Hootenanny 2015 – Day 1




It’s the 2015 what the holy hell oh no they di’n’t do this insane crazy fling yourselves into snowbanks with giant glasses of eggnog event again!


But first, A GIANT HUGE SHOUT-OUT to all the authors and publishers who graciously donated books for this massive fiesta. We have oodles of gratitude for your awesome generosity. We could not do this nutfest without you, and we are always so amazed and excited at how much you all love to share the luv with everyone. Thank you, from the bottoms of our pointy-toed elf shoes to the tops of our tinsel-adorned Santa hats. IMG_0064

This year, we decided to just let the chips fall where they may. To that end, several Women and Words bloggers approached a huge variety of authors, from across the publishing spectrum, and signed them up. Then we went out and collected a few more and as you’ll see, we also got a whole bunch of publishers involved (because who doesn’t love a party?). We’re not doing themed days this year, because we decided to continue with our chips and falling mood, and just throw a whole bunch of authors and publishers at you each and every day for TWELVE FREAKING DAYS. GRAB BAG OF AWESOME. NEW WRITERS! NEW TO YOU WRITERS! OLD FAVORITES! NEW RELEASES! BACKLIST! FRONTLIST!


Okay, here’s the deal, for those who haven’t been here before (or maybe you had too much eggnog last year and forgot).


TO PLAY, post a comment at the bottom of each blog (starting with this one). YOU MUST ENTER EACH AND EVERY DAY to play. Don’t think you enter once here and la la la happy dancing sparkleponies and reindeer you’ll be good to go throughout. No, my little candy canes. This is not the case. Each day is a new drawing, with all new books, and you will need to post a comment each day to play in that day’s drawing for books. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PER DAY. Let us share the luv!

Tucker heard about the Rockettes' Xmas Extravanganza. He's a huge fan. Gets him in the spirit every time.
Tucker heard about the Rockettes’ Xmas Extravanganza. He’s a huge fan. Gets him in the spirit every time.

When you fill out your comment form, remember to include your email address in that fill-out form, but do NOT put it in your comment body. The elves will see it in the back, and they’ll thus know where to send your goodies should you win. We do not, however, want all the horrible evil spambots of crappy Christmases to suck up your email address out of the comment body. So that’s why we tell you not to put it anywhere but in the fill-out form.

Each day’s drawing closes at 10 PM EST US time (here’s your world clock link) and we do the drawing as soon as we close it. We will contact winners via email and we will post winners’ names on each day’s blog. If you see your name/handle and you haven’t received an email yet, check your spam filter. We notify as soon as we have our winner list.

NOTE: Unfortunately, it has become prohibitively expensive to ship paperback books out of the country from the U.S. Because of that, paperbacks are not always available to non-U.S. readers. We’ve specified that on the entries and we do apologize in advance that we and U.S.-based authors and publishers simply can’t always accommodate non-U.S. readers with regard to shipping paperbacks.

AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS: Please do not enter a drawing on a day on which your book is featured. Because that’s just creepy, to win your own book.

Winners will be drawn in the order the books appear. The 1st person drawn gets the first book, the 2nd the second, and so on.


This year, we’ve got a whole slew of OTHER goodies to give away. Those include Women and Words T-shirts, coffee cup, pens, magnets, bumper stickers, and…wait for it…Kindle Fire tablets. OMG SHUT UP. No, REALLY! FOR REALZ! That giveaway is over at Rafflecopter. So if you want in on that goodness, CLICK THE REINDEER BELOW. It’s a separate drawing, so go on over and sign up there, too. You just need to sign up ONCE for that, and we will be running it throughout the Hootenanny. Its final day will be December 23, closing at 10 PM EST. You don’t need to enter every day for the Rafflecopter stuff.

RC(hint: “Deck the Halls“)

Stack the halls with tons of books, fa la la la la la la la la
‘Tis the crazy, give us a look, fa la la la la la la la la

Don we now our reading glasses, fa la la la la la la la la
Share the luv with all the masses, fa la la la la la la la la

See the shiny books before us, fa la la la la la la la la
Add a comment and join the chorus, fa la la la la la la la la

All these elves have lots of treasure, fa la la la la la la la la
Stacks of books you can’t even measure, fa la la la la la la la la

Fast away this crazy passes, fa la la la la la la la la
Hail the book, ye lads and lasses, fa la la la la la la la la la

Sing along now, all together fa la la la la la la la la
And who really cares about the wind and weather, fa la la la laaaa la laaaa laaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaa!

ALL RIGHTIE! Let’s get this party ROLLIN’! Have fun and good luck!

LANE SWIFT – Winner is Anne Fete

Lane’s offering an ebook copy of The Playmaker! Meg’s got it goin’ on, with a steady career and boyfriend and a position on the Brentley women’s rugby team. She thinks she’s got it all figured out, even with this little crush she’s got on Jacqueline, the team’s flanker. Whatever. It’ll pass. Or will it?

NINO DELIA – Winner is cquesada66

Nino’s offering an ebook copy of this, the inaugural volume of Ylva’s Twice Told Tales. In this take on Red Riding Hood, Robyn lives in a world dominated by men. Destined to become a man’s bride, Robyn is bitten by a white wolf deep in the forest and she begins to question everything. And then she meets the mysterious Gwen, who shows her that she doesn’t need to rely on the good will of men.

DENISE JUDGE – Winner is Sally

Denise has an ebook of her debut novel all ready to go for a lucky winner! Raynee is trying to start anew and get a grip. She might have her eye on Lauren, a professor who’s just moved to town. But then Raynee’s ex shows up and suddenly, things aren’t so clear anymore. Hope you win to see what happens!

ERZABET BISHOP – Winner is Wilma

Erzabet is offering an ebook copy of this, a novella in which Persephone spends her days crafting spells, running her shop, and hanging out with her lover, Hayden. But Hayden has a secret, and so does Persephone and one night in the Underworld changes everything…

MARIANNE K. MARTIN -winner is Sphin

Marianne, one of the most grounded trailblazers among us, will be with us throughout the Hootenanny this year, offering books hither and yon. Winner’s choice of any of her books, EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). Will it be her Lambda finalist titles, Tangled Roots, about the struggles of two women in 1916 Georgia or perhaps Under the Witness Tree, in which a woman goes South to settle an estate and finds something else entirely or maybe Mirrors, which addresses anti-LGBT bullying. Whatever your choice, you won’t go wrong with Marianne. Click HERE for a list of all her books.

ANDI MARQUETTE – Winner is Roberta Pato

Andi is totes feeling the holidays this year, friends. She even wrote a holiday novel and she’s giving away an EBOOK of it RIGHT HERE. The Bureau of Holiday Affairs is part of Ylva Publishing’s Twice Told Tales, and in this take-off on Dickens’ classic Christmas Carol, executive Robin Preston gets a visit from Agent Tolson of the Bureau of Holiday Affairs. Robin is slated to get 3 visitors (Christmas Past, Present, and Future) in the two weeks before Christmas. Robin needs to change her ways if she’s going to be able to open her heart again and think about her path. But will the Bureau’s team be able to help her with that? Or will it have to be a blast from Robin’s past? Hope you win it to find out!

RJ LAYER – Winner is Lia

RJ’s got one PAPERBACK (US only) copy of The Real Story ready to roll! Nearly ten years ago Kate Bellam didn’t hesitate to be surrogate mom to her niece Megan, her life becoming a treadmill of work, motherhood and celibacy. But her long perfected calm is tested the moment she meets Megan’s new mentor, sportswriter ‘Tommie’ Tommelson, who set off all the alarm bells, good and bad.

DEJAY – Winners are Sharon E. Owens, Lindsay, and Phoenix Grey
THREE LUCKY WINNERS for a copy of Redemption. Paperback (US only). Architect Mackenzie Taylor is trying to rebuild her life following the deaths of her wife and daughter. Widow Emily O’Brien is struggling with raising her orphaned three grandchildren. Renee McVee lost her partner, Emily’s daughter, to a drunk driver and now seeks solace in a bottle. This is an unflinching look at issues like domestic violence and human heartbreak, and the quest for love in us all.


Rhavensfyre have one PAPERBACK (US only) of Rest and Relaxation all ready for a lucky winner! Prescribed some R & R, overworked executive Allyse DeLeon heads for the country, where she meets quirky loner and farm owner, Dani Saxon. Dani. Allyse finds herself attracted to this unique and solitary woman, and soon finds out her heart is in more danger there than it ever was back home. Uh-oh. Better win it to see what happens…

MELISSA FOSTER – Winners are Jane and Jacky Griffith

Y’all might remember NYT bestselling romance author Melissa from when she stopped by here in July to talk about Discovering Delilah. She’s got TWO EBOOK copies ready to go for two winners…Delilah Armstrong thought she could finally follow her heart and come out to her closest friends in the wake of her parents’ deaths, but the guilt of going against her parents’ beliefs haunts her even as the feelings she has for her best friend, Ashley, are stronger than anything she’s felt before. But Delilah has never even kissed a woman, and fear stops her at every turn. Can she overcome it? Win and see!

LINDA NORTH – Winner is mtaylor8980

Linda’s offering a winner’s choice EBOOK of EITHER her sci fi novel Deep Merge OR her historical fiction novel Wind and Dreams, in which Rose accompanies her father in 1901 on business to Cairo, where she’s abducted by a notorious slaver. She is rescued, but ends up a captive of a woman claiming to be the pharaoh of a hidden kingdom who thinks Rose is a gift from the Goddess…what’ll it be? Take your pick!

LIZ McMullen – Winner is kejaeck

Liz is offering an EBOOK copy of her first novel, If I Die Before I Wake. Charlie Dempsey inherited a treasured family heirloom, but this necklace came along with unexpected guests, unseen and some in shadow. A dark spirit is stalking her, a ghostly child is haunting her, and she finds herself romantically drawn to Faith Lorian, a witch who is the key to unlocking the mystery of banishing the dark spirit once and for all. Hope you win!


The groovy Rose and Star folks are offering a copy of Natalie Vivien’s Cross My Heart today. EBOOK. – Winner is Ann

Our buddies at Bywater are offering TWO copies of Hold of the Bone by Baxter Clare Trautman, either EBOOK or PAPERBACK. Winners are Jodi-Beth Felton and grmrqn

Our friends at Bold Strokes are offering WINNER’S CHOICE of ONE BOOK. Any of their books. Pick one. EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). CLICK HERE to start looking. – Winner is Cris Perez

The awesome crew at Ylva is offering WINNER’S CHOICE of any ONE of their books, EBOOK. GO SEE. – Winner is ShannonB

The Sapphire folks are joining in the fun and offering winner’s choice of ONE EBOOK to a lucky winner. Check ’em out. – Winner is Shelley

Look! Our Hong Kong connection, LadyLit Publishing, wanted to play, as well. They’re offering a winner’s choice of one EBOOK. Check out their wares here. – Winner is Erica Collins

Bedazzled has also joined the fray! Today’s offerings are ONE copy of Wishbone by Elaine Burns to one winner and Duchess of Manusk by Jordan Falconer to another. Choose EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). – Winners are Tammy Abraham and Debbie Roberts

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.50.24 AM
Affinity Ebooks is going crazy with us, too! Winner chooses ONE EBOOK from their list. Here’s the link to start looking. – Winner is Mardi


  1. Yay Hootenanny! I’m IN! Love hearing/seeing new authors (or new to me) and new novels … ‘course LOVE TO WIN TOO!!! 🙂


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  4. Thank you Andi and all the organisers, authors, publishers snd elves for another hootenanny! The countdown to Christmas has begun yeha


    • Hi, there–when you click to comment, the fill-out form includes a space for your email address. You can’t leave a comment unless you include an email address. If you’re already logged in to WordPress, then WordPress knows your email address and it’ll automatically show up in the back. 🙂


  5. I don’t know how you go about making this happen every year…if the elves are non-profit unionized or something…but thank you thank you thank you!!


  6. How did the months go by so quickly?! Some great books being given away. Thank you authors and publishers and W&W!!


  7. Ermagerd! Sorry Andi. Just couldn’t resist. Sign me up! Ebooks please. Have Liz McMullens book already as well as Bureau of Holiday Affairs. But bring on the rest


  8. I love to read and finding so many books by women, about women and for women in one place is awesome!! Thank you for this gift.


  9. Thanks for putting on the Hootenanny again this year. I know it takes a tremendous amount of work prior to the start and continues through the giveaway. Women and Words ROCKS!!


  10. What a great way to jump into the Holiday season…. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put this together. Count me in please! Yah “Hootenanny”


  11. All of you (authors) are absolutely amazing!!! I am so grateful to have such a large selection of books to choose from. Thank you for all that you do.


  12. Yay! Hootenanny is back! My favorite time of year. Not just for the free stuff (which is fabulous) but because of the commaradarie and all out fun! You elves rock the house!


  13. I’m new to this Hootenanny, my partner Layne Beckman has me involved, so be gentle with me 😏 Plus, you all know she has memory problems, so since I don’t know what I’m doing, prompt her please? She has been talking about this since I met her!


  14. Anyone who doesn’t want in on this fun must be drinking the wrong kinda eggnog! Thanks for all the work this little 12 days of fun takes 😊


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  16. Another Hootenanny, yay! I look forward to this every year. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work! Don’t forget to ration the Elves’ eggnog! Remember what happened last year?
    So much excitement!


  17. whoa, so many books. you guys are awesome and so are all the authors and publishers. i loves me some hootenanny!


  18. Excited by 2015 hootenanny! My first year to join from the land down under. I would love to receive an Ebook of one of the titles.


  19. Awesome Day 1 list again this year. I love the Hootenanny. Winning is great but win or not, my Christmas list is easy to make with all these wonderful books. Thanks to all for such a wonderful event!! Now back to the party!!


  20. Fantastic hoottenanny is here! Bring it on and thanks to all the authors and publishers for chipping in…cheers!!


  21. I can’t believe it is that time again, but I sure am glad! And a big shout to all the authors and publishers for participating! We love you all!


  22. Whooooopeeee!!! It’s Hootenanny time again. Thank you to Women and Words and all the elves for your hard work to create this fun event. Let the egg nog flow. 🙂


  23. Thank-you to Sissy, who introduced to Womenwords.org and to the Merry Elves for orchestrating all the fun and “Happy Holidays” to everyone however they celebrate the season..May your New Year be filled with many joys and adventures on and off the page! 🙂


  24. Yay, the Hootenanny has begun! Ladies, thanks for all you do. Please enter my name and I’m hoping to be a lucky winner.


  25. Even though I missed the drawing I am totally looking forward to getting the paperback The Bureau of Holiday Affairs signed by the author in July!

    xo Lainie

    ANDI MARQUETTE – Winner is Roberta Pato
    Andi is totes feeling the holidays this year, friends. She even wrote a holiday novel and she’s giving away an EBOOK of it RIGHT HERE. The Bureau of Holiday Affairs is part of Ylva Publishing’s Twice Told Tales, and in this take-off on Dickens’ classic Christmas Carol, executive Robin Preston gets a visit from Agent Tolson of the Bureau of Holiday Affairs. Robin is slated to get 3 visitors (Christmas Past, Present, and Future) in the two weeks before Christmas. Robin needs to change her ways if she’s going to be able to open her heart again and think about her path. But will the Bureau’s team be able to help her with that? Or will it have to be a blast from Robin’s past? Hope you win it to find out!


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