Coming Attractions, January 2016

Holy moly. I just typed 2016. Wow. So even though we have the Hootenanny coming up super-soon, THERE ARE STILL BOOKS BEING PUBLISHED. Oh, the madness! Which means you will have happy fun times even after the insane 12-day giveaways that will be coming your way this month. Because publishers apparently NEVER SLEEP. Which is good news for all of us! WOOOO!

And remember, though we have all kinds of merry elves out and about, we don’t catch everything, so if you are an author and/or publisher or a reader who knows about a forthcoming title that’s not here, well drop us a line! We stop updating these blog posts about a week after they go up, but we still have the static page that we update all the time. We generally do these lists the 2nd or 3rd Friday of each month, but we’re early this month (because the Hootenanny is starting up next weekend and ermahgerd the crazy), so try to get your titles in before the 2nd Friday.

And now, here’s some stuff coming in JANUARY to help you get the new year started up all fancy-like!

Mary Griggs, Bitter Heart
Micheala Lynn, Joie de Vivre
Tracey Richardson, By Mutual Consent

Rachel E. Bailey, Dyre: By Moon’s Light
Rebecca S. Buck, Fragile Wings
Lesley Davis, Starstruck
Jan Gayle, Live and Love Again
Michelle Grubb, The Fifth Gospel
Tina Michele, Stealing Sunshine

Moondancer Drake, Ancestral Magic (2nd edition!)
Barbara Valleto, Everlong

Blythe Rippon, Stowe Away
L.T. Smith, Driving Me Mad
Hazel Yeats, Bunny Finds a Friend


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