Hootenanny 2015 — Day 11

Christmas Present With Golden Sparkling BackgroundOh, my little reindeer games! Here we are on Day 11 already, and the first day of winter! Did your fun meter burst in the midst of all the crazy? Are you singing holiday songs everywhere you go? Have you caught yourself dancing around in the grocery store aisles? We sure hope so, because that’s what this is all about. Fun, fellowship, frolicking, festivating!

Fortunately, Santa's around to deal with some of the crazy.
Fortunately, Santa’s around to deal with some of the crazy.

Kind of glad you can’t see what’s going on back here, because this place is a mess. There is so much tinsel piled all over the furniture that it looks like a disco exploded. For the most part, Jove and I try not to get too upset about it, because it goes with the territory, but it is pretty amazing what a 12-day house party does to your house. Pretty sure the eggnog is spiked now, and there might be pizza on the ceiling fans (I don’t even want to know) and the reindeer are out back with the elves, who are riding them around pretending to joust with their light sabers. I’m totally sending them all to the movies when this is over.

Things get really crazy the last few days because we just keep amping up, hoping you take some of that warm n’ fuzzy and fun with you right through the new year! So grab some eggnog, turn up the music, and get your book on!

Once again, A MASSIVE, HUGE, GIANT, BEYOND CONTROL THANK YOU to all the publishers and authors who cheerfully donated to this event, and THANK YOU to you, the readers, for engaging with us and participating in this community and inspiring Jove and me and all of us at Women and Words to do something like this.

And today’s banner is my second fave. THANKS, JOVE!

Okay, kids. If you want in on today’s drawing, leave a comment on this here blog. You must enter each and every day for the books, because each day is a totally new drawing. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form, but don’t put it in the comment body. The elves are trying to save you from roaming No Fun bands of spambots that take to the intertoobz this time of year in droves.

We close the drawing at 10 PM EST US (world clock for your viewing pleasure) and we immediately start the process to pick names out of whatever clean vessel we have available (I keep a big plastic chips bowl hidden in the closet. Last year the elves used it as a pond). Once we have our list, we notify the winners via email and then we post the names here on the blog. If you see your name posted but you haven’t received an email, check your spam filter. We give books away in the order they appear below. That is, the first name drawn gets the first book, the second the second, and so on. It keeps things organized in the back to do this, and prevents our brains from looking like piles of tinsel.

AUTHORS/PUBLISHERS! If you have goodies up for giveaway today, please don’t enter the drawing because that is so not even remotely festive, to win your own stuff. Also, we have delineated where an author/publisher will send a paperback. If there is no delineation, the author/publisher will ship anywhere.

And if you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up for our Rafflecopter giveaway, which is all non-book swag-o-licious. It runs through the whole Hootenanny, ending on Dec. 23 at 10 PM EST US. You only need to enter ONCE through the whole Hootenanny, so if you haven’t done that already, click the reindeer below.


(hint: “Sleigh Ride“)

Just see those elves a read-a-ling
Read ting tingle-ing too
Come on, it’s lovely weather
For a bookfest together with you!

Outside the elves are dancing
And yelling and screaming YOO HOO
Come on, it’s lovely weather
For a bookfest together with you!

Lookie here, lookie here, lookie here these books
We’re having a look
At paper, epub, mobi, and some Nook

Lookie here, lookie here, lookie here these books
We’re having a look
At paper, epub, mobi, and some Nook

The eggnog’s thick and yummy
So good in the tummy for me
We’ve got our books all together like
The elves and the reindeer want to see

Let’s grab the books before us
And yell a chorus or two
Come on, it’s lovely weather
For a bookfest together with you!

There’s a Hootenanny at the blog called
Women and Words
It’s a perfect party, oh haven’t you heard
We’ll be reading the books we love to read without a
single stop
At the microwave while we watch the popcorn pop
Pop! Pop! Pop!

There’s a happy feeling nothing in the world can
As we pass around the eggnog and the pizza
It’ll be just like the time we rode the reindeer
like they’re bikes
These awesome things are the things
We remember all through our lives!

And now, my little pudding pops, let’s go get some book-ness!

– Winner Dian Sierra
Gill’s got a PAPERBACK or EBOOK of her latest, the steampunk-infused Tea Machine, first in the Teatime Chronicles, Book 1. The story of a love that never dies…except it does, over and over again. London 1862, and Millicent Aberly has found her future love. IN the future! She meddled with her brother’s time machine and has been catapulted into an alternative world where the Roman Empire has neither declined nor fallen. In fact, it has gone on to annex most of the known universe. Millicent is rescued from Rome’s greatest enemy, the giant space squid, by Sangfroid, a tough and wily centurion who, unfortunately, dies while protecting her. Wracked by guilt and a peculiar fascination for the woman soldier, Millicent is determined to return in time and save Sangfroid from her fatal heroics. Instead, she finds her sexy centurion in her own timeline. And Sangfroid is not alone; several stowaways have come along with her. And that’s what happens when you mess with the space-time continuum, people! Win this and see where Gill takes you.

– Winner Amy l
Rhavensfyre have a PAPERBACK (US only) of their zombie romp, The Misadventures of Two Reluctant Zombie Hunters: Zombies at the Con. That would be the comic con, where our intrepid heroines cosplay as the Zombie Response Team, taking on pretend zombies. Until it’s not pretend anymore. Win and find out what happens!

– Winner Sarah Kerry
Salem West has an EBOOK copy lying around of this tongue-in-cheek romantic ribaldry, June Magee, Festival Nurse. When iconic media sensation June Magee, R.N. and her trusty boi photographer Roi Rodgers ride into Rehoboth Beach, Women’s FEST will never be the same! Our dynamic duo battle trains, drag shows, a death-defying car ride, and their unexpected attraction to each other. And, just when they thought things couldn’t possibly get more complicated, a mysterious medical malady crops up and threatens to ruin the success of Women’s FEST. Join June, Roi, Fay Jacobs, The Poodle Beach Girls, a go-go boy named Pico de Gallo, and a cast of zanies as they take CAMP Rehoboth by storm.

– Winner marydeutcher
Ali’s got a PAPERBACK or EBOOK copy of The Romance Vote for a lucky winner! Though Christian “Chili” Alexander is the most sought after campaign consultant at the Pellegrin Morris Firm in New Orleans, she hasn’t had the same good fortune in love. Recent Tulane graduate Samantha Pellegrin wants the opportunity to work with the star of her father’s firm in the off-year election. As his only child, she’ll eventually inherit the firm, and she wants to continue their great track record in the world of politics. Her first day with Chili ends disastrously. Can these two find common ground in the most important campaign of their lives? Win and see.

– Winner Amisha Patel
Leslie’s got an EBOOK copy ready for your hot little ereader of her 2015 Goldie-winning Sharpshooter. A mission gone horribly wrong. A vicious killer who will stop at nothing. Two women on the run for their very lives. WHOA. Hope you win it to find out what happens!

– Winner Valerie
I. Beacham’s got 1 PAPERBACK (US or UK only) for a lucky winner. In The Rarest Rose, Eleanor has become reclusive following a tragedy, living alone in her Georgian home in the Cotswolds. But then strange things start to happen — things decidedly paranormal. Help arrives in the form of Kiernan, a charming Irish photographer. Brought together by the haunting, the question is, can they make a go of it? Guess you’d better win it and see!

– Winner Konyvolvaso
Nell’s got a PAPERBACK (US only) or EBOOK of her HOT OFF THE PRESS release, The Princess and the Prix. Her Serene Highness Pommelina Alix Louise Canella of Monaco has lived her life as the “ugly duckling” of her glamorous family. Graduate school has kept her too busy to deal with arelationship, the media ignores her, which allows her to devote time to humanitarian projects without interference. The approaching Monaco Grand Prix — the crown jewel of the Formula One circuit — brings our intrepid princess into the presence of Prima donna racer Thalia d’Angelis, who knows she was hired as a publicity stunt, but she’s going to do her best to prove the naysayers wrong. Can these two very different women find a common drive? Win it and see!

– Winner Lynne Buckley
Rachel’s got a PAPERBACK copy of Sweet Hearts, a collection of novellas that includes her as well as Melissa Brayden and Karis Walsh. Do you ever wonder Whatever happened to…? Find out when you reconnect with your favorite characters from Melissa Brayden’s Heart Block, Rachel Spangler’s LoveLife, and Karis Walsh’s Worth the Risk.

– Winners Anita Bradshaw and Angela Merry Pavlica
Melissa went crazy this holiday season and decided to give away a veritable SLEW of Discovering Delilah. She’s got TWO more EBOOK copies ready to go for two winners…Delilah Armstrong thought she could finally follow her heart and come out to her closest friends in the wake of her parents’ deaths, but the guilt of going against her parents’ beliefs haunts her even as the feelings she has for her best friend, Ashley, are stronger than anything she’s felt before. But Delilah has never even kissed a woman, and fear stops her at every turn. Can she overcome it? Win and see!

– Winner kathleenjowitt
Emily’s got an anthology in which she has a story that might warm you right up. PAPERBACK (continental North America) or EBOOK of Summer Love: Stories of Lesbian Holiday Romance is ready for reading. Sun-soaked beaches, glittering blue pool surfaces and oceans painted by an orange-hued sunset have one thing in common: they’re the perfect background for falling in love. Who hasn’t felt that first wave of butterflies rise deep in their belly while pool side? Or that first quickening of the pulse when lounging on a lush patch of grass during a music festival? Summer is the perfect time to indulge in that sudden rush of first love or, equally so, the warm grip of long-fostered feelings for another woman. Hit the link to see the list of contributors.


– Winner Minna
The good folks at Rose and Star are putting up one copy of Natalie Viven’s French Lessons, EBOOK.

– Winner Beth
Our friends at Bold Strokes are offering WINNER’S CHOICE of ONE BOOK. Any of their books. Pick one. EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback). CLICK HERE to start looking.

Winner Glenda Poulter
The awesome crew at Ylva is offering WINNER’S CHOICE of any ONE of their books, EBOOK. GO SEE.

desert palm – Winner Denee
Desert Palm Press keeps the holiday spirit going. Winner’s choice of either one EBOOK or one PAPERBACK. Check their list HERE.

– Winner Karen Boatman
The Sapphire folks are joining in the fun and offering winner’s choice of ONE EBOOK to a lucky winner. Check ’em out.

– Winner Shar Ann
LadyLit Publishing are offering a winner’s choice of one EBOOK. Check out their wares here.

Winners sacchigreen and Brooke Carr
TWO WINNERS! Today’s offerings from Bedazzled are ONE copy of Renegade by Cheyne Curry and Your Little Red Book, a novella by E.J. Runyon. Choose EBOOK or PAPERBACK (US only for paperback).

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.50.24 AM – Winner Nancy Heredia
Affinity Ebooks is offering a winner’s choice of ONE EBOOK from their list. Here’s the link to start looking.


  1. Santa looks like he’s got Tucker nicely wrapped up in the bag! Here’s to another great hootennanny day!


  2. So many wonderful books! And the first day of winter is a fabulous time to be indoors reading! Thank you, and count me in.


  3. Just saw a post about the Zombie Hunters series this morning. That’s one set of books that might actually get my wife reading again. As for me, I’d be happy with any of the above. Loving this whole Hootenanny thang…


  4. Sad that the festivities will be winding down until next year… Thanks for a great time and maybe I’ll win yet!


  5. Amazing holiday fun! Thanks for sharing and I loved the update of the sleigh ride song. The season of giving is in full swing and may your generosity be returned tenfold. Please enter my name today, thanks!

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  6. Just found this, could kill my friends with as little Christmas love as possible for not telling me about the hootenanny. Please count me in for today’s raffle.


  7. Like I have been saying…I’m an addict and needs the books this day and every day and cannot mow imagine life without lesfic. I mean I could but what would be the point?


  8. Ooooo second to last day… and I cannot complain… cause I had fun reading about the antics of the elves and learning about all the new books K have ye to buy and read…AND I did win one great ebook…. so let’s put my name in the giant chip bowl once again….. crossing fingers, toes and eyes…… please… pretty please!


  9. Time flies, when you’re having fun, I heard the elves say.. Day 11…
    Oh well. Incredible banner and song again today! Thank you so much Jove and Andi and ofcourse all the publishers and authors that make this HOOTENANNY possible. I’m having sososososo much fun :-))


  10. So sad it is winding down for another year. Please thank all the authors and publishers for the love. Enter me in!


  11. great line-up! i’m back for more book-goodness. and as always (because it can’t be said enough) THANK YOU!!! to everybody behind the scenes who makes hootenanny possible.

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  12. In AA they say that one drink is too many, and a thousand isn’t enough. As I look at my bulging-with-lesfic-kindle, I ask myself (and blog readers,) does this apply to lesfic? (I think not…)


  13. “Kind of glad you can’t see what’s going on back here, because this place is a mess. There is so much tinsel piled all over the furniture that it looks like a disco exploded.”
    Sounds like my gift-wrapping room.

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  14. Oh man Day 11 already! This hootenanny is flying by! So many great books listed this year! Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful ladies at Women and Words for all your hard work as well as all the terrific authors and publishers for generously donating! I was lucky enough to win Redemption by DeJay, which I have ravenously devoured! I loved it!!! Also have added to my want list tons of great new books and authors! You all rock!! 🙂

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  15. Entering Day 11 and thanking you all for everything so far! This is so much fun and also a good way to learn about some great books to read in the future.

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  16. Fun, fellowship, frolicking, festivating! Sounds like an outstanding plan to me. And, o my goodness are you guys introducing me to the best genres of lesbi fiction ever!! Zombies and Lesbians. My wish list overflows. Thank y’all so much for putting on this flippin’ phenomenal hootenanny. 🙂

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  17. The 12 days are almost over! I will miss checking in and joining the fun! Thanks again to the writers, publishers and hootenanny staffers!

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  18. I think today’s carol is my favorite so far 😀 and luv the book list. I actually have only one of these. Most of the time I have about half of them. Thanks to this funtastic party I’ve created quite a list of books to check out in the coming year. You guys are awesome.

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  19. I wish this could go on for months but I know this is probably enough of a headache as it is, for you, Andi and Jove!! I know we all appreciate all you go through to make this happen!

    Big hugs, kara


  20. The rescue elves accompanied me toy nephew’s Christmas choir. They walked in amd got busy looking for the exits and checking out the fire extinguishers. I had to tell them to calm down as they clapped and whistled for the kids. So now we are off to shop a bit more, heaven help us. I’m the DD and boy are they hitting it between stops!!!


  21. Ow! Ow! One of the elves just threw tinsel in my eye. Or maybe it was that reindeer with the poky antler. They really need to watch how much their whipping’ their nae nae.


  22. Awesome books today. Please please enter me in to the drawing. I love Hootenanny because I get to read fun jingles, plus I get to hear about new books to add to my wish list 😀


  23. Been a busy day for me! This little elf had some shopping to do, on a very small scale. I believe the holidays whatever is the one you celebrate or if you are a Pagan then Happy Solstice!


  24. I’ll be spendin the holiday by myself this year, due to a surgery that does not allow me to travel. My gf has gone to PA to spend Christmas with our 3-1/2 year old granddaughter. It would be great to win something from this awesome Hootenanny!


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