Continuation of the Journey by Jen Silver (Plus a couple of FREE books!)

arc_coverCongratulations to Amy and Margaret Pas! They each won a book from Jen Silver!

Okay. It’s Sunday. The day started with the heartbreaking news of Sandra Moran’s passing. That’s put a fairly big damper on my enthusiasm this morning. Nonetheless, Jen Silver took the time to put together this lovely guest post for us, so it’s only right that we share it with you all. And, she’s also giving away a couple of books. Check out her instructions. I’ll draw the winner on Saturday, 14 NOV.

Good luck!

To celebrate my first year as a published author, I’m giving away not just one book, but two! (Signed paperbacks or ebooks) The winners can choose to receive either Starting Over or Arc Over Time. Please leave a comment if you wish to be entered in the draw. And thank you for reading.

Continuation of the Journey by Jen Silver

Last year when I submitted my first guest post to this blog, I talked about my Journey to Publication. My first novel, Starting Over, had just been released and as a newly published author I was experiencing all the delights and terrors in equal measure.

I was asked, would I read the reviews? Of course I would. Having waited this long to finally put my work out there I did want to know what people thought. Most of the reviews were very positive and I was encouraged by the comments. A few said they couldn’t identify with the characters but that the story was well written. That proviso stopped me from tearing my hair out. However, I could understand the point of view. I have read books where the characters and their situations didn’t resonate with me.

I also found myself checking Amazon rankings on a daily basis. In all the years of buying books from Amazon I had never before noticed these rankings. Now I was obsessed. Starting Over did quite well considering I was a new author, hanging about in the top thirty for several months, and reaching the dizzy height of number eight in Lesbian Romance at one point.

So, what next? Well, from thinking I was starting my retirement and would have time to do some cooking, I now found myself busier than when I’d been working. I submitted a second novel to Affinity that they accepted. This was Arc Over Time, a sequel to Starting Over, published in May 2015.

It hadn’t been my intention to write a sequel but when I thought about what I was going to write next, there didn’t seem to be any other option. The characters had more to say, particularly the two who had started something of a long distance relationship in the first book, Dr. Kathryn Moss and the journalist, Denise Sullivan. Much of the story in Arc Over Time revolves around ‘will they, won’t they’ get together? (Some of the tension between them is revealed when ‘Diana Prince’ interviewed them for the Affinity blog.)

I also felt that Jasmine Pepper deserved more than the walk on role she had in Starting Over. In the second book she has some amorous adventures, which lead her into the world of leather (and we’re not talking sofas!).

You would think that two books in one year would be enough for a budding novelist. But, no, I kept on writing. I had several stories in mind and over the next few months was able to complete two more novels, both of which are due for publication early next year.

Carved in Stone is the third (and final) part of the story that began with Starting Over. The characters just didn’t want to let go, including the dead ones. The historical figure, whose bones were discovered during the archaeological dig in Starting Over, wants a proper re-burial and is letting her wishes be known through one of the characters. This book can be read as stand-alone, but it does complete the cycle started in the first two.

The fourth book is a completely different story with new characters although, like the others, it is set in the part of the UK where I live. Called The Circle Dance, the story revolves around the relationships of a group of older women (as in my previous books). This time, one of the characters, who is coming up to her fiftieth birthday, is living on her own having been discarded by her long-term girlfriend for a younger woman. Her friends feel she would have coped better with the whole business if her ex-partner hadn’t taken the cat—as well as the house and the car. Sounds familiar, I’m sure, but there are some interesting twists for all involved.

GCLS-signingI attended the GCLS Conference in July. That was another journey into the unknown; apart from the fact I’ve not been to New Orleans before. It was an amazing experience—so many lesbians in one place—who all enjoy reading!

The Affinity team was there in force and I was thrilled to meet up with JM Dragon, Erin O’Reilly, Annette Mori, Erica Lawson, Ali Spooner, Renee McKenzie, Lacey Schmidt and our cover designer extraordinaire, Irish Eyes. It was lovely to spend time with so many other authors and readers I had connected with on Facebook as well.

champagneBolstered by the experience of doing my first public reading at that event, when invited to attend a Lesbian Authors Festival at the Hideaway Café in Manchester UK in September, I was happy to accept. It was a delightful experience – again with a chance to interact with readers and other authors.

So with four novels under my belt and a fifth submitted to Affinity, what are my thoughts on being a published author now? Well, I can tell you my first thoughts on waking run along the lines of:

What’s next in the story?

Do I have to write that sex scene today?

Can I write 1000 words before I go out?

What am I going to blog about this week?

Hard as it is sometimes to sit in front of a blank page wondering if the words will come, it sure beats working! (Or taking up cooking!)


To celebrate my first year as a published author, I’m giving away not just one book, but two! (Signed paperbacks or ebooks) The winners can choose to receive either Starting Over or Arc Over Time. Please leave a comment if you wish to be entered in the draw. And thank you for reading.hide2


Jen lives near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and is married to her partner, Anne. She enjoys reading an eclectic range of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and lesbian fiction. Outdoor activities include golf, archery, and taking part in archaeological digs. Jen’s debut novel, Starting Over, was published by Affinity in October 2014 and the sequel, Arc Over Time, May 2015. Two short stories are available FREE from the Affinity website: The Christmas Sweepstake, included in the Affinity 2014 Christmas Collection and her first ever published story, There Was A Time.

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  1. Best wishes for your retirement and publishing life. I am very keen to read lesbian fiction featuring older women. I would love to win a book.


  2. Please enter me in the drawing for Arc Over Time. I already have the first one and I enjoyed it very much. I would love to win the sequel.


  3. Congrats on a great year of publication. I’m intrigued with the older characters that is definitely missing in our genre. And I absolutely love your second question upon waking!!!


  4. Yay your flying the flag for us Brits. Hope to meet you in June at Nottingham. Congratulations on your books. Looking forward to reading them. 😀


  5. Great blog Jen, I very much enjoyed reading it. I wonder if your brain feels any lighter now? I mean OMG, you’ve written 5 books in a year and all of those words were just hanging around in there, weighing you down! Congratulations on such a successful debut year! Can’t wait to hear what the next year brings and how retirement appeals to you.


  6. Congrats on 1 year of being published Jen! Looking forward to what comes next!
    Count me in on the give-away! Thanks!!


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