Sandra Moran Memorial Book, Bedazzled Ink

Hi, everyone.

Bedazzled Ink Publishing is putting together a memorial book in honor of Sandra Moran. Here’s the information (also available at the link; bolding here is mine).

Gedenkschrift for Sandra Moran
Bedazzled Ink Publishing

Three things . . . because, according to Sandra Moran, there are always three.

One . . . Sandra Moran’s career as an author was meteoric, yet her impact on the literary landscape was immediate. It’s hard to believe her first book, Letters Never Sent, was published just over two years ago in September 2013, although it made a limited appearance at the GCLS Conference in July 2013. The 2013 GCLS Conference was also Sandra’s first public appearance as an author. Letters Never Sent went on to be a finalist for The Publishing Triangle’s Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction, a winner of two Rainbow Awards, and a winner of the GCLS Award for Dramatic/General Fiction and the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. Not bad for a debut book. In those short two years, Sandra was a popular guest at book festivals, conferences, special events, and for giving presentations on her books, gender, and lesbian literature. She was an instructor for the GCLS Writing Academy and became an active member in the Kansas City LGBT community. She treated her Facebook followers to her inquisitive nature and quirky sense of humor and added words and new meanings to things to our personal lexicons. Who among us won’t think of Sandra the next time we see neon clothing or moon pies or pie charts or pork rinds or syllabi or blurry photos of cats?

Second . . . Sandra’s books are destined to withstand the test of time and we need to do what we can to ensure future readers and scholars know the remarkable person behind the remarkable prose. Librarians have long recognized that the concepts of graceful degradation and graceful obsolescence of digital materials are more the ideal than actual practice–acid-free paper still remains the best medium for information storage. Digital material will be forever ephemeral because it only takes one technological advancement in information storage that does not adequately address a graceful transition to lose generations of knowledge.

Third . . . A Gedenkschrift is a memorial publication that celebrates and honors the life and work of a well-respected person. As Sandra’s publisher, we can’t think of a better way to honor her memory than to capture her essence as an author and as a person in a permanent medium so she won’t be lost to readers and scholars in the future.

We are reaching out to everyone whose life has been impacted by Sandra to send us personal recollections on Sandra as a person, a writer, a teacher, and a mentor; plus essays on how her books and writing influenced you as a writer, impacted you as a reader, the place her books occupy in the literary world, and the importance of her research and presentations on lesbian literature. The length of a contribution can be as long as it takes for you to say what you want to say and each contributor will receive a copy of the book. The proceeds will go to the organization that receives the most votes from the contributors.

Deadline: December 15, 2015.

Submission form is located at the link above, but here’s the link again.

Love and light to all of you in the wake of this loss. May we always remain #moranstrong as we write and share our stories and may we build community across many divides.

Sandra Moran 12/20/1968 - 11/7/2015
Sandra Moran
12/20/1968 – 11/7/2015