I’ve had part of this post ready for a week since I promised I would be sharing more vlogs from Women’s Week. On Sunday morning, I woke up to the news, along with the rest of our community, that our sister, Sandra Moran had lost her battle with cancer. Hell, she never had a chance to fight the monster that snuck up on her and, in three short weeks, ravaged every cell in her body (yes, I’m in the anger stage of grief).

As I compiled these vlogs, I realized I never vlogged with Sandra. We talked about it and said we would do it, but our visits were always at conferences and other book events and we wound up just sharing great conversation in the moment, not thinking about preserving our talks. Next time, we said, never knowing how soon the possibility of a next time would be forever gone. I don’t regret how we chose to spend the moments we did have, but I wish I hadn’t taken for granted that there would always be more. Sandra – you were an amazing person, a brilliant author and I’m better for having known you. Good-bye my friend.

And, because she would want this blog not to be sad, I end the good-bye with this hello to these authors, some you may know, some who may be new to you. Here’s the rest of my vlogs from Women’s Week. Enjoy!

Kris Bryant

Justin Saracen

Nell Stark

Franci McMahon


  1. Carsen, I had tears in my eyes as I read this. Your vloging is so intentional, warm, going to the heart of the writer, that I wish too that Sandra had experienced this and that the rest of us could have been a part of that.


  2. Thanks for these Carsen it’s always great to meet the writers, and you do a great job with it, it’s appreciated. 😀 Sorry to hear the sad news of your fellow writer and pals passing.


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