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A reader’s perspective of how to choose titles for movies

Most of us can name our first LesFic book the way we can name the color of our eyes. For me, it holds a dear place in my heart because that was when I found a missing link to my favorite leisure activity. Something that might be a little more challenging would be to name your first lesbian movie. I remember mine, though I actually didn’t watch the whole thing. It’s one of those embarrassing moments like many teenage moments are. At some point it just becomes awkward to watch movies with the parental units and this lesbian movie, luckily, didn’t progress to that point because we stopped watching when, “it totally wasn’t what I thought it was going to be!” The movie- Desert Hearts. The reason I choose it as a 15 year old? Because the guy from Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” video was in it and I was trying to impress my sister by thinking he was hot. I know, I know, I’m shaking my head too.

Needless to say I had NO CLUE that Desert Hearts was a lesbian movie! Now a copy sits proudly on our movie shelves. However, what my wife and I have noticed is that the lesbian movie section of our movie library is pretty small. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of choices when it comes to lesbian movies yet we have such a kick butt literary genre filled with fabulous stories, excellent characters (some very crush worthy!) which are well written. Why then does it seem that the majority of lesbian movies have some really dark, depressing ending? Of course there are some excellent ones such as Imagine You & Me a great rom-com, The Marine providing a powerful drama with a HEA, In Her Line of Fire for some action/adventure and for some sexy romance with chemistry Elena Undone. With those available, I know that it’s possible to have movies in various genres so why don’t we have more? Why aren’t more of our LesFic treasures being made into movies? Maybe it’s because there are so many amazing titles to choose from! Well, I think we can help with that! If it was up to me all titles on my bookshelf would be made into a movie but how about a top three choices in several categories?

Action Thriller: One that kept me up late wanting to know what was going to happen next was Leslie Murray’s Sharpshooter. If they could capture that run-for-your-life pacing that Murray was able to put on the pages this movie would be full of explosions, fist fights, car chases and more!  Carsen Taite’s Reasonable Doubt** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** might be more suspense than action but it had me going to the very end and I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! Put that on a big screen and I think people would be watching it multiple times to make sure they didn’t miss any of the small clues along the way. My third choice would be Black’s Magic by MJ Walker and Val Brown. This had a great twist and a surprise ending that kept me on my toes. How could a movie miss with a super spy and a psychotic scientist battling it out?

Historical: This is probably obvious for everyone who read last week but it would be Jae’s Backwards to Oregon because I would be curious to see who they cast as Luke and more importantly because the story had so much attention to detail while at the same time keeping the reader engaged with the action of the events of traveling from Missouri to Oregon in a covered wagon. Another amazing story set on the planes of America is D. Jordan Redhawk’s Tiopa Ki Lakota. The story had me amazed at the beauty of the culture captured so vividly by Redhawk’s descriptions. Descriptions that would make for an awe inspiring movie with incredible scenery, characters that will make you love them and cry with them, and a story that mixes history with action. Changing periods to WWII Kate Christie’s In the Company of Women shows the strength of our lesbianIn the Company of Women by Kate Christie history throughout the services and especially when the US needed them the most. It’s one of those stories were you feel like you learned something about our history and are thankful for all those amazing trailblazers who made our culture possible today.

Romantic-Comedy: I’m a huge laughing fan of Robin Alexander’s Summer of our Discontent and if they got the right cast together I could see myself in the theater crying from laughing so hard. I would also love to see Saxon Bennet’s series starting with Family Ties would make the best sit-com ever!! Another comedy that will have the viewers roaming the jungles and laughing along the way is Blayne Cooper’s Stranded. A story so crazy that it is almost believable as something you would read out of the tabloids. Having the character’s interactions captured on screen Stranded - eBookwould definitely make this a comedy to add to the collection.

Science Fiction: I know there is a difference between Sci-Fi and Fantasy I’m just not sure I actually know what that difference is. So if I labeled these wrong, please just bear with me. Regardless if it’s in the right category or not, I would LOVE to see Andi Marquette’s Far Seek series on the big screen. I loved how she wrote such strong women on opposite sides of the law who are able to get in and out of trouble while flying space craft through the galaxies! I mean who wouldn’t want to see that???? And speaking of space craft, Fletcher Delancey’s The Caphenon would be absolutely amazing as a movie! Plus I would get to see who they cast as Tal (literary crush!). Delancey’s ability to create a world that EVERYONE wants to visit if not live in forever is awesome!! Then going more for a little classic edge would be Katherine V. Forrest’s Daughters of a Coral Dawn. A whole society of incredibly smart, incredibly athletic, incredibly everything women? Yeah! I’d pay money to see that one!

Fantasy: Again, apologies if these are mislabeled BUT for my limited understanding of fantasy I want to watch Catherine M. Wilson’s When Women Were Warriors series. I mean I really, really, really want to see this! I also think Chris Anne Wolfe’s Aggar series would be pretty amazing on the big screen. A perfect blend of intelligent women surviving together. As is the Celaeno series by Jane Fletcher. I’m not sure I would actually want to live in any of these societies but if I had to, it would definitely be one of these were the women are kick butt leaders!

Sports Movies: I think it’s in the very near future and could totally happen so Chris Paynter’s Playing For First would be awesome to see on the silver screen. That could easily become a series too- especially if she is nice to her readers and writes the third book already!! RL Johnson’s Take Time Out features a basketball coach but the blend of the amazing activities found in Oregon including fly fishing, camping and cross country skiing make this choice one that would be beautiful in so many ways. Lynn Galli has a barrier breaking coach in Full Court takes on the challenges of coaching a men’s D1 college basketball team. Yeah! That should happen, like now!

There are so many more possibilities! Not only titles alone but genre’s to put them in. I know I love my love stories but watching movies I tend to lean toward action movies. What would you, as a reader, choose to be a top contender for a LesFic book into a movie? What type of movie would it be? Do you currently have a favorite movie you want to recommend to me? Tell me please!



  1. My first was probably Fried Green Tomatoes – I was au pairing in Germany, and my hosts were working their way through the English language section at the local library for my benefit. I’d actually like to see a remake, with more of the boldness of the original book. Otherwise… not sure, maybe one of Emma Donoghue’s historicals?

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    • Kathleen I totally get what you mean about the boldness of the story. I’m thinking for the time that it was made they did a good job, but yeah, a remake would be AWESOME!!


  2. The lesfic book I would like to see as a movie is Bayne Cooper’s The Last Train Home. It has something for everyone, action, adventure, mystery, and romance. I would also like to see Ali Vali’s Blue Skies. The book that would be my first choice is Ali Vali’s Devil Series. However, I don’t think the general public is ready for Cain Casey.

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  3. Hey Erin,
    Thanks for the shout out to Playing for First! Have no fear! The first draft is complete on From Third to Home. Oh and I totally agree with you on Carsen’s Reasonable Doubt. Loved that book!


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  4. Hi, Erin,
    I’m more of a reader than a movie watcher – and Desert Hearts is a great why [not that the two leads were difficult to watch or anything!] No movie could capture the depth of Jane Rule’s book. And if you have not read the rest of her works, get them! You will love reading them! Desert Hearts is probably not her best!
    Thanks for sharing your perspective here – your words are always thought provoking!

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    • I saw the movie, or at least parts of it, waaaaaaaaay before finding LesFic but when I did go and actually read the novel I was definitely surprised. I read a lot of Jane Rule’s stories when I first found the genre but may have to go back and re-read some of them.

      Thanks for reading Lynn!!


  5. Hi Erin, you have provided a great list and I agree with almost all of them, those I don’t are because I haven’t read them so thank you for enlightening me and introducing me to two new books. I would like to see some of Radclyffe’s stories and Gerri Hill as well as Carsen Taite, Ali Vali, Ronnica Black, Lesley Davis (love Trent). My go to would be Madame President and First Lady. Then there is the Lynn Ames books which would be well suited and highly sought after. Oh Jeeze there are too many!

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  6. My first choice for a new movie would be Faithful Service, Silent Hearts by Lynette Mae. Since it starts with basic training and goes through action in the Middle East, it has something for almost everyone. Saw Freeheld this week and felt it was very well done. It is the kind of movie that often wins awards so will be interesting to see if it is even mentioned at year end.

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    • Excellent choice Sue! I actually had Tactical Pursuit as number 4 on my action/adventure list. The way Lynette Mae grabbed me from that first paragraph of walking down that street- goosebumps! If THAT could be captured on screen it would be awesome! She’s a great writer!!


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