Yeah, another Resolution post, with a twist~it’s not mine!

So, welcome 2016. A year full of promise and hope, much like the start of every year. Guess we’ll see where it goes from here. Personally, other than continuing to try to eat healthier and get more exercise–the staples in my New Year Resolution war chest–I’m not resolutioning anything else.

That being said, my better half, for the last six months, has blathered on about her New Year’s Resolution. When she would mention it, I’d give her an indulgent smile, nod my head, and carry on. You see, my honey is very soft-hearted. She tries to save spiders on the sly because she knows I’ll squash them faster than you can say, “HOLYSHITKILLIT!” I think I even overheard her mention last summer that she felt bad killing the state bird of Minnesota. NO! Not that one–the other one–the bloodsuckadea mosquitoramus. Holy cow.

What is this hugemungous resolution, you ask. The love of my life’s tender heart has broadened to encompass animals. Well, she’s always loved animals, but this goes a bit beyond. In protest over the treatment of animals included in our food supply, she’s decided to become a vegetarian. That’s an incredibly honorable concept. One I’m all for it as long as it doesn’t affect me. Eat VegetarianSo January 1 come and went. As of the 10th, my lovely Betty has maintained her resolution. The problem here is that I love my meat far too much to give it up. I’m very willing to cut back, and I have, but the thought of living meatless is akin to living chocolate-less. I simply cannot do it. Then Betty, who’s the cook in the family, told me she wasn’t going to cook meat any more since she wasn’t going to be eating it. Oh that’s bad. I burn water in the kitchen.

I stewed (meatlessly) a couple of days, and then I remembered I’d been given slow cooker liners for Christmas. I hate trying to clean the slow cooker bowl with a passion. But by using these liners, I could make myself some meat-filled happy-happy and clean up would be super easy. Then I got to thinking that plan wasn’t very nice of me. Betty’s kept me fed all these years. So, I stepped up to the plate and found a couple slow cooker vegetarian recipes and slow cooked my ass off, hoping to help her and to feed me until she got over this (haters, don’t hate–I know it’s probably one of the best things you can do for yourself) silliness.

Then she had to go to New Jersey for a few days, and the fridge was still half-filled with containers of healthy vegetables and lentils and quinoa and beans galore. So what have I been eating since she’s been gone? Yeah. I hung in till last night, when I had a meat attack of GINORMOUS proportions. I was HANGRY! I wanted me a summer sausage (which has been banned in our house for years because its location on the good-for-you scale lingers somewhere below the bottom according to my Sweet Thang) and cheese sandwich and I wanted it NOW!E summer sausage sandwich I should mention that we’ve tried hard to cut back on the carbs too, so bread hit the road awhile back. Under the seductive spell of beefy deliciousness, I toddled on over to the local grocer in sub-zero weather and bought the smallest missile-shaped sausage I could find. Then I hunted up a single bolillo roll in the bakery, hauled my behind home, and whipped up some meaty delight. It took about three minutes to hork that bad boy down. It was nirvana. Well, not as nirvanaistic as dark chocolate, to be honest, but taste-bud-satisfying nonetheless.

Anyway, Betty comes home tomorrow, and I’ve got wild rice and quinoa and lentils and various veggies slow cookering as I write this. I don’t know how much she likes wild rice, but I love it, so she’s stuck with it. After that I’ll throw in stuff for some kind of weird vegetable enchilada thing I found on the internet and hopefully that’ll take us through this coming week. Maybe by then she’ll see her way back to chicken. Or beef. Or some pork chopage. And then again maybe she’ll toe the line.

Yeah, I might not like it, but I’ll do what I can to help her succeed.

SO, my loves, I’m looking for vegetarian slow cooker recipes you actually like! They can include cheese and milk. AND they have to be easy. Please share so we aren’t stuck eating a rotation of three recipes for the rest of my life or until we return to a meat-filled household!  PS NO brussels sprouts!




  1. Well- first you must try Brussels sprouts oven baked or sautéed with olive oil and garlic. SO good. 🙂
    My favorite quick veggie meal- and it doesn’t need the crock pot, but could be done there (and I made many quick ones years ago when I had a “nanny” -read “recent-college-grad-who-needed-a-place-to-live-and-was-willing-to-watch-my-kid-occasionally-in-return-for-room-and-board” – who was vegetarian). I use the Quorn fake ground meat, can of kidney beans, can of stewed tomatoes, small can of tomato sauce. Spice the way you like it (I do chili powder, cumin, red pepper, bay leaf, garlic powder) Top with cheese, sour cream and corn chips. Very good chili.

    On another note- my daughter only eats “happy meat” (except when she goes to Taco Bell). I get my beef from Rising Moon Farm in Zumbrota and my pork from my CSA. It’s been harder to find a good source of happy chickens. Both the beef and the pork are reasonably priced. It’s not Cub Foods pricing, but it’s livable. Maybe that would solve your problems…??

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    • Ann, I admit to having tried brussels sprouts like that above and three other ways. I haven’t found one where I could choke it down LOL I will say I did give it the old college try, however 🙂

      The fake ground meat is interesting. At chipotle, they have sofritos, and I’ve managed to eat those OK. In fact I can almost pretend it’s ground beef. If The stuff you mentioned above is anything like that I might be able to choke it down.

      We have been trying to find meat up to this point that has been responsibly whatevered and Betty is even saying no to that right now. I can only hope her mind will change at some point LOL


  2. Made a quinoa pilaf last night with onions, celery, garlic, mushrooms, dried cranberries and toasted pecans. We’re still in the “eat less meat” camp. I wish you luck! (I also second the “happy meat,” especially given that even eggs and dairy have question marks these days.)

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  3. Well. Jesse… you have my sympathy.. And so does Betty.. I have tried the vegetarian route once or twice.. didn’t really take. However, I agree with the idea of cutting back on the meat. and the carbs.. good luck keeping Betty happy.. especially since she is the cook in the family.. the slow cooker idea is a good one though. As for slow cooker vegetarian recipes.. I am sure if you search online you will find plenty of them..I am personally fond of vegetarian chili.. Oh and try Yves meatless ground round..looks like hamburger, even tastes a bit like it. can be used in spaghetti sauce, or anything else that would normally call for hamburger. Only thing it wont work for is meatloaf..
    good luck

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    • Hey Kathy 🙂 Yes, I’ve hunted around the Internet for vegetarian recipes and I’m sure there’s plenty of places to look! I’ll be interested to see if I can find that brand of fake ground beef and give that a whirl if we can find it. thanks for the suggestion!


  4. Just swing into Mickey D’s on the sly…just brush your teeth and chew gum so she doesn’t smell the meaty deliciousness!!! Muahahahaha!!!!😳👏😜🐂

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    • I admit I nearly did just that yesterday. They built a Mickey D’s about five blocks from our house and I pass it every time I leave or go home. But I don’t think I’ll brush my teeth, she can suffer with the deliciousness LOL


  5. I love me some Brussels Sprouts! I’ll have your share. I don’t have any meatless slow cooker recipes so maybe you can share the best of the best in a future blog?

    Good luck with your meat down-sizing – it is good for you and good for the planet. We all thank you!

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    • And you can have ALL my brussels sprouts! I’ve tried so hard to like them…from roasting them with oil and salt and pepper to boiling to putting them in dishes. Fir me it sadly comes down to one word: YUCK LOL

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  6. While I am a meat lover we do try to eat vegetarian twice a week. Our favorite recipes include using sweet potato with black bean. We make them into enchiladas, soup, and stew. The has a slow cooker recipe you might enjoy. Also Kim’s Cravings is another favorite Web site. While her site is not all vegetarian recipes she does have some tasty veg. recipes. One of my favorites is super simple Chana Marsala, it uses everyday spices instead of hard to find Indian spices. It’s not authentic but still very tasty.

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  7. Jessie, Linda and I have been 90% vegetarian (her) or vegan (me) since 1990. I don’t use a slow cooker since most veg meals can be made in 45 minutes or less. I recommend Vegetarian Times ( as an internet source for recipes. The magazine is great, too. I share my subscription with my niece, so it’s really worth while.

    The meat substitutes can be tricky. It’s all dependent on your personal palate for spices and textures. I always tell people the good ones taste like the memory of meat :-). The brand I like best right now is Gardein ( In fact, we are going to have “chicken” scallopini over pasta in about 1/2 an hour!

    Good luck with your food journey.

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