Moving and mingling.

My old blog is nearing its end.
tombstoneIt was a lonely malnourished thing. It was unloved – by me, a chronic curmudgeon, and all the potential readers I failed to transport to my fairyland of ennui and borderline anomie.
There were a few highlights though, an interview with the much missed Cate Culpepper will always shed light in my darkest archives. She taught me everything I know about the deep duck (the protective action, not the anas platyrhynchos).
There are also some Garoul posts that got responses. But probably only from lycanthropes as they were all dated on or around the full moon. I had some nice interviews with friends like Lee Lynch and Victoria Villasenor. And I tried to raise philanthropic awareness with articles about the Dirty Girls of Lesbos (lots of views but from weird places?).
All in all, was a quiet but interesting place, much like the ligyrophobia shelf in the public library. But all good things must end, so early next month moves to – a newer, slicker, and sweeter site created by my mate Jove Belle. She assures me that the bright colours will make me want to mingle with the likes of you. I will do my best to tell you what’s going on in my mind. The dog will appreciate the rest.
Addendum: There never was an interview with Victoria Villasenor, only a drunken conversation in a bar. I must have imagined it. Apologies.



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