The Secret of Sleepy Hollow GIVEAWAY! Before you can buy it!

Whew. Finally got the merry elves rounded up after they played spin the Red Bull and then Twister. Yeah. If you can imagine. Anyway, they did the drawing and here’s what they came up with!

The winners are:

Tena Appel
Sarah Houck

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Thanks, everybody, for playing!

Hi, all!

Well, here it is, the day after my birthday and I’m giving YOU presents! Why? BECAUSE I AM ALL ABOUT SHARING THE LUUUV!

My latest book, The Secret of Sleepy Hollow, is set to drop on everybody next week. BOOM! sleepy hollow

BUT! You might just be able to win an ebook copy BEFORE that happens! So how about 3 ebook copies up for grabs? AND OMG how about 2 print copies? Sorry, kids, but I’ll have to specify US-based readers for print. Maybe some day we’ll have those Star Trek transporters and we can fling books anywhere in the world for nuthin’. Until then, I have the sadz about the cost of mailing books overseas.

At any rate, if you’d like to get in on this, leave a comment below. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form but NOT in the comment body. The merry elves are trying to save you from spambots. We’ll draw winners Monday October 5 at 10 PM EST (U.S.)

Here are details about my take on Sleepy Hollow:

Tabitha “Abby” Crane, a doctoral student working on her thesis, doesn’t allow herself much time outside academia. Fortunately, she’s managed to squeeze in a research trip over Halloween weekend to the historical society of Sleepy Hollow, New York, where she hopes to uncover new research on the notorious town’s most infamous legend—that of the headless horseman. But she has a personal stake in this trip: Abby’s own ancestor, Ichabod Crane, disappeared mysteriously over two hundred years ago, perhaps at the hands of the ghostly horseman.

Abby has no reason to expect anything of Sleepy Hollow beyond immersing herself in archival collections and enjoying its Halloween festivities, but then she crosses paths with Katie, who makes her head spin and her heart pound. When Katie invites her on a nighttime visit to the glen where the horseman allegedly rides, Abby can’t say no, upending her plans for a quiet research retreat. And when Abby and Katie, who has her own ties to the famous story, find what may be the key to the disappearance of Ichabod Crane all those years ago, love, legend, and magic intermingle, making clear that Sleepy Hollow has plans of its own for yet another Crane.

All rightie! Want in? Comment away and happy Friday!



  1. This sounds rather fabulous!
    As I needz to visit Mo Chroì in Ireland, buying 📚 has had to take a back burner to moola for the wings. I would love to win a copy. Maybe the forest spirits could arrange it?


  2. Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a good day 🙂 Congrats on the new book. Sounds like the perfect Halloween treat. If lucky enough to be selected I’d be thrilled with an ebook or a real live book, book and I live in the USA 🙂


  3. This looks great, but of course everything I have read from you is GREAT! Please add my name to the drawing, and Happy Day After Bday!


  4. I had to look for The Legend through Wikipedia – not even the new face of it on out TV, so yours would be my first meeting with it.


  5. Count me in! Yeah, birthday-ing SHOULD be all-month-long, that way EVERYONE gets a chance to “celebrate” you. 🙂


  6. Happy Birthmonth! A friend of mine celebrates the entire month also, and a bunch of us collaborate to make sure we keep the whole month special for her. I hope your October of birthdaying is great this year.
    Your Sleepy Hallow theme in October is great timing, I certainly wouldn’t mind catching one of these copies your flinging. 🙂


  7. Happy Birthday, ye year older elf 🃏 Is the Sleepy Hallow legend truly set in NY??? I’d never heard that before! Coolio!🎃 Congrats!


    • Thanks for the b-day wishes! And yes, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as written by Irving was set in New York state around the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town (historical Tarrytown, New York). He wrote the story while he was living in Europe. What’s interesting is that the tale — seen as a ghost story — also has elements of satire in it, with digs at Connecticut through the unattractive character of Ichabod Crane and the admiration of strong, handsome Brom Bones. Crane may have represented the pushy kinds of New Englanders that Irving saw as coming into New York (and indeed, Irving’s descriptions of him are often snide) while Brom Bones represented the strong, self-sufficient New Yorker fending off the encroachment of outsiders. Even though Irving spent time living abroad, he was a native New Yorker and loved the city and surrounding environs. It was Irving who coined the term “Gotham” for NY and also the term Knickerbockers for New Yorkers (still evidenced in the New York Knicks basketball team). Irving ends his “Sleepy Hollow” with the implication that Brom Bones may have used the ghost of the headless horseman to run Crane out of town, thus suggesting the triumph of New York over the pushy, grasping Connecticut. This link discusses the satirical possibilities further. Fascinating stuff.

      Regardless, I didn’t intentionally do a re-interpretation of Irving’s story as a satire, though in 200 years, somebody may think I did. LOL 🙂


      • Thx for all the information, Andi, and the excellent embedded link! My fav part was: “The thoroughly frightened Crane then meets a gigantic, silent, headless horseman who chases him through the countryside, over a bridge, and into the churchyard where, instead of vanishing as Ichabod had hoped, the apparition flings his head at the schoolteacher, knocking him off his horse. The next day, the horse was found without a saddle, and Ichabod’s hat near a smashed pumpkin, but Crane himself had disappeared without a word or a trace.”

        Can’t wait to give your book a read and🔪🎃!!!


  8. Free Andi book!!!!!!
    Can’t miss.


  9. Oh, pretty, pretty please let the little elves pick me! I, too, have the sadz about shipping books overseas,,,a whole collection of them waiting to come to New Zealand.


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