Words from my travel diary

I was so lonely I wrote a poem…

Vroom vroom goes the car

Clickety clack goes the train

Hee haw goes the wobbly donkey but I’m not on it.


…but I ran out of interest/creativity/whatever. So I’ll tell you about something even more fab instead.

The Lesvos Lesfic convention.

As many of you know I live on a Greek island that has currently been in the news because of its geographical location. It has become a gateway of escape for people fleeing a vicious civil war.

It was also the birthplace of the poetess Sappho – the poem above is not representative – the woman who wrote about her love for other women, and, more or less, the reason we are called lesbians. (Point of interest –  This island is full of Lesbians of all ages and genders, everyone’s a Lesbian here.)

The place is beautiful, but times are hard. So, Ylva decided to support Lesvos, past and present, by holding a book holiday there. It could have been anywhere in Europe but Ylva chose Skala Eressos on Lesvos because of its past and for what is occurring there now. Brava, Ylva!

So, check out this! http://lesvoslesfic.com/

The idea is for readers and writers (seasoned and brand spanking new, published and unpublished) to get together for sun, sea, and laughter and to talk about books and writing while having a wonderful holiday on a great Greek island. The web page will evolve as more authors join us and we add more information and posts about this fantastic place and how we wish to spend our time here.

We will also have several guest blogs from people you will meet during your visit. Tzeli Hadjidimitriou is an expert on the ancient culture and archaeology of the area, and Alison Terry-Evans will post about Dirty Girls, the volunteer laundry group that grew from nothing to capture the imagination of Europe. We also have Sandra Gerth aka Jae giving masterclasses and workshops to help get that novel into gear and onto paper.

Travel and accommodation is organised through our friends at www.lesvos.co.uk/skalaeressos/lesvos_lesfic.htm   And that link with further information is also available through http://www.lesvoslesfic.com

So, please go and read all about it, leave comments, be encouraging, come and join us, consider your next holiday and what you want to do with your precious time off. And while yo do all of that – think about sun, sand, books, and writing. Eat, pray, write.



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