You Deserve a Happy Ending by Elizabeth Andre

Love's Perfect Vintage #1 - AllromanceYou Deserve a Happy Ending
by Elizabeth Andre

Every time I tell people I write romance fiction because, “we all deserve happy endings, every single one of us,” that statement sends shivers down my spine and occasionally a tear to my eye. It is the reason why all of my stories have happy endings and why I love romance fiction, particularly my series of Lesbian Light Reads stories. (I released Bodies in Motion, Lesbian Light Reads #4 on August 16.)

I’ve spent plenty of time reading and writing literary fiction. Many of those books are glorious in their tragedies and messages and so well-written. There’s a lot of memoir in lesbian literature. That has value, but it’s not the story I want to tell.

In middle age, after experiencing half a lifetime of my own broken hearts and lost dreams, I’m ready to accept the joy with which my life has been filled, my mended heart and found dreams. I’m ready to admit that I really like reading and writing fiction where a girl meets a girl. They fall in love. They have steamy sex and are then together forever. I like happy endings. These stories help me go to sleep at night. They give me joy on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Lesbian with dog AllromanceI have heard people say that romance storylines don’t reflect reality. I think that’s excellent. If I wanted reality, I wouldn’t be getting lost in a book. I have heard romance fiction called frivolous trash. While I would agree with the idea that it is frivolous, I don’t agree that it is trash, and I would argue that we need, deserve, are entitled to more frivolity.

The world is a serious place, especially for us girl loving gals. We make less money than men. Lesbian couples have the highest rate of poverty when compared to other pairings. We have higher rates of suicide and suicidal behavior.

We deserve better. At the very least, we have earned a break.

It took me a long time to realize that. Yes, women are generally paid less than men, but for years I undercharged because I didn’t feel deserving. I rejected potential girlfriends because I didn’t believe I deserved someone so beautiful. I didn’t apply for jobs that I wanted and that I was qualified for because I just didn’t think I was good enough. I wrote fiction that ended with the main character being alone and miserable.

Beautifully written Bodies in motionlesbian stories with happy endings, in books, movies and tv shows, helped me realize that I did deserve the good life. I read about women, some of whom were just as flawed as me, meeting and falling in love and realized that I deserved the same. Why? Because I’m a human being. According to the Romance Writers of America, romance is defined as stories that focus on love and have an optimistic, emotionally satisfying ending. Everyone gets a happy ending. That means lesbians. That means you, no matter how flawed and unlovable you think you are.

In the first in the Lesbian Light Reads series, Love’s Perfect Vintage, Aisha is woman whose mother volunteers to fix her up with every lesbian she runs across. In number three, Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same, Jordan is a woman who takes her dog to the dog park. Her dog makes a new friend and so does she. In Lesbian Light Reads #4, Bodies in Motion, Shondra is a high achieving professional woman who meets a sexy physicist. Shame, she’s heading to Antarctica for a project. Will she come back? Will she come back to Shondra?

I don’t want to spoil the book, but I think the physicist will return because Shondra deserves a happy ending. I deserve a happy ending, or at the very least 30 minutes alone to get lost in a frivolous book, and you do, too. Why? Just because you’re you.

Elizabeth Andre writes lesbian erotic romance, science fiction and young adult stories. She is a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage living in the Midwest. She hopes you enjoy her stories. She certainly loves writing them.


  1. My very high-achieving, successful, serious younger sister always made fun of me for reading romance novels. A couple years ago (we are now mid-40s) she told me how much she regrets that she didn’t read “lighter fare” as a teen and adult. She noticed how it improved my reading skills, broadened my knowledge (there is always something interesting in a well-researched book), and allowed me to completely relax a few times a week as I got lost in a book. I’m still reading multiple romance novels every week and she has now started to “allow” herself one once in awhile. Remarkably, the added light reading appears to be helping her blood pressure problems. :).


  2. Elizabeth, this is a flat out wonderful blog! Thank you! And I will be seeking out your writing that I – unfortunately – had not yet found.


  3. It is all I read now and I absolutely demand a happy ending. I want the hours back I spent reading a book when the ending is bad. Sometimes I cheat and read the last couple of pages to make sure I’m going to get my happy ending! I will now check out your books because kudos you are my kind of writer!


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