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A reader’s perspective on literary crushes

Do you remember your last first kiss? What about your last love at first sight? I do. Some because I walked into a wall but mostly because I saw Kim for the first time and just knew. Maybe some people don’t believe in such things, and that’s fine. I just know that I am extremely lucky that I found THE one who I get to spend the rest of my life with. I’m pretty psyched about that!

It may be hard to believe for some, but I’m actually kind of shy- especially when it came to meeting potential dates. I was never really into checking out women but I definitely checked out my future wife (hence the walking into the wall!) the first time I saw her. What was even better? Talking to her and learning that she is the most thoughtful, loving, caring, amazing, honorable, do-anything-for-you person I had ever met. For me it is perfection wrapped up in the perfect package and no I am not biased!!

So I never really looked at women before, but now there is absolutely no urge whatsoever to look at someone else. Talking to people, they all seem to be dull compared to what I share with my wife. Doing activities just aren’t as fun if Kim isn’t with me. Basically what I am saying is I’m pretty sure that I am Kimsexual because nothing else seems to register. With one exception.

I like to read. Scratch that- I LOVE to read. Pretty much if it has a lesbian character I will read it and most likely enjoy it. So I have this small little problem. I have a couple of literary crushes. Shhhhh. Don’t tell Kim! Kidding- she already knows. And this is in no way like a free pass sort of thing that couples play with famous personalities because, well they are literary not real. Oooo, but what if they made them into a movie? That could be a blog for a whole ‘nother day!

So I have a couple of crushes. The first one I remember was Reece Conlon from Radclyffe’s Safe Harbor. There was just something about this character with her
chivalry, honor, and commitment (the uniform didn’t hurt either) that made her so attractive to read. The ability to put others above her own needs. The desire to help and to dedicate her whole heart to love- love of her partner, her friends, her family and her duties and responsibility was, well, HOT!

Then I read Jae’s Backwards to Oregon. If you haven’t read this yet, you should probably stop reading this blog and go to the Ylva’s page or whatever book ordering page you prefer and buy it now. Luke Hamilton has to be the most crush worthy character ever written! Talk about pure innocence wrapped up in courage, love and the ability to allow everyone to see the inner good in themselves and others! Amazing! Seriously, there were a couple of times that I was wishing I could be written into the story just so I could run around and let everyone know how awesome Luke is and they were silly if they didn’t see that.

A close second to Luke Hamilton is Fletcher Delancey’s Andira Tal, the Lancer of Alsea. This totally amazing character can be found in Delancey’s The Caphenon and continues through the series. Phew! This character captures everything that a leader, a warrior and a lover should capture. Honor, dignity, intellect, foresight, courage, and the ability to see something bigger than herself. Besides making me seriously wonder why we can’t have an Alsean society on Earth, Fletcher had me crushing hard on Tal. A truly exceptional woman!

Those are my top three literary crushes and I’m seriously not worried about it because, well, all the qualities that I find so attractive in these fictional characters I actually find in my beautiful wife. The courage, the honor, the gentleness, the thoughtfulness, the love and did I mention the super sexy uniform? So I’m lucky that way, but it’s still fun to admire how our amazing lesfic authors are able to bring those characters to life. It’s easy enough to list off the characteristics you imagine a character should have, but it is totally different to make those characters come alive in their actions on the page and through the course of the story. Those characters who make you crush on them because they are so well written that the character fills your heart and mind long after the story is finished. Those are some pretty amazing characters!

Now I’ve opened myself up here and admitted to my extra-marital crushes on literary characters so don’t make me do this alone! Let me know who your literary crushes are? What character has lodged herself in your heart and mind? What were some of those characteristics that clicked for you? Share please!! What author has rocked your world with the characters she brought alive on the pages?



  1. I agree with you totally about Luke Hamilton in the Oregon series. I also have a major literary crush on Kelli Jae Baelis character Jobeth from the AKA series but my number one crush would have to be Lois Clarec Harts character Kicker Stuart in Kicker’s Journey..

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  2. You can have Andira Tal only if I don’t get there first :). One of the reasons I love Jasper Fforde’s books is that I sometimes wish I could enter a book (that and he made Miss Havesham tolerable). A few other literary crushes- although there are many- Saxon Sinclair from Passion’s Bright Fury, Valerie from Radclyffe’s Honor series, Jessica from Kiss the Girl, Sam from When it Raynes come to mind right now…

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  3. Erin, good call on the “literary” loves … mine would be Lynn Galli’s Briony or M in “Blessed Twice”; Captain Ekatya Serrado from “The Caphenon” and Sam Lucas from Cari Hunter’s “Snowbound”. Just “loved”, got attached to each of them!

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    • Barbara I think my wife was crushing more on Captain Ekatya Serrado as well. Strong character that is for sure! Lynn Galli’s Charlottesville series rocked! Great choices!!


  4. Oh I have too many to mention, but Luke and Reese are definitely on my list as is Devlin from Madame President.
    I note that many of the choices are from series. Is this because you get to know the characters in such depth during a series that it is difficult to express in a single book?

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    • Devlyn- not sure about the series but was super glad when I got more of my fix that is for sure! For Reese I definitely crushed on her in the first and getting more was just a bonus. I really enjoyed the Madame President series too- love those long stories!!


  5. I just finished reading The Red Files and I have to say that I can’t stop crushing for Catherine Ayers! And I totally crush on Veronica Cartwright from Accidental Love

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