Hootenanny 2015 — Day 4

day4WOOOOOOO!!! The party’s still going, friends! And no, we’re not going to stop. Because this is the Hootenanny, and once the frolicking begins, it’s on autopilot throughout, ramping up as the elves get even more stoked about all the goodies we’re giving away. Right now, the reindeer have started a snowball fight out back and some of the elves are running around with ski goggles on, which actually look kind of cute with their little red hats.

The neighbors dropped some more eggnog off (ENABLERS!) and they’re blasting holiday music so a few of the elves have taken to dancing around on the roof. That’s a sight, I’ll tell you what. The neighbors have decided we’re okay after all, so they get into the spirit, too.

Tucker's coming up with ideas for drinks made with all the eggnog the neighbors keep bringing over.
Tucker’s coming up with ideas for drinks made with all the eggnog the neighbors keep bringing over.

All right friends, a huge THANK YOU to all the publishers and authors who are joining us this year. Without you, we are bereft, and there would be no Hootenanny. No frolicking. No eggnog and crazy elves. It would be like a campus library on a Saturday night at semester break. We are so grateful for all that you do. And readers, without YOU, we couldn’t do this. So thank YOU for all your support of the industry and authors. Thanks for sharing the luv. Let’s keep that rolling.

OKAY! If you haven’t been here before, OMG! Welcome! A lot of you already know how this goes, but if not, here: Every day is a different drawing, so you need to enter EACH AND EVERY DAY if you want in on the book goodies. To do that, just post a comment below. Easy peasy. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form. Do NOT put your email address in the body of the comment. The elves are trying to protect you from the Holiday Fun Spoiler Committee, which collects public email addresses and feeds them to spambots. NOT FESTIVE, people. AT ALL. Have no fear. Only the elves see your email address, and they lock it up tight in the peppermint vault (where they spend a lot of time anyway because they like the fumes).

We close the drawing at 10 PM EST US time (world clock) at which point we do the drawing, collect our list, check it twice, and then notify the winners. We also post the names on each blog, so if you see your name and you haven’t received an email from us, check your spam filter. Books are given away in the order they appear. First name drawn gets the first book listed, second name the second book, and so on. Otherwise we’d be freaking out back here trying to keep things organized.

And please, let’s share the luv. One entry per person per day for the books.

AUTHORS/PUBLISHERS, if your book is featured today, please don’t enter the drawing. That’s just freaky and kind of icky, to win your own book. And readers, we’ve specified where an author will ship a paperback. If there’s no specification, that means the author will ship anywhere.

ALSO! Don’t forget to throw your name in at Rafflecopter, where we have even MOAR stuff. You only need to enter that once for the whole Hootenanny, so you don’t need to go back and enter if you already did. This drawing closes Dec. 23 at 10 PM EST. If you haven’t entered the Rafflecopter crazy, click the reindeer below.


(hint: “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas“)

It’s beginning to look a like a bookfest
All the elves do know
Take a look at the blog again, it’s crazy here amen!
With tons of books, so many books, we know!

It’s beginning to look a lot like a bookfest
And the good times roll
But the nuttiest sight to see…is the pizza on the tree
O, the crazy grows!

And now, MOAR BOOKS!

BARBARA CLANTON – Winners Allison Mugnier and Linda Scibilia

TWO WINNERS ALERT. Barb’s been writing YA fiction with lesbian characters for years. Here, she’s offering up an EBOOK of the latest in her Clarksonville series. 17-year-old Lisa Brown had always enjoyed going to church. Until the day the minister proclaimed from the pulpit that homosexuality is a sin. Lisa, who hoped one day to marry her girlfriend, couldn’t believe her ears. Some in the congregation were even nodding in agreement. But Lisa was never one to back down from a challenge. Can she change hearts and minds? If you win, you’ll find out!
SPECIAL WINNER ALERT. Barb also has a coffee mug (US only) with all the covers of the Clarksonville series ready to go for another winner. Drink your coffee with Barb!

AURORA REY – Winner LJ Reynolds

Aurora’s debut novel is hot off the press, friends. She’s offering an EBOOK of Winter’s Harbor. Join Lia as she’s looking to get out of NYC for Provincetown for a winter escape, looking for some time to regroup. There she meets pastry chef Alex, who owns a café and enjoys her no-strings-attached hook-ups. But Lia makes her think about something more. Problem is, women from Alex’s past show up at the most inopportune times and then there’s Lia’s ex, who isn’t used to not getting her way. Can Alex and Lia make this work? If you win, you’ll find out!

DOREEN PERINNE – Winner Devlyn

Doreen’s offering an EBOOK of her novel Kid. In the wake of the discriminating Save Our Children campaign of the seventies and Lor’s coming out as a lesbian, her ex-husband threatens to snatch their daughter out of her life. Under the veil of fake names, mother and daughter are forced to go on the run for five years. Andy’s father tracks them down, and Lor, who fears losing her kid forever, must fight to keep her and to break away from the stifling past. Can she do it? Win and see!

EMMA WEIMAN – Winner judym22

Emma’s got an EBOOK copy of her Goldie-winning Heart’s Surrender. Neither Samantha Freedman nor Gillian Jennings are looking for a relationship when they begin a no-strings-attached affair. But soon simple attraction turns into something more. What happens when the worlds of a handywoman and a pampered housewife collide? Can nights of hot, erotic fun lead to love, or will these two very different women go their separate ways? If you win, you’ll find out.

GENTA SEBASTIAN – Winners lmcleanhoule, bookish butch, Ruta Akujins, and Sandy Rice

FOUR WINNER ALERT! Genta’s got a bunch of goodness here! 2 signed PAPERBACKS (US only) and 2 EBOOKS of her Goldie-winning YA novel Riding the Rainbow for a whole bunch of lucky winners! Plump, clumsy Lily is miserable in fifth grade where bullies torment her on the playground and in class because she has two mothers. Across the room Clara sits still as a statue, never volunteering or raising her hand, answering only in whispers with her head down to avoid curious eyes, keeping her family’s secret that she has two fathers. One girl with two out-loud-and proud moms, another with two in-the-closet dads. What could go wrong?

KATE McLACHLAN – Winner Anna Muir
Award-winning author Kate is putting up an EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only) copy of her Ten Little Lesbians, a mystery among us! Ten women, guests at the lesbian-owned Adelheid Inn, are stranded in the Cascade Mountains after a mudslide closes the only road out. One goes missing. One is killed. More than one is not who she pretends to be, and every one of them has a secret. When another woman is attacked, it become clear there’s a killer in their midst, and it has to be one of them…

JOVE BELLE – Winner Pat Bane

Jove’s offering a winner’s choice of any of her books, PAPERBACK or EBOOK. Will it be the thriller/romance The Job? Perhaps the romance Love and Devotion? Maybe you’d like her smokin’ hot collection of novellas, Uncommon Romance. Or something else? Hit this link to pick one.

JM REDMANN – Winner Kelly Williams

Lambda winner J.M. Redmann is putting up one of her Micky Knight books! EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only). In Lost Daughters, Bayou-bred and NOLA-based PI Micky Knight takes on the case of a widowed mother looking for her daughter and a tough gay boy hunting for his biological mother. When a young woman patient is murdered at Dr. Cordelia James’s clinic, it seems to be just a bizarre coincidence. But when another woman, also a patient, is murdered, these events reveal the frightening possibility that the crimes are more than just random chances. Even more alarming, the killer seems to know too much about the victims. As the killer circles ever closer to Micky—and the lost daughter she is trying to find—the coincidences become a grisly reality: the one characteristic all the victims share is that they dare to love other women. Win it and find out what happens!

BARBARA WINKES – Winner Marcy Setter

TWO-PACK ALERT! Barbara is offering EBOOKS of Indiscretions and Insinuations (books 1 and 2) in her Carpenter/Harding detective series. Officer Ellie Harding and detective Jordan Carpenter face not only individual challenges, but the ramifications of an attraction to each other. Couple that with dangers from a sadistic killer, an escaped felon, and protecting a witness, and anything could happen. If you win, you’ll see.

LEE WINTER – Winner leslie evans

Lee is offering an EBOOK copy of The Red Files. Ambitious Daily Sentinel journalist Lauren King is chafing on LA’s vapid social circuit, reporting on glamorous A-list parties while sparring with her rival, the formidable, icy Catherine Ayers, an ex-Washington political correspondent who suffered a humiliating fall from grace. Her acerbic, vicious tongue keeps everyone at bay. Everyone, that is, except knockabout Iowa girl King, who is undaunted, unimpressed, and gives as good as she gets. One night a curious story unfolds before their eyes: One business launch, 34 prostitutes and a pallet of missing pink champagne. Can the warring pair work together to unravel an incredible story? This is a lesbian fiction with more than a few mysterious twists. Win it and find out what those are!

KARELIA STETZ-WATERS – Winner onamarae

Lambda finalist Karelia has a PAPERBACK (US, Canada, Europe) copy of her romance Something True for a lucky winner. Tate Grafton has a tough exterior, but underneath she’s kind, caring, and fiercely loyal. That’s why she first started working at Out in Portland Coffee. it was her way of repaying the shop’s owner for taking her in as a homeless teenager. Nine years later, the coffee shop is floundering and Tate feels like she’s letting life pass her by . . . until she shares an unforgettable night with a beautiful stranger. When the mysterious woman disappears the next morning, Tate doesn’t even know her name. Who is she? Why did she leave without giving her name? And can Tate find her again? If you’ll win, you’ll find out.


– Winner maddy
Our friends at Bold Strokes are offering WINNER’S CHOICE of ONE BOOK. Any of their books. Pick one. EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). CLICK HERE to start looking.

– Winner Anne Hagan
Our colleagues at Ylva are offering WINNER’S CHOICE of any ONE of their books, EBOOK. GO SEE.

– Winner Nic Luskan
The Sapphire folks are still with us and offering winner’s choice of ONE EBOOK to a lucky winner. Check ’em out.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.50.24 AM – Winner Jill McKeon
Affinity Ebooks is outta hand with us, too. Winner chooses ONE EBOOK from their list. Here’s the link to start looking.

– Winner Joni Youse
The good folks at LadyLit Publishing are offering a winner’s choice of one EBOOK. Check out their wares here.

– Winner nerdgirl1115
Bedazzled has a goodie for you today! ONE copy of Jody Klaire’s La Vie en Bleu. Choose EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback).

desert palm – Winner ratjackter
Desert Palm Press is gettin’ in the spirit and offering one book: winner’s choice of either EBOOK or PAPERBACK. Check their list HERE.


  1. My wannareadlist is turning into a booklet :-). Absolutelyfabulous. And so many people participating every day!!! Sharing, caring, luving!


  2. I have determined that being good all year long to be on the “nice” list is overrated. The “naughty” list folks are having way more fun. So the pitcher of cinnamon moonshine spiked eggnog is ready and the wife made cookies! Let the fun begin- OH and I could use a book for when I am in time out later for not using my inside voice. 🙂 Hootenanny Rocks!

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  3. oooo, what to do, what to do … I already HAVE several of these titles …. well, could always make it a Christmas gift. I’m IN!


  4. Day 4 and I’m pleasantly pleased with the selections offered up for today..count me in… still trying to get into the holiday mood… so keep the Hootenanny going!


  5. Aloha….5 inches of snow so far…10 inches by the end of the day….465 closures in the metro area, what to do, what to do?????? read lesfic of course!


  6. Yea another great day for a party. I really like the songs you do and have a link above them so we can here the original so we get in tune to your singing 🙂 Thanks again for all your hard work! 🙂 – Juli

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  7. Looking really good! Hoping Day 4 will be lucky for me! Greetings from the Great Wet North (lots of rain up here). 🙂


  8. Although I’ve won a few times in years past, the bigger prize is the exposure to authors I might not otherwise have found. Andi, you and the staff at Women and Words never fail to deliver 🙂

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  9. Howdy peeps. Happy hootenanny to all 🙂 It looks like day four is chock full of goodies. The elves will not be outdone Thanks again to all who contribute and make this awesome hootenanny so flippin’ cool.

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  10. Wow this is going way too fast. I really need to stop sleeping for 20hrs at a time haha.
    Count me in please x


  11. Please enter me for day 4! My want list is growing each day! Now if I can only manage to restrain myself to buy for other people and not myself until after Christmas (or until my shopping list is finished);) Happy Hootenanny Everyone!!


  12. Love me some Hootenanny!
    Thanks to everyone who came together to make this event happen…from authors, publishers, and those mighty elves….As an avid reader this Jingle Bell ROCKS!!


  13. Let’s hope day four brings better luck. A hearty thanks to the authors and all the wonderful women who make this possible.


  14. Hi, I left a comment, but didn’t see a “Coment Fill-Out Form” for my eamil address. Only saw a space to leave a comment. Am I missing something?

    Cheers, Ann

    Ann Aptaker

    *TARNISHED GOLD **Book Two in the Cantor Gold Crime Series*

    *CRIMINAL GOLD *Goldie Award 2015 Finalist, Debut Author

    Bold Strokes Books

    Facebook: *Ann Aptaker, Author*

    Twitter: *@AnnAptaker*


  15. I was trying to behave and let others win, and then I saw the Barbara Clanton book! …and the new added raffle Wow!
    Anyway, thank you for doing what you do.


  16. Great idea and a great introduction to a fab website, all is good! (except for being a dumbass and not posting on the right day. Yay me…)


  17. Kudos for keeping thus going it’s a bit of work, especially at 10:05 every night. Count me in for today!


  18. WINTER’S HARBOR – looks terrific! Aurora’s debut novel is hot off the press, friends. She’s offering an EBOOK of Winter’s Harbor. Join Lia as she’s looking to get out of NYC for Provincetown for a winter escape, looking for some time to regroup. There she meets pastry chef Alex, who owns a café and enjoys her no-strings-attached hook-ups. But Lia makes her think about something more. Problem is, women from Alex’s past show up at the most inopportune times and then there’s Lia’s ex, who isn’t used to not getting her way. Can Alex and Lia make this work? If you win, you’ll find out!


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