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This year, we at Women and Words decided to try something new. Yes, I know, not all that shocking since we like to try new things pretty regularly.

If you’re reading this on your computer,  you’ll notice that we’ve added a second sidebar on the right.

Why, you ask?

We’re making that space available for folks to advertise their stuff and things. For example, a book. Or maybe an editing service. Or a graphic design company. Or maybe you’re looking for someone to split hotel costs at GCLS this year.

Whatever you’ve got in the works, assuming that it’s legal and focuses in some way on women and/or words, you can advertise here.

advertise here

Yep, for only five bucks — less than the price of lunch in many cases — you can have a spot for a month.

What will we do with all the loot? Buy stuff to give away, of course. This past year for the Hootenanny, we gave away three Kindle tablets, six Women and Words T-shirts, plus some other swaggy items. We love being able to do that for our community. This way, we figure we can do just that much more.

Interested? Fill out this form:




  1. Authors take advantage of this while spots are available. You’ll see an ad for my series is the 2nd one down. It’s been up less than 24 hours (by far) at this writing and, since today’s post went out, I’ve already had a couple of sales of the set, thus easily making back my ad purchase price. All of this early on a Sunday morning too!

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