Sneak Peek

Though I guess it’s not really being sneaky when I’m publicizing it all over the internet, huh?


I had such a blast writing my book, Freya’s Tears, that I wrote a sequel. Rather than hassle with a published series (which is exactly what I’d planned for this book,) I thought I’d toss it out there for everyone.

One problem.  The story’s not quite finished. I’m on a deadline with my publisher, Bella Books, and I can’t take the time to complete the last four scenes…

On the other hand, I designed a site specifically for the series and I’m proud as all get out over it. I want to share it with the world.


Check out the new website, Freya’s Tears! Explore to your heart’s content! Peruse through the wiki (spoilers!) and maybe delve into the new tale, Ginunngagap.

But know that the novel will not be completed until February!

Have fun!

Happy Reading!


  1. I’m having serious geek envy! I officially request that you teach the rest of us how to create a wiki, perhaps in your next blog? I love them in theory and in practice, but I have no idea how to make one. So, you know, help?

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      • It was just like building a page in WordPress, really. I had the biggest problem with the tables–had to program them with actual number widths (34 width and a 33 width and a 33 width to get three boxes going across.)

        Wikipedia-style wikis require serious understanding of programming. No using or for italics. It’s gotta be a series of asterisks or equal signs or something. Annoying as all get out.


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