TOMORROW begins THE HOOTENANNY. That’s our massive mega holy crapamoli what are they doing look at all the books I can’t EVEN giveaway! And this year, we have OTHER SWAG that we’ll be giving away through Rafflecopter, and that may include a couple of Kindle Fires…hmmm. Guess you’d better stop by to see what’s what…

Some of you are old hands at this. YAY, YOU! For those of you who don’t know how this works, here are the basics, and don’t worry. We post them EVERY DAY, STARTING TOMORROW, so you won’t forget.

EVERY DAY, STARTING TOMORROW, we run a drawing of all kinds of books from a variety of authors and publishers, and each day’s blog goes up in the morning and stays up until 10 PM EST US. So we do nothing but Hootenanny for TWELVE DAYS.

Each day is a brand new drawing, with different books, so you need to ENTER EVERY DAY, STARTING TOMORROW (unless you’re an author/publisher and your book is featured that day), in order to be in the drawing for that day’s goodies. Please enter only once. We’re trying to share the luv, after all. To enter each day, just like all the other giveaways we do here at Women and Words, just leave a comment on the day’s blog right here. BOOM. Done (remember to put your email address in the comment fill-out form, but NOT in the comment body).

Each day’s drawing, STARTING TOMORROW, closes at 10 PM EST US and we give the books away in the order they appear on the blog. First winner drawn gets the first book listed, second the second, and so on. This helps things run smoothly, because if people signed up for specific books, then we’d basically be doing 9 million mini-drawings every night, and that’s a gateway to exploding head-time. Ick. So that’s why we do it this way.

We’ve also delineated where an author/publisher will ship a paperback. If there’s no designation, that means the author/publisher will ship anywhere.

This year, STARTING TOMORROW, we’ve got the Rafflecopter drawing, too. That runs throughout the Hootenanny but you only need to enter once for that one. There will be a link on each day’s blog that will take you over to Rafflecopter so you can get in on that. That drawing closes the same time the very last day of the Hootenanny does: Dec. 23 at 10 PM EST US.

In addition to all the books and swag, STARTING TOMORROW, there are the usual hijinks and merry elves gettin’ all crazy and reindeer gettin’ all funky and partying and eggnog and singing and…you get the picture. It’s serious fun time, and we sure hope you indulge! SEE YA TOMORROW!

Tucker's chillin', trying to get his read on before things get out of hand.
Tucker’s chillin’, trying to get his read on before things get out of hand.


  1. Thanks is advance for all you guys do for this event. You make a lot of people very happy. Enjoy the love they all send your way. (I know I am speaking for a lot of people.)

    Also, I am happy to be a contributor this year!


  2. Can’t wait!!! I love the Hootenanny!! Thank you to all of you at Women and Words, authors and publishers, and the merry elves that make the Hootenanny possible each year. As a reader this is one tradition I look forward to every holiday season. Thank you all so much!!!!


  3. Getting ready… Last year was my very first and I absolutely loved it! I truly think it’s beyond wonderful what you’re doing here at Women and Words and that also extends beyond the HOOTENANNY :-). Thanks for sharing, caring and spreading the LUV!


    • Come back tomorrow, Julie! That’s when the fun kicks off. All you need to do is leave a comment like you just did and the merry elves consider you entered in the day’s drawing. Remember, everyone, to be considered for each day’s drawing, you need to comment each day. One entry per person. Let’s all share the LUUUUUV. 😀


  4. Can’t wait! Well, actually I can, since I must 🙂 But I can be very excited for the Hootenanny!! Thanks again for all the hard work you all do at Women and Words!!


  5. Thanks for putting all this together again. Hootenanny is amazing fun the entire 12 days whether you win anything or not. Find authors and books you didn’t know about. Share the madness brought on by the merry, sometimes drunken 😉, elves and reindeer. But most of all, share the LUV. It’s awesome.


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