Hootenanny 2015 — Day 7

day7Have you ever seen a merry elf/reindeer dance routine to “The Electric Slide”? You do NOT know what you’re missing. We’ve got a celebration going on here as we just passed the halfway mark and everybody’s picked up the party pace (say that 5 times fast). The eggnog is flowing fast and freely and we’ve got pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling. The neighbors are baking pies and they’ll probably give us a couple. Great. Just what this place needs. More elves high on sugar. BUT THAT’S THE POINT! We are outta hand this time of year, and we just keep right on rockin’ and rollin’ to make sure we’re sharing books and swag and happy fun times and LUV! AND HAD ANYBODY SEEN TUCKER? We’re almost out of marshmallows!

Tucker is gettin' his holiday on this year!
Tucker is gettin’ his holiday on this year!

So thank you, authors and publishers, for all you do and for providing books and other stuff so we can pull this event off. And thank you, readers, for hanging out with us not only during the Hootenanny, but also during the year. Without you, there would be no point to this event, no books, and a very sad and drab situation it would be.

Let’s go over the drill. Each day is a new drawing, so you have to enter each day to get in on that day’s offerings. To do that, just leave a comment on this here blog. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form, but do NOT put it in the comment body. We are trying to help! The elves want to make sure that your email address does not fall into the wrong hands. Like, meanie anti-holiday goblins and spambots.

We close each drawing at 10 PM EST US (here’s your handy world clock link) at which point the merry elves start drawing the winners. Once we have our list, we notify the winners and then post their names here on the blog. If you see your name here but you don’t have an email from us, check your spam filter. We do the drawing in the order the books are listed. So the first person listed gets the first book, the second the second, and so on. That keeps our heads from popping off in the confusion and flying into snowbanks. Not a pretty sight.

AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS, if your book is listed today, please do not enter the drawing. Because that is totally not even fun, to win your own book. You probably already have a copy of it somewhere, anyway. We’ve also delineated where authors/publishers will send paperbacks. If there’s no designation, that means they’ll ship anywhere.

And don’t forget to sign up for our other swag stuff at Rafflecopter! It runs throughout, closing on Dec. 23 at 10 PM EST US. You only need to enter ONCE for the whole shebang throughout the Hootenanny, but if you haven’t entered yet, here’s your chance. Click on the reindeer below.


(hint: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!“)

Books! The merry elves do sing!
Hurry up and grab book bling!
Pizza’s up and deer gone wild
Elves and eggnog reconciled

Look at all the awesome prizes
Join the fun each year reprised
Jove and Andi both proclaim
This place is a mess! Elves to blame?
Books! The merry elves do sing
Forget the blame and grab book bling!

And now, behold. Goodies abound! Have fun and good luck!


OMG, Karin’s in the house! This is a sort-of raincheck kinda thang, because this here book isn’t available until MAY, but SO WHAT? It’s Karin Kallmaker, and she wants to get one to one of you as soon as it comes flinging out of the ebook factory. Captain of Industry follows Jennifer Lamont, star and expert heartbreaker. Suzanne Mason has built the life she was told smart geeks could never have. Fortune, fame, and any woman she wants, Suzanne still doesn’t have the one woman who’s no one’s trophy. How will this scorching attraction resolve? You’ll find out in May. EBOOK. Karin will keep you on file, so don’t worry.

LOIS CLOAREC HART – Winners jo and Sharon Clark

TWO WINNERS ALERT! Lois has two hot off the press EBOOK copies of Stone Gardens ready for your hot little ereaders. Grae Jordan has dealt with a hard-luck life, spiralling from privilege to poverty. She keeps her heart behind a wall like granite, adorns herself with tattoos and metal, and avoids dating. Some criminal convictions keep her further isolated, until she starts caring for a skinny street kid named Marcus. But when she’s arrested for defending them against a homophobic attack, it’s just another burden to bear. Except this time, new friends and her birth family rally to her side. So, too, does love. Can Grae reach out and embrace it? Win and find out!

MISSOURI VAUN – Winner elouisedoss

Missouri’s got an EBOOK or PAPERBACK of The Time Before Now just waiting for you to open it. More than fifty years have passed since “peak oil” has left the Earth without access to modern technology while great Cloud Cities for the rich float above the oceans. On the ground below, Vivian Yates leaves Oklahoma on an epic 700-mile journey east to her ancestral home. Early on, she encounters Elizabeth, who preys on Vivian’s inexperience and naivety, luring her into a brief affair that ends in disaster. Betrayed and withdrawn, Vivian sets out again on her eastward trek. Along the way, she meets the beautiful, lighthearted Ida. Together they face obstacles both natural and manmade. Ida brings Vivian, wounded in both body and spirit, back to life. Destiny has thrown them into each other’s arms where they find not only love, but hope, trust, and forever.

CATHERINE LUNDOFF – Winners barbara605 and Mercedes

TWO WINNERS ALERT! Catherine has an EBOOK (.pdf) or PAPERBACK (US, Canada only) of Silver Moon for one winner, and a PAPERBACK (US, Canada only) copy of Crave: Tales of Lust, Love and Longing for another. In Silver Moon, Becca Thornton has more to contend with than a crush on her neighbor and problems with her ex-husband when the onset of menopause turns her into a werewolf. Pretty sure the title of Crave is self-explanatory…

C.P. ROWLANDS – Winners Diamond and Mary Kelly

TWO WINNERS ALERT! C.P. has one PAPERBACK and one EBOOK copy of Hardwired for two groovy people. Clary Stone is happy to come home after years away to deal with a personal tragedy and help her family. The only problem is, everything has changed. Then she meets Leefe Ellis, the manager of a shelter for homeless children. Homeless since the age of three, Leefe reveals another side of life with remarkable courage, honesty, and humanity. Working side by side with the little children, both realize they are fellow travelers, but neither has met another person as completely different as they are from each other. It’s often confusing, sometimes frightening, but always fascinating.

MELISSA FOSTER – Winners lynnlawler and Maryb

Melissa has TWO EBOOKS of Discovering Delilah ready to go for two winners…Delilah Armstrong thought she could finally follow her heart and come out to her closest friends in the wake of her parents’ deaths, but the guilt of going against her parents’ beliefs haunts her even as the feelings she has for her best friend, Ashley, are stronger than anything she’s felt before. But Delilah has never even kissed a woman, and fear stops her at every turn. Can she overcome it? Win and see!

AJ ADAIRE – Winners sboase888, pandabree13, and bdizzy39

THREE WINNERS ALERT! AJ is giving away EBOOK copies of her romances It’s Complicated, I Love My Life, and Journey to You. Join AJ for any one of these, exploring love, life, and all that comes with those.

MARIANNE K. MARTIN – Winners Chris A and Beth Goodman

TWO WINNERS ALERT! Marianne, one of the most grounded trailblazers among us, will be with us throughout the Hootenanny this year, offering books hither and yon. Winners’ choice of any of her books, EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). Will it be her Lambda finalist titles, Tangled Roots, about the struggles of two women in 1916 Georgia or perhaps Under the Witness Tree, in which a woman goes South to settle an estate and finds something else entirely or maybe Mirrors, which addresses anti-LGBT bullying. Whatever your choice, you won’t go wrong with Marianne. Click HERE for a list of all her books.

ANDI MARQUETTE – Winners Julia and Petra

TWO WINNERS ALERT! Andi’s got two EBOOKS of The Secret of Sleepy Hollow all sexy-like, ready for your ereaders. Join Tabitha “Abby” Crane, a historian in the making, as she heads to Sleepy Hollow and its archives to conduct research for her dissertation, but also maybe to find out what happened to her ancestor, Ichabod Crane. She’s all set for the Halloween festivities, too, and its legends and ghost stories. And then she meets Katie and finds out a lot more than she thought possible.

YVONNE HEIDT – Winner taramdscott

Goldie-winning Yvonne is offering a winner’s choice of ONE EBOOK, from her paranormal romances. Will it be Sometime Yesterday, and what haunts a Victorian mansion? Or something from her Sisters of Spirit paranormal team trilogy? That’s The Awakening, The Quickening, and The Deadening. Decisions, decisions…

SHAYLYNN ROSE – Winners Catherine

2-PACK ALERT! Shaylynn’s got EBOOK copies of Banshee’s honor and Banshee’s Vengeance (books 1 and 2 of the Tales of Y’Myran). Azhani was once one of the greatest warriors of Y’dan, but she’s now a common criminal, on the run. Join her in her battles both external and internal, through love, loss, and life.

CATHERINE M. WILSON – Winners Angela Grace and Sherry Wade

TWO WINNERS ALERT. Catherine has TWO CD sets of the audiobook of BOOK 1 of her epic When Women Were Warriors narrated by JANIS FREAKING IAN. Yes, you read that right. JANIS FREAKING IAN. Catherine will ship these CDs anywhere, for your listening pleasure. Hope you score one of these…


desert palm – Winner kmccowan57
Our colleagues at Desert Palm Press are offering one book: winner’s choice of either EBOOK or PAPERBACK. Check their list HERE.

– Winner Mary Ann Bosworth
The Rose and Star folks are offering an EBOOK of Bridget Essex’s Wolf Town.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.50.24 AM – Winner Sandra
Affinity Ebooks is sharing the luv, too. Winner chooses ONE EBOOK from their list. Here’s the link to start looking.

– Winner Kathy Skarupa
Our buddies at Bywater are offering a copy of Ann McMan’s latest, Backcast. Choose PAPERBACK or EBOOK.

– Winner CK
Bold Strokes is offering WINNER’S CHOICE of ONE BOOK. Any of their books. Pick one. EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). CLICK HERE to start looking.

– Winner gabrielle
The awesome crew at Ylva is offering WINNER’S CHOICE of any ONE of their books, EBOOK. GO SEE.

– Winner Jenni H
The Sapphire folks are joining in the fun and offering winner’s choice of ONE EBOOK to a lucky winner. Check ’em out.

-Winner Nicki
LadyLit Publishing is sending much luv from Hong Kong. They’re offering a winner’s choice of one EBOOK. Check out their wares here.

– Winner Ann Aptaker
Bedazzled has a goodie for you. Choose EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback) of CD Cain, When it Raynes.


  1. Hootenanny is awesome! I won yesterday! Come on all get in on the fun and free stuff! Oh and make sure to check your spam folder. My notice was in there.

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  2. JANIS FREAKING IAN indeed… Love her voice. Wow, wow, wow. A lot of brandnew books too. Maybe 7 is my lucky number. Thank you!


  3. you have created a monster..lol..I have seen so many books I want to read that I bought two from yesterdays list even before the winners were announced last night..Restraint is the word of the day!

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  4. Day 7 and well it doesn’t feel like we’ve been doing this that long….anywhoo….put my name into the draw and Merry Hootnenanny EVERYONE!!!


  5. Happy Christmas to all you wonderful women putting on this Hootenanny–writers, publishers, organizers, bloggers, all!


  6. Well, maybe Hootenanny Day 7 will be better for me! I was already shorted by $30 from my old job, I hope the day can only get better.


  7. Yes please!! Count me in. Just saw that there is a Karen Kallmaker book on here that I don’t own already …. Amazon here I come 😉


  8. Oooo…love me some Karin kallmaker. I’ll wait until spring but it will be tough. On the other hand, I’m happy to see Catherine Wilson in the mix. The ‘Warriors’ series is wonderful…some of the first lesfic works I ever read after fan fiction.


  9. Another merry day! The elves and their overseers have their hands full! Thank you again to all those participating and donating of their time, labor of love and their wares!


  10. In The Time Before Now, When Women Were Warriors, under the Silver Moon, I discovered I was Hardwired to love women After Discovering Delilah. It’s Complicated, these Tangled Roots. But, Banshee’s Honor, despite the threats of The Deadening, I will keep The Secret of Sleepy Hollow unto my end!

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  11. Thank you, Andi and all the busy elves! Once again, your annual Hootenany is bringing wonderful books to eager readers. I would love to win a copy of Marianne Martin’s Tangled Roots. If that doesn’t work out, please disregard my entry and give another person an opportunity to win today’s drawing.


  12. Picking up the party pace… Fine for the first four times, then something about a farty face happened. Yikes. Happy hooty day.


  13. Please enter me for today’s drawing! 🙂 Thanks so very much to all the authors, publishers, and you wonderful ladies at Women & Words!!


  14. You are SO entertaining Tucker! I appreciate and am honored to be a part of the Hootenanny! So are the Sisters of Spirits and Natalie & Van 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you for ll of the hard work and LOVE that goes into producing this each year!
    Actually, after June – I’m QUITE honored to be a part of! Ya’ll would’ve missed me. ❤

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  15. I was going to say something clever and thoughtful, but it’s been a tense, awful week in Baltimore and right now I’m grateful for the promise of a potential escape to another world for a while. I’ve had the comment box open several times this week and failed to actually get something into it, so this time I’m just going to hit send.Thanks again for all you and the staff do at Woman and Words Andi 🙂


  16. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
    My, oh my what a wonderful day for a hootenanny!
    Plenty of free books heading our way
    Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!

    Thanks to the merry elves, authors, publishers, & Tucker the cute little (hmmm, what rhymes with Tucker??)


  17. You girls are doing a fabulous job. It is forecast to be 44C here or 111F today so the Air conditioning is cranked right up and Im settling in to read.


  18. Great blog! I love what you said. Thanks for sharing your authors. This year I interviewed Missouri Vaun. I encourage you to check out her books. I’d love to hear your feedback.


    • Hi, Andrea! There’ll be more tomorrow, because we closed the drawing about an hour ago. Every night at 10 PM EST US, we close down for the day and start drawing winners. So come back tomorrow!


    • Hi, there–actually, this is Day 7, and we closed that drawing about 12 hours ago. So please come back for Day 8. We are operating on US time, which means the blog opens at about 9 AM EST US and closes at 10 PM EST US each day.


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