Coming Attractions, October 2015

MY FREAKING FAVE MONTH EV-AH!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! Let’s hear it for ROCKTOBER, which is approaching at quite an amazing speed. I mean, I’m stoked just thinking about all the awesome that the month brings. So as we here in this part of the world are getting all autumn-ish and our friends on the other side of the world is getting all spring-ish, we can celebrate books together and look forward to all that good stuff next month.

Now, as much fun as the merry elves are, and as much time as they spend on the interwebz and the phone, they don’t find every forthcoming title. So if you’re an author or publisher (or both at the same time!) and you’ve got a book coming in October (or November), drop us a line at the CONTACT page! We update these posts for about a week after they go up. Then we maintain updates on the static page, which we do throughout the month. So we’ll get you posted, for reals!

We’d also like to take this time to remind everyone that today is the anniversary of 9/11 here in the States. If you have some time, please consider donating it to a cause important to you. 9/11 Day of Service can help you with that. Thanks.

And now, let us savor next month’s goodies…

J.M Dragon with Erin O’Reilly, Against All Odds

Adan Ramie, Maladaption

Renée J. Lukas, Hurricane Days
Ann Roberts, A Grand Plan
Laina Villenueve, Such Happiness as This

Julie Cannon, Countdown
Michelle Grubb, Keep Hold
Dena Hankins, Heart of the Liliko’i
C.A. Popovich, The Courage to Try
Missouri Vaun, The Time Before Now
Yolanda Wallace, Break Point
Sheri Lewis Wohl, Twisted Whispers

Harper Bliss, Release the Stars
Harper Bliss, Tamsin Flowers, Katya Harris, Annabeth Leong, and Allison Wonderland, Al Fresco: Five Outdoorsy Tales Of Lesbian Lust (mini-anthology)
Lucy Felthouse, Girls Will Be Girls (mini anthology)

Sacchi Green, ed., Thunder of War, Lightning of Desire: Lesbian Military Historical Erotica

Sharon G. Clark, Chaos Beneath the Moonbeam
Moondancer Drake, Natural Order: Book 1, Daughters of the Goddess series (2nd edition)
Lynn Norris, Sanctuary

Betsey Odell, Deep Water (more info to come!)

Fletcher DeLancey, Without a Front: The Producer’s Challenge
Andi Marquette, The Secret of Sleepy Hollow
Astrid Ohletz and Gill McKnight, eds., Tales of the Grimoire, Book 1
Cindy Rizzo, Getting Back
Caren J. Werlinger, Cast Me Gently


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  1. Also, Thunder of War, Lightning of Desire: Lesbian Military Historical Erotica is coming out in October from Lethe Press, with really excellent work, including a story by our own Jove Belle (and one by me.)


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