Lucky Thirteen

A couple of weeks ago, my thirteen novel, Reasonable Doubt, was released into the world. Although 99% of the book has absolutely nothing to do with my life, this particular novel is very important to me because I have something in common with one of the main characters, and part of writing this book was me working through my feelings about this thing we have in common. Check out my latest vlog to find out what in the world I’m talking about:



  1. Congratulations, Carsen, on making the transition into a full time writer. I’m very pleased for you, and as someone who has read all your books, I couldn’t be happier that you have additional time to write. Great news that you have 5 more books under contract. Enjoy your new job. 🙂


  2. I have all of your books mainly in paperback but a couple in kindle form. I also have this book but have not read it yet…can you believe I am savouring it for a day when it is cold and wet and I can snuggle down…yeah, that’s me 😕. I am glad to hear you have 5 more planned…always looking forward to your work! It’s foggy today, maybe this is the day to read ‘Reasonable Doubt’…😊


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