Picture Perfect

New-Year-Images-Free-DownloadGreetings! Like millions of others, I’m using the start of a new year to make some promises to myself about health, happiness, and the future. My wife and I are using the first couple of weeks of 2016 to create some vision boards and in the meantime we’re practicing seeing ourselves the way we want to be, rather than making lists of all the things we don’t like and want to change. It’s a new way of thinking for me and I’m finding it to be very powerful.

Here’s an example. My list from prior year’s included things like “be more organized” with a sublist of all the things I needed to do to be more efficient. Do this, don’t do that. Lots of details, but basically it boiled down to a litany of correcting the wrongs of the past.

This year’s line item reads: “Enjoy the extra time I have because I am organized.” The sublist will likely be a list of things I can do with that extra time, from walking the dog a few extra times a week to seeing more movies, to writing an extra story here and there. Here’s the thing: I don’t need a bunch of lists to tell me how to be more efficient, spend less money, eat better, stay in shape, and I often find that I get lost in the lists. Wallowing in the how and why sometimes serves only to bog me down from accomplishing the end result, and I’m going to spend this year working on visualizing the bigger picture. It’s a subtly different approach, but I’m already loving the vibe.

So, what’s on tap for your 2016? Any big plans? Little changes?





  1. I make a list of definitive goals i.e. read 24 books this year, practice musical instrument 5 times a week….


  2. Sounds like a great new positive approach. Best of luck to you and your wife 🙂 I’m thinking of treating each month and maybe each new week as an opportunity to restart my resolutions since it’s easy to be hard on myself when I slack off on the diet/exercise stuff. And I’m hoping to do six short stories this year. And if four or more get accepted for open anthologies I’ll be a happy writing camper. 🙂


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