Ends and Beginnings

The official end of summer in Minnesota begins with the Great Minnesota Get Together, known as the Minnesota State Fair. Or even better known simply as The Fair. I always look forward this event with a whole bunch of excitement. Yeah, fairs are many things…places where 4Her’s show their animals, where politicians come to strut their potential stuff, where items from near and far are on display and for sale.

Then there’s the food. That’s what it’s all about for moi.

I’m sure you’ve heard the “on-a-stick” jokes, and here in MN, let me tell you, they are ALL TRUE! We have the usual suspects: corn dogs and pronto pups on-a-stick; pizza, alligator, and hotdish (never casserole) on-a-stick; bacon, pork chops, and fudge puppies (bet you want to know what these babys are LOL) on a stick; egg rolls, deep fried olives, (Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that most everything is deep fried, as well!) and glazed pig cheeks on-a-stick (no, I couldn’t bring myself to eat cheeks!); spaghetti, mocha (yeah a coffee drink), and macaroni and cheese on-a-stick; ostrich, deep fried smores, and Summit beer on-a-stick. There’s even butter on-a-stick. Honest. I’ll let you figure out how they do that one! And yes, I’ve tried most of the items on that list above 🙂 I’m missing a bunch of on-a-stick offerings–some crazy soul decided to try everything she could find on-a-stick at this year’s fair, and she bottomed out at 93! I’ll have to try that next year. Along with a whole bunch of heartburn pills.

Two of my favorite things at the fair aren’t actually on-a-stick. Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies–warm, gooey cookies seriously piled high into a cone:

Gettin' YUMMY!
Gettin’ YUMMY!

or a bucket:

Big 'Ol Bucket of Deeelish!
Big ‘Ol Bucket of Deeelish!

until you’re sure you’ll never be able to pick it up without dropping a bunch on the ground. Yeah, I admit I’ve thought about snitching someone’s oopsies more than once, but you’ll be very happy to know I managed to restrain myself.

And then there’s the roasted corn. Slathered in melted butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Hauled in daily from whichever field they use to grow the cobs of delight!

Yaba Daba YUM!
Yaba Daba YUM!

So we come to the end of my edible tale, where I bid goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall. Lots of stuff coming up this fall, namely me writing my ass off so, thanks to my brand-spanking-new affiliation with Bella Books, I can turn in Blood Money Murder, the 5th book in my Shay O’Hanlon Caper series January 31st. See? Endings and beginnings. And, I have to admit, after all the noshing I did at the fair, it’s the beginning of a new diet, too!

Sometimes endings are sad. Sometimes they’re a relief. Dreams end and new ones begin. The close of summer is bittersweet as the days get shorter and the nights longer. I’m with a new publisher (happy happy), and I’ve recently put the house I grew up in up for sale (sad sad). What are some of your own endings and bright and shiny new beginnings?

PS For the record: It’s duck, duck, gray duck, NOT duck, duck, goose. I know I’m right because a stand at the fair was selling “YEAH, IT’S GRAY DUCK” shirts and hats! Hee hee hee.



  1. Goose!! You can take the girl out of New England…

    Don’t forget the mini-donuts, malts at the dairy barn, and Mancini’s steak sandwich… You make me want another day at the Fair…

    Ends- summer, my years of perfect health and indiscriminate eating.

    Beginnings- Much more fun!- becoming a grandmother, some college for my middle difficult-to-school kid, more travel :)!!!

    Goose, goose, goose…

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  2. Yeah, I love fair food too. Up here in Ontario, we have all kinds of smaller fairs but the big thing is the Royal Canadian Exhibition, or ‘The Ex’. I used to get all kinds of awesome food there. The mini-donuts….oohhhhh. Okay, I know how they do butter on a stick (thanks to the Food Network), but spaghetti on a stick? Mac & Cheese on a stick???
    Beginnings — relatively new job and new training/learning opportunities coming soon, new friends found through writing.
    Endings — can’t think of any just now.

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  3. Oh I love your description of the State Fair. Sounds very much like our Pacific National Exhibition. known for short as the PNE.
    Food every where you look. Not to mention 4H exhibits and assorted other farm animals. In the food department, we have mini donuts, which are served hot and to die for. and there are the usual corn dogs, poutiness, chicken and waffles, corn on the cob, bbq chicken and hot dogs and hamburgers. The big event for us was the SuperDog show. the theme this year was HollyWoof. That was a blast, with dogs of varying shapes and sizes being put through their paces. The day ended with an hour and a half version of Peter Pan, complete with pixie dust being sprinkled over the audience during the finale.
    Thanks for sharing, Jesse. And congratulations on the upcoming release of your next book.

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  4. Having never been to the MN State Fair, I have to rely on singer/songwriter Ann Reed to describe the essence of it all. Her “Fair” songs are not to be missed!
    Congratulations on the upcoming 6th book, I’ve enjoyed each and every book.


    • I’ll have to check out Ann. I have been told by I think Lori L Lake and Ellen Hart she’s good. Or maybe it was someone else. I have no idea LOL Love that you are loving the books, and thanks for the congrats!


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