Hootenanny 2015 — Day 10

Christmas Present With Golden Sparkling BackgroundWe’re still here! Giving things away! Holding impromptu dance parties in the kitchen! And on any unoccupied piece of furniture! We hope you’re still holding up. I know. It’s quite the crazy, all these books coming at you every day. And this year we’ve got extra swag over at Rafflecopter and OMG the festivating just continues 24/7! We’re re-stocked on eggnogg, but Dasher and Blitzen decided they wanted some ice cream, so they’re doing another supply run. I don’t think Blitzen realized that he still had a bunch of tinsel on his antlers. I must say, it looked rather nice. The elves have a fire going and they’re now singing along to “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.” Not sure it’s any better than that techno version of the “Imperial March,” but they’re having fun, at least.

Oh, that Tucker! He's been hanging around on Bearcrakr.com again!
Oh, that Tucker! He’s been hanging around on Bearcrakr.com again!

That’s about par for the course around here this time of year. So THANK YOU, authors and publishers, for helping create this wonderful, festive chaos by donating books and goodies! We couldn’t make this happen without you, and we thank you. We’ll be exhausted after the fact, but OMG it’s so worth it. And thank you, too, readers, for supporting this community.

And for realz. Jove’s banners RULE!

So here’s how this works. If you want in on today’s offerings here on this blog, leave a comment below. One entry per person per day. Share the luv! Every day is a separate giveaway, so you have to enter every day. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form, but for the love of all the holiday ju-ju, do NOT put it in your comment body because sneaky butthead spambots are roaming all over the interwebz, and they’re looking to grab every email address they see out in the open like that.

We close the drawing at 10 PM EST US time (world clock linkie dinkie) and right after that, we put the elves to work pulling names out of whatever receptacle we have handy: boot, fishbowl, empty salad bowl, reindeer feed bag — whatever. Once we have our list, we notify winners via email and we post their names on this blog. If you see your name on the blog but you haven’t received an email from us, check your spam filter. Books will be given away in the order in which they appear below. The first person drawn will get the first book, the second the second, and so on. That keeps us from losing our collective minds (though sometimes I think it’s already happened…).

AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS, if your book/goodies appear below, please do not enter the drawing. It would be freaky to win your own stuff. Also, we’ve delineated where an author or publisher will ship a paperback. If there’s no delineation, that means the giver will ship anywhere.

And if you haven’t entered our Rafflecopter giveaway, go right ahead and do it! You only need to enter that one once. It runs until Dec. 23 until 10 PM EST US. If you haven’t yet, click the reindeer below.


(hint: “Baby It’s Cold Outside“)

I really can’t stay
(but, we’ve got books inside)
I’ve got to go away
(but we’ve got books inside)

I’ve got to feed the dog
(hoping you’d stay for eggnog)
I’ve got to go
(but we’re so much fun, don’t you know)

My two cats will start to worry
(C’mon now, what’s your hurry?)
They’ll be tearing the toilet paper
(That’s better than the drapery)

So I guess I’d better go
(so many books, don’t you know)
Maybe I’ll look at one more
(have some eggnog, we’ll shut the door)

And now! I think it’s about time to go book diving! Have fun and good luck!

– Winner Tanya Cortese
KG’s offering her latest, which is so hot off the press you might not be able to touch it right away. She’s got a scorchin’ hot EBOOK for a lucky winner of The Touch of a Woman. A workplace rampage leaves Ellis Rowanbury grieving her husband of twenty-six years and feeling more adrift than she ever thought possible. Her finances in shambles, she gratefully accepts a junior-level job at a magazine in Sacramento. Summer Winslow has pieces of her own to pick up, scattered when her partner began drinking again. She finds a welcome break from the drama in Ellis, her mysterious new neighbor. Happy to have a friend on her side, Summer is caught off-guard when her feelings for Ellis take a romantic turn. With the tragedy fading behind her, Ellis too entertains the possibility of romance. A handsome coworker is eager to fill the void in her heart, and it’s clear he can give her a life much like the one she lost. Only now she’s paralyzed by a stunning discovery—she’s fallen for a woman. Hope you win to see how this plays out…

– Winner Becky Gunn
TWO-PACK ALERT! Paulette’s got EBOOKS of both Charity and Fervent Charity (books 1 and 2 of the Charity series) up for grabs to one lucky winner! The friendship between Lena Kaiser, a sodbuster’s daughter, and Gustie Roemer, an educated Easterner, is unlikely in any other circumstance but post-frontier Charity, South Dakota. Gustie is considered an outsider, and Lena is too proud to share her problems (which include a hard-drinking husband) with anyone else. On the nearby Sioux reservation, Gustie also finds love and family with two Dakotah women: Dorcas Many Roads, an old medicine woman, and her adopted granddaughter, Jordis, who bears the scars of the white man’s education.When Lena’s husband is arrested for murdering his father and the secrets of Gustie’s past follow her to Charity, Lena, Gustie, and Jordis stand together. As buried horrors are unearthed and present tragedies unfold, they discover the strength and beauty of love and friendship that blossom like wild flowers in the tough prairie soil. Follow the story through these two historical fiction novels.

– Winner Laura Yaros
Let Melissa hook you up with an EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only) of her hot off the press Ready or Not, a Soho Loft romance. Mallory Spencer is in charge. As the face of Soho Savvy, the advertising firm she owns with her three best friends, it’s important that she’s poised, polished, and put together. However, as she watches her friends couple up and settle down, she wonders about her own happily ever after. One thing’s for sure. It’s not going to happen with that blue-eyed bartender from Showplace. It’s irritatingly clear they couldn’t be more wrong for each other…or have more chemistry. Sounds like a cocktail you should try. Win it and find out!

– Winner Kait Roe and snow29dove
TWO WINNERS ALERT! Pat’s got PAPERBACK or EBOOK copies (choose your format) of her romances Better Together and Reflections of Fate (romantic suspense!) for two separate winners.

-Winner andrea
Rebekah’s got an EBOOK up for grabs of her forthcoming (March, 2016) installment of her vampire sorority series, Soul to Keep. College junior Jill Babineux knows where her priorities lie. Between a full course load, her blood pledge to feed a certain vampire, and all the community service hours she’s got to log with her sisters in Alpha Beta Omega Sorority, the last thing on her mind is finding love, especially with an immortal. But that was before Miyoko “Tokyo” Hayashi, one of the sorority sisters who’s been busy enjoying her wild days and even kinkier nights. She has no interest in Jill — probably the sorority’s least fave member — but then they start hanging out together. And when evil comes calling for Jill, Miyoko discovers she’ll do anything to protect her. What might that be? Win it and find out!

-Winners Ted and HMY
TWO WINNERS ALERT! Lori’s got two different EBOOKS to give away. Like Lovers Do won the Ann Bannon Award. See if security guard/building owner Kennie and painter Lily can make it work in the wake of both their pasts and wary presents. Different Dress follows three women on a cross-country pop-country road tour. And y’know, just about anything can happen on the road…

Winners Kay Q and Susan Baxter
TWO WINNERS ALERT! Ann’s offering a PAPERBACK (US only) AND EBOOK of her latest mystery, Tarnished Gold. New York City, 1950. Cantor Gold, art smuggler and dapper dyke-about-town, hunts for a missing masterpiece she’s risked her life to bring through the port of New York. She must outsmart the Law that wants to jail her; outrun the dockside gangsters who would let her take the fall for murder; and outplay a shady art dealer, his lover, and a beautiful curator who toys with Cantor’s passion. Through it all, Cantor must stay out of the gunsights of a killer who’s knocking off rivals for the missing masterpiece—and stay alive to solve the mystery of her stolen love: Sophie de la Luna y Sol.

– Winner Anna in the Alps
Wynn’s got a PAPERBACK (US, UK, Australia) of Finding the Grain AND maybe a little somethin’ special from Kentucky for a lucky winner. Since Blue lost her parents in an Alabama tornado when she was a teen, she’s had a tough time. For nearly twenty years she moves from town to town, job to job, woman to woman until at last she rediscovers the farming life that shaped her. Working with her hands reveals her true passion and finally Blue finds peace…until the day her past walks through the door.

-Winner Robin
VK’s back with a PAPERBACK (US only) or EBOOK of her romantic intrigue Side Effects. Detective Jordan Bishop is tasked with protecting Neela Sahjani, abortion doctor, stem-cell researcher, and member of the new conservative state government—a walking contradiction and a complication Jordan can’t afford. When Neela seeks an emotional connection, Jordan tries to distract her from the darkness of her past with the only thing she has to offer — sex. Or is that all there is? Win it and find out!

– Winner DeJay
CD’s got either a PAPERBACK (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand) OR an EBOOK of the first in her Chambers of the Heart series, When It Raynes. Rayne Amber Storm finds her serenity on the waters of her Louisiana bayou. Slowly, a gentle, insistent ripple of difference stirs within her, a ripple that leads her away from her mother’s Southern Baptist values to thoughts that betray the very core of what she believes is right and wrong. Rayne heads to medical school and lets the ripple grow until she is knocked unsteady by a powerful wave in the charismatic Samantha LeJeune. But when tragedy strikes back home, the pull of cross currents traps Rayne in what seems an insurmountable struggle between her heart, which now knows the true meaning of happiness, and doing what she has been taught all her life. Will she embrace it? Or bury it? Win it and find out.

– Winner Grey
Caren’s putting up a PAPERBACK (US only) or EBOOK copy of Looking Through Windows. Emily Warner moved to Vermont hoping for a fresh start, hoping to forget the past four years. She didn’t plan on either the past finding her or she didn’t plan on Ann Hight, who helps Emily through a crisis, and re-awakens emotions Emily thought she would never experience again. Just when it seems they’ve found the love they’ve yearned for, fate conspires to tear them apart. Even if they can somehow hang on despite all the obstacles thrown at them, Emily still has to face the biggest obstacle of all – herself.


– Winner corikane
Our buddies at Bywater are offering a copy of Ellen Hart’s The Old Deep and Dark, PAPERBACK.

– Winner Denee
Our friends at Bold Strokes are offering WINNER’S CHOICE of ONE BOOK. Any of their books. Pick one. EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). CLICK HERE to start looking.

– Winner Margaret Pas
The awesome crew at Ylva is offering WINNER’S CHOICE of any ONE of their books, EBOOK. GO SEE.

desert palm – Winner larryg5751
Our colleagues at Desert Palm Press are offering one book: winner’s choice of either EBOOK or PAPERBACK. Check their list HERE.

– Winner Yolanda Rochna
The Sapphire folks are sharing luv and offering winner’s choice of ONE EBOOK to a lucky winner. Check ’em out.

– Winner CJ Murphy
LadyLit Publishing has a winner’s choice of one EBOOK. Check out their wares here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.50.24 AM – Winner Allison Fradkin
Affinity Ebooks is bringing the fun. One winner chooses ONE EBOOK from their list. Here’s the link to start looking.


    (that’s Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Welsh)


  2. Day ten – winter solstice.
    I must say I admire all of you for dedicating your time, talents, determination to organising this great booksgiving. Thanks a lot!

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  3. Mavis has told me I’m in trouble for shaking packages. I thought a new book would get me through solitary confinement. Excellent party this year ladies.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I never did figure out where you post the winners, but I didn’t need to–I was thrilled to see an email in my inbox. Thanks so much for doing this. I had been meaning to join Women and Words ever since GCLS and never got around to it;so glad I finally did.


  5. You are just so awesomely amazing. I won the 2-pack by Laurie Salzler yesterday. Totally awesome. A brandnew author for me :-).

    Don’t want to be greedy, but I do want to be here every new hootenanny-day. I mean who can resist the elve-energy (and eggnog)… And so many new books again. Just added Paulette Callen a.o. in my to-read-booklet.

    Winter Solstice too today. I just love it when the light returns.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  6. I’m still hopeful I’ll win a book. Even if I don’t, though, I’m learning a lot about what I’ll be looking for in the New Year!


  7. Day 10 – 3 more chances to win… Hopefully I’ll win one today… Or tomorrow or the last day… 🎃🎁🎄❄️☃🎅🏻⛄️


  8. This Hootenanny really rocks, So many great books and authors. A really big thank you to all the elves and to Andi and Jove for all your hard work, you rock!! Count me in for todays drawings.

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  9. The rescue elves stopped back in after their shift on Sunday night and helped us wrap presents. Never trust elves with tape or sharp objects for that matter. They kept darting around yelling “Ma, I’m running with scissors!” Then then were busy taping down anything that moved. I’m not sure we will ever get all the tape off the cat. Glue guns in their hands are also a bad idea. I am not sure how we are going to get the elf boot off the ceiling. AND don’t get me started on the glitter folks!!! Need to cut back on the shine in the eggnog. Oh well, Happy Hootenanny!

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  10. Another great lineup today! But please change Wynn Malone’s link from Against the Grain to finding the Grain. I love that book.


  11. So, the elves and Tucker have a new shenanigator in the mix, the Nutty Nut Cracker. Better fasten your seatbelts. The days may be dwindling but it looks and sounds like the party is still going full force. More awesome banners and remixed Carols. The publishers have been gracious enough to stick around every day and the new books, and authors being offered are indeed making everything merry and bright. 🙂

    PS: Lesbian vampires! Did I mention lesbian vampires?? 😀

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  12. Nothing yet, come on Tucker,
    You little -u–e-!!
    (You did fill in cutie, right?)
    Please pick me tonight!


  13. Thanks to ALL the authors and elves for all the hard work you have put into the Hootenanny again this year. Once again you have done an excellent job and have given away some AMAZING books. Well done to all of the winners. I hope you enjoy the books.

    Again I have most of these books. I obviously buy too many books haha. To be fair though I do get all of the bsb books free (for proof reading) so I always have those books. But i have most of the others too, which I did buy. For the last month or two I have been buying books every week.

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    • Hi Sarah,

      Handshake (high five?). I buy a lot of books too. Love to support authors and love to read. I very much appreciate your proof reading. (You lucky woman.) We share, care, we luv.

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  14. great offerings from the book nerds – count me in. thanks to women and words and elves and reindeers and authors and publishers.


  15. oh my more great choices.. the two pack Charity set looks good.. senior moment here now. cant recall the other selection that caught my eye.. Sign me up please


  16. Oh, the holidays are approaching and the Hootenanny is ending and My Ms’ is running out of good books to read and she loves les/fix more than I do which I thought impossible!
    Would love another chance at such lovely books!


  17. I’ve already increased my stack of books these days thanks to the generous Elves and for that I’m shining with happiness.
    I only learnt the word “hootenanny” ten days ago and now I love it.
    You rock.


    • No luck yet, but still today and two more days to win! (and more books to add to my list of things to read!)


  18. Wow this event is getting more popular everyday…. odds in winning lower…. but let lady luck be on my side for today…. come on mama wants a new ebook….;-)


  19. I’ll still be singing the original let it snow… We need it for skiing out in the Alps, conditions not great at mo! A good bookk would be useful… 🙂


  20. I’ll say it again…thanks for all you do to make the Hootenanny awesome! That goes out to all of the Women and Words staff and the authors and publishers who donate to make this possible!
    THANK YOU!!!

    Big hugs all, kara

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  21. Can’t believe it’s day 10 already! Please enter my name in the drawing for today. Thanks so much for all of your hard work putting this together! 🙂


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