Calls for Submissions – 12/30/15

Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance and Erotica


Chef R.G. and sous chef Andi have fired up the burners again and are looking for more cooks for the kitchen! In this follow-up volume to the Lambda finalist anthology All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Romance & Erotica, you are invited to submit your best food-related story. Whether it’s a romantic homemade dinner, a randy romp with a stranger, or slow-burning attraction, tell us a tale that we will want to devour.


Word count: 3,500-5,000 words.

Payment: USD 50.00, plus two contributor’s copies

Editors: R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette

Deadline: January 15, 2016 (notifications will be made by January 31)

Publication date: April 2016

Rights: None-exclusive First English Anthology Rights for a period of five years, plus First World Anthology Rights

Format: Times New Roman or Arial, 12 pt, single-spaced, saved as a Word or RTF file. Number your pages.

In the body of your e-mail AND on first page of your story, include story title, author name, pseudonym, address, phone, e-mail address, and word count.

E-mail submissions and questions to:

1) Original, unpublished stories only. We will not accept reprints.

2) All forms of erotica and romance are acceptable, with the exception of bestiality, incest, and rape. Characters must be at least 18 years old.

3) Stories must incorporate food and/or cooking in some way and, yes, it may take place in a food-related setting (restaurant, kitchen, etc.).

4) Female characters can identify as lesbian, heterosexual, bi, or male-to-female, but the sex/romance must be F/F.

5) We encourage the inclusion of an original, unpublished recipe that is appropriate/relevant to the story in some way. It will be included at the end of your story and will be part of your word count if you do include one. The simpler and shorter the recipe, the better. All recipes must be your own. We will not accept recipes taken from other sources – i.e., books, magazines, blogs, websites, etc. (Note: If you want to use someone else’s – such as your mother’s or grandmother’s–original recipe, we will need express written permission from that person.)

Give us your best original work. We want well-crafted, polished stories with interesting characters and strong narrative. Don’t just give us a quickie hook-up in a 7-Eleven bathroom over a doughnut. Don’t just have your character whip a zucchini out of the nightstand. Be creative. Combine your love of food, sex, and romance in a story that will crank up the heat beneath your readers. Whether you can barely boil water or are you ready for Iron Chef, we want you to cook something up for us. Fast food or gourmet meal—what’s your pleasure? We hope you show us.

Finding Ms. Write – Anthology of lesbian short stories about “book people”

Editors: Jae & Jove Belle

We at Ylva Publishing are passionate about books, so we thought why not create an anthology with characters who share that passion?

We invite you to send us your romantic short stories with protagonists somehow involved in the publishing industry—a writer doing “research” for a love scene, a sexy librarian who doesn’t quite fit her profession’s stereotypes, a bookstore owner who has a secret crush on one of her customers… The possibilities are endless.

What we are looking for: We are looking for lesbian fiction. At least one of the main characters must be a lesbian. Stories can be romantic, humorous, or erotic. If the story is erotica, it must be F/F.

We accept only previously unpublished short stories from female authors.

Word count: We are looking for stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length.

Payment: Writers whose stories are selected for the anthology will receive a one-time payment of $40 (via PayPal), two complimentary copies of the anthology in print, plus a free e-book in each format (epub, mobi, pdf).

Deadline: The deadline to receive submissions is March 1, 2016.

Submissions: Electronic submissions only. Please send your story as an e-mail attachment (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) to Put “Finding Ms. Write” in the subject line of your e-mail. In the body of your e-mail, please include your legal name, your pen name (if any), the story’s title and word count, and a two-or-three-sentence summary of your manuscript.

We look forward to receiving your stories!

NineStar Press is seeking submissions of LGBTQA romance and erotica shorts.

For romance:
Length: 12-120k words.
Heat: Sweet (no sex or “fade-to-black”) through to fully erotic.
Content: The story must have an LGBTQA romance running through it. Both HEA and HFN accepted.
Genre: Currently seeking works in the following genres—contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense, sci-fi & fantasy, horror/thriller, crime, BDSM, historical, cowboy/western, New Adult/college.

For erotica:
Length: 5-12k words.
Heat: Super hot. Scorching.
Content: Must be focused on LGBTQA characters. Romance isn’t necessary. Lust/sexual tension definitely is. Strong payoff.
Genre: All genres and kinks considered other than those listed in the “what we don’t accept” section below.

What we don’t accept:

  • Pedophilia
  • Necrophilia (doesn’t apply to vamps, zombies and any other kind of “undead”—they’re a-okay with us!)
  • Incest (step relations are considered)
  • Bestiality (doesn’t apply to shifters or most sci-fi & fantasy creatures with human forms)

What to do:

Send an email to with the following:

Subject line: SUBMISSION: [Title], [Author Name]

Email body:

  • Category (romance fiction, literary novel, erotica short)
  • Genre
  • Pairing (eg. MM, FF, MMF, etc) and/or any relevant info such as trans characters, ace, genderfluid, etc.
  • Length
  • If it’s previously published or previously self-published
  • A short description of the story (three paragraphs max)
  • Previous credits, if any


  • The entire manuscript as ONE document—none of this one-chapter-per-doc awkwardness. We don’t care if you use Courier, Calibri or Comic Sans. Same goes for font size, margins, headers. You do you. It’s all stuff we can change with just a click or two.
  • If the book is 30k+ words, a short synopsis

You will receive an autoresponse saying we’ve received the submission. After that, please allow up to 12 weeks for a full response.

Femdom Erotica

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books
Editor: F. Leonora Solomon
Deadline: January 31, 2016
Payment: $10 plus royalties, and a copy of the print edition of the book.

I am looking for stories to help me whip into shape, a fierce femdom anthology. Tales of strong women with irresistible storylines are required! I know you will not let this editrix down, and will do your utmost to impress me…

All variations on this theme are welcome. Submissions are due by January 31, 2016, and should be 2500-5000 words, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman–no extra spaces between paragraphs or periods. Please follow these instructions or your story will be returned.

Send all submissions to Compensation is $10 plus royalties, and a copy of the print edition of the book.

Coming Together: On Wheels
Publisher: Coming Together
Editor: Leigh Ellwood
Deadline: January 1, 2016

Coming Together: On Wheels is a collection of biker-themed erotica and erotic romance edited by Leigh Ellwood. Proceeds benefit UNHCR, which assists refugees around the world in seeking asylum and rebuilding their lives.

For this anthology, we’re looking for stories about sexy, badass heroes and heroines on wheels. We want tattooed and leather-clad bikers, daredevil stock car drivers, daring street racers… fast on the streets but hot between the sheets, or in the backseat.

We welcome all sub-genres and pairings for this project. We’ll take futuristic or historical, BDSM or romcom, M/F or anything in the LGBTQ spectrum. If they ride, we’ll read. We are looking for believable characters and strong and sizzling prose guaranteed to melt any digital reader.

Submission Guidelines

Direct all submissions to and CC

Include “Coming Together On Wheels Submission” in the header of your e-mail. In your e-mail message, include a short summary of your story, a two-line blurb, and a short biography, about 150 words.

Stories between 3,000 and 7,500 are preferred. The editor will consider stories as long as 10,000 if she finds them truly exceptional.

Coming Together contracts non-exclusive rights to publish, so previously published work may be considered. Please note it in your query, but remember you must own the rights to the work you submit. Stories over 5,000 words may be released individually through Coming Together as well, with the sales proceeds benefiting (Charity).

Please use RTF, DOC, or DOCX format when submitting a manuscript. Include your real name and pen name and a working e-mail address. The editor will only consider manuscripts in the aforementioned formats attached to the query e-mail. DO NOT paste your story in the body of your message.

Please use Times New Roman font, size 12, and one-inch margins. Double-space paragraphs and set indentations to .3 – DO NOT use tabs or spaces to indent.

Coming Together is a non-profit organization, and all CT authors and editor have generously donated their talents to various causes. Compensation for inclusion in this work is a PDF contributor copy of the finished product and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping an amazing organization that is helping people around the world find better living solutions.
About the Editor

Leigh Ellwood is an author of erotica and erotic romance. She has contributed to several Coming Together volumes and edited Coming Together: Girl on Girl, a finalist in the Gold Crown Literary Society “Goldie” Awards for Best Erotica.




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