Hootenanny 2015 – Day 2

day2AH HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! So what’d you think of Day 1? I know, RIGHT? Welcome to Day 2 of the holy crap they’re insane over there at Women and Words HOOTENANNY. Don’t EVEN get too comfortable. Because we roll this party on for another ten days! This isn’t going to stop! We don’t take a breath! We just keep right on with our festivating!

Tucker likes to make sure the stockings are hung with care.
Tucker likes to make sure the stockings are hung with care.

The elves are fully stocked on eggnog — they got on that early this year. But the thing is, the more they have around, the more they drink, so I’m guessing there’ll be at least one eggnog run. The reindeer have been going on and on about pizza, so there’ll be at least one delivery there. They like to have lots of that around because Hootenannying is a serious calorie burn, what with the snowball fights, fort-building, decorating, and general mayhem up in here.

Before we get into this, A HUGE THANK YOU to all the authors and publishers who are making this event possible. Without them, there are no books, which means no giveaway and a bunch of sad elves with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Fortunately, that is not the case! HERE WE ARE! So put a little magic in your menorah, some sizzle in your solstice, and cool in your Kwanzaa. And if you don’t celebrate any of those, well, just sling a bit of dance into your day. And sit back and ruminate on the awesome banners Jove has put together this year. I am filled with warm n’ fuzzy every time I see them.

SO, my little strings of holiday lights. If you’d like in on all this glorious-ness, leave a comment below. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form, but NOT in the comment body. The elves are on high alert for anti-fiesta spambots sent from the deepest reaches of the No Fun Zone that comb the interwebz for people’s email addresses. Don’t worry. Only the elves see your email address in the back and they keep all that info locked up tight in the peppermint vault.

Remember, one entry per person per day for the books. Let’s all share the luv.

Also, if you’re an AUTHOR OR PUBLISHER whose work is offered today, please do not participate in today’s drawing. Because that would be weird, to win your own book. You’ve probably already read it, anyway. And we’ve delineated where an author/publisher will ship a paperback. If there’s no delineation, that means they’ll ship anywhere.

Drawing closes at 10 PM EST US (world clock linkie thing). We notify winners right away, and then we post the names here. If you see your name but you haven’t received an email, check your spam filter.

Winners are drawn in the order the books appear below. So the 1st person drawn gets the first book, the 2nd the second, and so on. Otherwise we’d all be strung out on eggnog trying to keep things in order back here. And that is definitely not a sight you want to see.

And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. We have awesome goodies over there, too. Including a couple of Kindles. You just need to enter once and you’re good for the whole Hootenanny. This drawing runs throughout the event, and will close Dec. 23 at 10 PM EST. So click the reindeer below to jet on over there!

(hint: “Do You Hear What I Hear“)

Said the reindeer to the little elf
Do you read what I read?
Over by the tree little elf
Do you read what I read?
These books, these books, stacked up nice and tight
On the table here, oh what a sight
On the table here, oh what a sight

Said the reindeer to the neighbor kid
Do you hear what I hear?
Ringing through the house, neighbor kid
Do you hear what I hear?
The elves, the elves, sounding really bad
How much ‘nog have they had?
How much ‘nog have they had?

Is that tune stuck in your head, now? Awesome! It only enhances the mood as you peruse the offerings!

So BEHOLD! The goodies! Have fun and good luck!

KATIE LYNCH Winner Dawn (last name starts with W)

Katie is offering an advance PAPERBACK copy (US only) of her debut novel, Confucius Jane. College dropout Jane Morrow is working in her uncle’s fortune-cookie factory in NYC’s Chinatown, where she pens words of wisdom on fortunes for strangers and wonders why she can’t get on with her life. And then she meets medical student Sutton St. James in a local noodle shop and sparks fly. Their different backgrounds seem to complement each other, and Sutton inspires Jane to be ambitious and dream again. But there’s a secret that could tear them apart. Can they weather the storm? If you win, you’ll find out!

G BENSON Winner Vicki Cooper

G’s got one EBOOK copy for a lucky winner of her debut, All the Little Moments. Anna’s a successful anesthetist, but is left devastated when her brother and sister-in-law die, leaving her to raise her young niece and nephew. Struggling with her own grief while trying to help the kids through theirs, she can barely manage the mundane, and then she collides with a stranger who, it turns out, offers a bit more than the mundane. But Anna’s not sure she’s ready to date a woman who doesn’t even know about the children in Anna’s care. And just when Anna thinks she’s getting a handle on things, the biggest fight begins and Anna’s got to step up. Will she? Hope you win to see!


Laydin’s got one PAPERBACK for a winner! In Forsaken, Blake struggles with anxiety and therefore tends to isolate herself. Nevertheless, she rents a beach house with her best friend and the last thing she expects to deal with is murder. Enter Lindsay Duvall, working hard to become a Texas Ranger. Will the hunt for a killer bring them together? Win and see!

PAT CRONIN Winner Munchkin55

Pat is offering an EBOOK or PAPERBACK copy of Soul’s Rescue, in which firefighter Kelly McCoy leaves NY for Ohio after 9/11, trying to find new meaning in her life. Talia Stoddard is an insurance wiz who’s been told most of her life she probably won’t amount to much. But when her life crashes into Kelly’s, it’s up to Kelly to rescue her in a terrible situation. Neither expects to find a friend after that, much less a soul mate. Will it work? We’ll see…AND BONUS! Pat is throwing in a pen/stylus combo.

L.T. SMITH Winner suzihautaniemi

TWO-PACK ALERT! Get your romance on! L.T. is offering 2 of her EBOOKS to one winner. Pick two from the following: Beginnings; Driving Me Mad (available soon); Hearts and Flowers Border; Once; Puppy Love; See Right Through Me; Still Life.

EMILY O’BEIRNE Winner Wende Ellis

TWO BOOKS ALERT! Emily is going to hook a winner up with one EBOOK copy of her novel A Story of Now AND one EBOOK copy of its follow-up, The Sum of These Things. It starts with 19-year-old Claire, who knows she needs new friends and a new approach to life, especially after a year filled with break-ups, friends who’ve become strangers, and a seeming failure to meet her parents’ expectations. But then Robbie and Mia enter Claire’s work, and it’s Mia who catches Claire’s eye. Could there be more here from this new friend? Win it and see!

MJ WILLIAMZ Winner Jessica Kern

Winner gets a PAPERBACK of MJ’s Summer Passions to heat up your December nights (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, where it IS summer). It’s 1946, and movie star Jean Sanders keeps her lesbian identity under wraps. She’s been very discreet, until she meets Maggie, an up-and-coming actress. They’re found out, and they split up to save their careers. But is their love truly dead? If you win, you’ll find out.

Winner Patty Anderson
Barrett’s got a treat for a winner! All 4 of her Damaged series to one winner, in PAPERBACK (US only), which follows the adventures and travails of FBI agent Zeke Cabot, who leaves Chicago for New Mexico where she finds opportunities and trouble, but also love. This should keep the winner busy for a little bit!


Score yourself an EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only) copy of Jessie’s award-winning first book of her new series. Join special agent Caila McKenna as she investigates a pair of school shootings in the Twin Cities that may be related to a hate group recruiting teenagers and plotting a terrorist event.

ANNETTE MORI Winner Shannon H

Annette’s got an EBOOK copy of Asset Management, a romance/intrigue in which Toni, Sophie, and Kim are a cross between Robin Hood and the Three Musketeers. They’ve been secretly moving bank assets to the hands of those they feel are more deserving. Add a mysterious woman crossing paths with Toni, the FBI and the Russian mob along with a female covert organization, and…well, win it and find out!

Winner Jennifer Hamilton
Rainbow Award honorable mention author Suzie’s got an EBOOK copy of Sandcastles. Join Lia and her best friend Dean. Things are fine, for the most part, until Lia runs into Willow, an enigma from her past who has psychic abilities. Willow senses something’s “off” about Lia, but she’s not sure she should tell her. If she does, what will be lost? If she doesn’t, what will be gained? If you win, you’ll see!

BRIDGET ESSEX Winner Virginia

Bridget has an EBOOK ready to go of her brand new novella, The Christmas Wolf. Kathryn needs a roommate to help with expenses, but every time someone comes by to see her place, the visit doesn’t end well. Because Kathryn likes Christmas. A lot. And her apartment is, in her opinion, a Christmas Wonderland. To everyone else, it’s a Christmas Nightmareland. But when Kat meets potential roommate Jewel, she has high hopes. For one, Jewel’s gorgeous as hell. Distracted by that, Kat’s budgetary concerns fly out the window, and an intoxicating chemistry begins to brew between them. There’s just one problem: werewolves were recently outed in society, to varying degrees of approval, and Jewel is having difficulty finding the perfect place to live. Since she’s a werewolf and all.

JODY KLAIRE Winner jess2380

Winner’s choice, friends! PAPERBACK or EBOOK. Pick EITHER Jody’s forthcoming novel, Untrained Eye (part of her spec fic Above and Beyond Series), OR romance La Vie en Blue. Tough call for the winner…


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.50.24 AM
Affinity Ebooks is going crazy with us, too! Winner chooses ONE EBOOK from their list. Here’s the link to start looking. Winner Melanie

Our friends at Bold Strokes are offering WINNER’S CHOICE of ONE BOOK. Any of their books. Pick one. EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). CLICK HERE to start looking. Winner Angela Grace

The awesome crew at Ylva is offering WINNER’S CHOICE of any ONE of their books, EBOOK. GO SEE. Winner delicatebalance1

The Sapphire folks are joining in the fun and offering ONE EBOOK to a lucky winner. Check ’em out. Winner Blu

LadyLit Publishing, continues to play, as well. They’re offering a winner’s choice of one EBOOK. Check out their wares here. Winner corikane

desert palm
Our colleagues at Desert Palm Press are offering one book: winner’s choice of either EBOOK or PAPERBACK. Check their list HERE. Winner Barbara G

Bedazzled stays in the fray! Today’s offerings are ONE copy of Kid by Doreen Perrine to one winner and A Kiss Before Dawn by Laurie Salzler to another. Choose EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). Winner of Kid, D Henninger; Winner of Kiss Before Dawn, angeleyesofmyst



  1. happy second day of hootenanny, y’all. so much love for this special holiday and the fab givers at women and words and authors and publishers. you all rad!

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  2. Love the banners! And the energy. Don’t know the melody to the song so just making it up whilst reorganizing my office :)). You’re truly awesome ladies. Hugs from Holland (and yes my house is seriously below sea level appr. 3 meters). Hootenanny!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Julie–the authors and publishers offer what they can, and often that’s determined by what they have available. Authors don’t always have paperbacks available in their personal stashes–we have to pay for the books we give out. Publishers, meanwhile, are able to send out ebook copies right away. If it’s a print-on-demand house, that means they have to order up a copy of the book from the printer to be printed out and bound and sent out. Paperbacks are no longer something that most publishers have available in a warehouse ready to go, in other words. We wish it weren’t so, and that it was easy and inexpensive to send paperbacks out, but that’s how the candy cane crumbles these days.

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  3. Wow, some awesome books here. I already have over half of them, so I know the winners will enjoy those books.
    If I win I’m hoping for a book by L.T. Smith (she is still on my to read list as is one of the only authors/books here i haven’t read. Except the 1st book but I’m in UK.) Or the ylva or Affinity ebook where you choose one of their titles.
    Good luck everyone. I hope the winners enjoy their new books πŸ˜€

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  4. Are we allowed to have this much fun before I’ve bought candy canes? Can’t have egg nog, but I’ll take hot chocolate! Seriously, thanks for all the hard work everyone contributes. Tucker looks like he knows a secret…

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  5. Please count me in. I’d love to win. Yeah, I know, I can do a better rhyme than this, but I’m off to a family occasion right now. Promise I’ll entertain you all with another of my weird and wacky song rhymes at some point during this Hootenany. Thanks again to all of you for doing this. It’s been a tough year and it’s nice to have another thing to look forward to.

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  6. Love that there are authors included that I have never read or heard of..so thank you for opening my eyes to new reading material..I am a winner already!!..lol


  7. This is an amazing set of goodies. I’m a Brit, so I hope I get lucky and win an e book:-) either way, thanks for organising it and to everyone who donated a book.

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  8. I have been very good and would love to get this book – KATIE LYNCH

    Katie is offering an advance PAPERBACK copy (US only) of her debut novel, Confucius Jane. College dropout Jane Morrow is working in her uncle’s fortune-cookie factory in NYC’s Chinatown, where she pens words of wisdom on fortunes for strangers and wonders why she can’t get on with her life. And then she meets medical student Sutton St. James in a local noodle shop and sparks fly. Their different backgrounds seem to complement each other, and Sutton inspires Jane to be ambitious and dream again. But there’s a secret that could tear them apart. Can they weather the storm? If you win, you’ll find out!


  9. Not letting life get in the way of checking out hootenanny today!! Great looking selection for today’s giveaways!


  10. It’s a beautiful day, and this is a wonderful list of stories!
    Please, add my name to the cocoa mix.
    Here’s wishing a Merry Hootenanny to ALL!!
    Cheers! πŸ™‚


  11. I am amazed at the generosity of the Elves and authors!
    This Hootenanny is amazing! It’s also good to know that with the time changes Oz can still have a chance to join in. 😊


  12. Congrats to the winners… lots more days left… I hope to keep with my tradition and win a book this year!


  13. I wanna be a winnah! I have to say, this is fun. Fun to have a chance for a book, fun to see the comments, and fun to know someone is having a ball doing all the work.


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