Hootenanny–Coming Soon to a Blog Near You


Are y’all counting down the days? We’re almost there. In less than two weeks, the Hootenanny starts. This year, we once again have a fabulous lineup of authors and publishers, plus a little something extra that the elves are hard at work on. For now, though, we thought we’d give you a little taste of what’s to come.

The list of authors is so long it makes me dizzy to even think about transferring them all over to this blog post (big thanks to Andi Marquette for all her hard work setting up the daily posts), but I promise it’s a whole list of awesome!

The list of publishers is a little more manageable. Check it out: Affinity, Bedazzled, Bold Strokes, Bywater, Rose and Star, Sapphire, and Ylva.

Hold on to your hats, women. The Hootenanny is coming.


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