the #wheresrory situation. If you’re not a fan or you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, this will help you come to understand the giant piles of amazing and awesome with super-lish-us sauce that the Bloggess is all about. Read her books. You can find her as Jenny Lawson. I can’t recommend her enough.

And don’t forget to check in with The Nerdist about all things…well, you’ll see. Click it.

Whew. That should keep you occupied for a bit. Don’t forget the portable tiki bar for your Labor Day barbecues and weekend fun stuff.

Take care, be safe, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



  1. Love Jenny Lawson- read her book on a plane once. I think the woman next to me thought I was crazy. I was trying not to laugh out loud, so I, instead, I looked like I was having a series of weird seizures. Her next book comes out just in time for another plane ride for me.


  2. Oh holy hell, Andi, you had to provide me with a distraction…I’m supposed to be working on re-writes (nothing major they don’t want me tinkering too much) because I have a deadline…but now not only do I have FB to distract me, but all these really cool links….thanks….thanks a lot.


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