Isn’t that romantic?

A reader’s perspective on romance


Well it’s almost Valentine’s Day and that is kind of a lot of pressure! I mean what is the expectation here? Be as good as last year, just maintain, admit that I am out of ideas and grovel? What to do? What to do? So doing a whole reflecting thing on where were you last year at this time is common for the New Year, and since it is still the first month of the New Year, what did you do last year for Valentine’s Day? Is it bad that I can’t remember what we did? Does it count if Kim can’t remember either? Or is that just showing our age?

The lesfic genre is filled with romances but does romance only exist in that early honeymoon stage? With relationship maturity is it no longer possible to be romantic? And what exactly is romance?

I remember watching “classic” movies when I was in high school because I thought they were more romantic than the films in the theater during that time frame. The one scene in The Sound of Music when Christopher Plumber’s character walks out onto the terrace to see Julie Andrews teaching the children to waltz. The way he looks when he tugs on his gloves and the way he approaches her- for me that was pretty gosh darn romantic! OR…how about in Imagine Me & You where Lena Headey’s character reaches around Piper Perabo’s character to show her how to yell? The look that is captured on Piper’s face as she holds onto Lena’s hands across her stomach- for me that screamed romantic. Is that captured in our stories?

I would have to go with YES! How about Jae’s Something in the Wine the way Drew and Annie have a sweet build-up, for me, was super romantic! I like that there was a courtship between the two of them as they let Jake’s practical joke play out. I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil the romance of the story. It’s just there! (there is also a chance to hear Jae speak in her super cool German accent when she does a Voices of Lesbian Literature segment here!)

How about the moment when Elena comes knocking on Avery’s door, looking all casual and as if she just got off the couch to ask Avery if she was really the on-line woman from the dating site with whom she had been chatting? That moment, in Georgia Beers’ Starting From Scratch had me! That moment was so normal and so romantic at the same time. That energy, that excitement that the one person who you wanted it to be is actually the person you get. Again, not going to say more because don’t want to spoil the romance for the next person but you should really read it.

A whole romantic conversation takes place while two characters are swimming in Barring Complications by Blythe Rippon. Swimming! How do you have a conversation and swim at the same time, but for me the swimming conversations between Justice Victoria Willoughby and Genevieve Fornier are incredibly romantic without even using words. (you can check out a recent blog on Women and Words by Blythe here)

What is your definition of romance? Better yet, what are some lesfic examples of romance that have touched your Valentine’s inspired heart? I’m missing my books which are now all packed up in preparation for the El Nino flooding scheduled by the weather people somewhere between February and April, so I know I am missing some excellent examples of romance. Help me out and give me your favorites!



  1. Somehow I have not read Barring Complications yet, it’s on my list, though! This made me revisit a bunch of my favorites. I’ll add to your list- and these are by no means all of them:
    Jamie and Carla in Never Too Late, Julie Blair
    Jackie and Leah in Painted Moon, Karin Kallmaker
    Angie and Meryl in Come Back to Me, Chris Paynter
    Dylan and Rebecca in Rum Spring, Yolanda Wallace
    Graham and Anna in Love’s Melody Lost, Radclyffe

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  2. Natalie Vivien and Bridget Essex live Romance and they write about it. Gillian´s Island by Natalie Vivien was my most romantic book 2015 and I´m looking Forward to Come Home, I Need you by Bridget Essex. That´s what Romance it… you can feel it in every Pore.

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  3. Love Something in the Wine, Starting from Scratch, although somehow I prefer Too Close To Touch, and Barring Complications. Another all time favourite of mine is Jericho by Ann McMan, Syd and Maddie were great, with the added humour of David and Michael it was magical! Also there is And Playing the Roll Herself by KE Lane. All the Little Moments by G Benson and Coming Home by Lois Cloarec Hart. To name but a few! Beni

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    • Benipardy I totally agree with you on All the Little Moments! Anna and Lane had a great romance! Thanks for reading and for adding to my wish list with several titles!


  4. O man, you nailed it when you talked about the magic between Luce and Rachel and in Imagine Me and You. Their relationship defines chemistry. I’ve been desperate to find that sort of chemistry in the pages of a book. And yeah, Luce was definitely the inspiration for my screen name and my pen name. 🙂

    Hostage Moon by AJ Quinn is not your typical romance but if you’re like me and you dig some thrills and chills with your romance then be sure to give this one a shot. This was my original review when I first read it a few years ago. Wow. Just wow. I have to admit that I grade lesbi fiction on a different scale than regular mainstream fiction. But this book is good enough to crossover into the mainstream. Believable characters. Good plot. The right amount of romance. Not crazily inserted just for the sake of a hot and heavy make-out scene. 5 out of 5 on a lesbi scale and 3.5 on a mainstream scale. I did the audio version and enjoyed it very much.

    Hunter is brave and kick ass while still maintaining some realistic vulnerability. Sarah’s torn between protecting her and loving her and does a good job of helping Hunter overcome her justified emotional issues. I’d love to read a sequel with these two awesome heroines.

    And for another non traditional romance recommendation I have to go with Fried Green Tomatoes. The friendship between Ruth and Idgie builds from comical and somewhat strained to a lifelong and everlasting love.

    Up the Ante by PJ Trebelhorne is the fun and sexy tale of Ash and Stryker. They had a brief affair and didn’t plan on seeing each other again but randomly encounter one another years later. The sparks fly but there are setbacks along the way. A few secrets and whatnot. But chemistry can’t be stopped.

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  5. Mine would be Carrie Carr’s couple Lexington Walters and Amanda Cauble in Carr’s series of books featuring these two main characters. Lex is a tall slender tough horse rancher who rescues Amanda from the rising water after the bridge collapses and Amanda in her reconditioned Ford Mustang goes into the river in Destiny’s Bridge. There is romance throughout the whole series of books. But, when Lex gets the Mustang out of the river in Destiny’s Bridge and hides it where Amanda can’t see and dry’s it out, gets it running again and brings it up to the front door of the ranch to surprise Amanda! That’s romance.

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