It’s Friday! Go forth and FUN!

Well, darlings —

Welcome to another Friday! Sadly, I’m having tech issues and I have to take my MacBook to the doctor, so I can’t stay long. And before you say anything, yes. I tried that. Not working. That’s why we’re going to the MacDoc.

And it seems most people we know are frolicking at Women’s Week in Provincetown. Have fun, frolickers! ::grumble grumble grumble::

We’ll just be over here with our hair in curlers eating Crackerjack and watching reality TV. In the meantime, here are some cool/fun things to ponder on a Friday (or any day).

DC, which has been kind of full of suckitude regarding its comics lately (effectively booting Batwoman and basically just being sucky) does appear to be doing better in terms of TV. Here’s the trailer for “Legends of Tomorrow,” an offbeat team of superheroes that includes ::GASP:: a woman. Strange for DC, I know. Anyway, I’ll probably check it out and of course rant about it on Facebook or something.

Oh, and definitely go get in on the drawing fellow Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle is doing here in honor of Halloween! She’s giving away a copy of her F/F vampire novel, Twice Bitten. CLICKIE HERE to check it out and get yourself signed up.

In a more serious mood? I did this blog yesterday for Queer Romance Month, about what “legal” might mean for LGBTQ stories and in general. ERMAHGERD! Andi was SERIOUS? SHUT UP. Yes. It happens sometimes, but it does include a little bit of silly, though strongly contextualized in the serious.

And if you’re a Bloggess fan (those of you who are know exactly who I’m talking about), she’s ON TOUR with her latest book. See if you can catch her in a city near you. CLICK. Speaking of the Bloggess, have a read/watch on this, one of her recent posts just before her second book was published in September. This is why she is much beloved, and hopefully, some of her messaging will get to you, too.

Also, thanks to the Bloggess for this recommendation. I keep forgetting to mention this dude to all y’all. Nathan Hale does graphic novels about history for kids. Graphic as in drawn. Not necessarily graphic as in GRAPHIC. Like, you know. With icky real pictures. Anyway, CHECK IT.

I mean, seriously. Who wouldn’t want to read this, about Harriet Tubman?
Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.20.25 PM

WTF? How is it Barbie’s life is more fabulous than mine? Perhaps here at Women and Words we need to start our own “Barbie does awesome shit cuz she’s a freakin’ woman, dammit, and women do awesome shit” campaign. Let me know if that appeals to any of you.

And finally,

A shirt I totally need:

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.15.48 PM


Anyway, off to the MacDoc. Wish us well. Because without my Mac, I CANNOT WRITE! AIEEEEEE!!!!

Much luuuv on a Friday to you. Be well, tell your friends and family how much you LUUUUV them, and remember to live like you mean it. MUAH!



  1. Sorry your MacBook is sick, but you know how people always say things could be worse? Well, a little while ago my dog dropped a rubber ball down the toilet. Sick MacBook- – sick toilet…hmmm? Have a nice evening.


  2. I booted up my ol’ skool MacBook. The guys at the Apple store told me that a Mac product is considered “vintage” if it’s older than 5 years. The Mac I just took in for service is 3 years old. The one I just booted up is 8 years old. Guess that means it’s approaching ARCHAIC. This old one is a one of the white plastic jobs. I had a new hard drive installed a couple of years ago, but I haven’t used it much since I got the MacBook Pro. Nevertheless, this one is a little workhorse, so I’ll be able to write and do stuff online while my Pro is at the doctor. I love having a backup, fer sure.


  3. I’m glad you have a backup too. Wouldn’t want you to sit around idle whan you could be writing :)) Thanks for mentioning the Bloggess. Just checked some of her blogs. Awesome!


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