Gay Romance Authors Northwest Meet-Up

Hey all! The fabulous Andi Marquette is in Seattle today for the Gay Romance Authors Northwest Meet-Up. R.G. Emanuelle is there as well, and I’ll be joining them tomorrow for the actual event. We’re doing a panel about the changes in lesbian fiction and what publishing may look like in the future.

Now, I know that you all know that Seattle is part of the modern world and they do, in fact, have Internet there. So why are you hearing from me and not Andi? Simple, while the city does have Internet, her hotel doesn’t. Well, it does. Just not at the moment. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that the Internet gods will restore service and Andi will be able check in later today with some photos from their adventures.

Until then, check out the awesome website for GRNW and maybe consider joining us there next year. Or, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, join us there tomorrow.



    • Aya! It was very nice meeting you. Thanks for coming out and introducing yourself. Also for being a part of an important conversation about the visibility of lesbians in fiction.


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