Sleep? What’s That?

It’s officially fall and the autumn/winter craziness has begun for me. So, my concern as I move into this phase is maintaining my health—physical and mental. What does this have to do with writing? Everything.

One thing feeds into the other. The stresses of writing and editing deadlines impact your:

  • Energy level,
  • Sleep, and
  • Focus

When, when your energy level is low, your sleep pattern is disrupted, and your focus is compromised, how do you write? I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired, either physically or mentally, I can’t write. In fact, the last thing I want to do when I feel that way is write.Angelo_Trezzini_-_A_Tired_Seamstress

If this sounds like you, then you need to do what I need to do and take steps to stay healthy in both ways. Here’s my plan.

  • Make sure to go to bed at the same time every night. If you set a “bed time,” you won’t deliberately deny yourself sleep. Even if you have insomnia, you will be at rest.
  • Take time out each evening to just sit and do nothing. Watch TV, play with the cat, or just stare at the wall. It’s all good.
  • Take time each day to do something physical. I walk up the stairs at my job from the first floor to the 12th. And at night, I put on my music and just dance by myself as many times a week as I can.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration leads to fatigue, so drink plenty of fluids. Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t count. Neither does wine. Otherwise, I’d be set.
  • Take vitamins/herbs regularly. But don’t just take anything. Put together a combination that’s right for your particular needs. I have a cocktail of anywhere from 7 to 10 herbs and vitamins that I take daily. I hate taking them but I find that when I don’t, my energy suffers.

Those are just the most basic things you can do, and I won’t lie—doing them regularly is a challenge for me. I get caught up in a million things and just forget, or I have to make decisions about what to spend my time on and the decisions are not always in my own best interest.

I’m on this quest for self-improvement. Who’s with me?






  1. I am, for sure, RG. As a fitness instructor as well as a writer, I take my fitness job as a holistic mission, and your advice is absolutely on point. It’s not just about “The Gym” (even I find the gym an arid, unsociable place), but stair-climbing and dancing are fantastic exercise, if you’re unable to get to a fun class. Sing, as well, why don’t you. I find BAD singing particularly therapeutic, and it’s good cardio-vascular, endorphin-releasing stuff!


  2. Bedtime- check. When I realized my body was going to get up between 6-7am every day regardless of what time I went to bed, I decided a bedtime was in order. Tonight though, is the Madonna concert. The last time I saw her she didn’t even take the stage until my bedtime…
    Vitamins- check- especially potassium
    Liquids- check (and I can’t have alcohol until December, pout)
    Exercise- check (Zumba with the hot Zumba instructor counts double, right? It sure gets my heartrate up.)
    I’m really bad at doing nothing. I can’t decide if it’s the New England industriousness or just too many years having too much to do. Probably both.


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