Last Night I Went to the Club

Last night I went to the club…

Once upon a time, those words might have been followed with a tale of how I stayed up too late, overslept the next morning, and likely enjoyed a breakfast consisting of a tall glass of water and a couple of extra aspirins.

But last night’s club was different. When I got home I was full of ideas and bursting with energy, reading to tackle the next scene in my manuscript. I stayed up way too late, but only because I was inspired, and when I woke up this morning, the ideas were waiting for me to dive in. This happens every single time I go to this particular club.

What is this magical place, you say? Why it’s the JEWEL Lesbian Fiction Book Club, located in Dallas, and sponsored by the local Resource Center. JEWEL stands for Joining and Educating Women through Empowering & Learning – a perfect acronym for what happens at the club. The fact that the medium for all this education, empowerment, and learning is lesbian fiction is a huge bonus.

Last night’s club featured Bella Books author, Ann Roberts, and her novel, Hidden Hearts. Ann is a class act and the opportunity to hear discuss her novel was a treasure. Each month an author joins us to talk about her work and writing process, and I always walk away with new insights and inspiration of my own. Combined with lots of laughs and hugs, it was pretty much a perfect evening.

Do you have a book club or writing group in your area where you can go to share your love for books and the craft of telling stories? Have you thought about starting one?  If you live in Dallas or are in town for a visit, considering visiting ours – you can find out more information about JEWEL here.


  1. Love my lesfic book club! Tonight we discuss Marianne Martin’s Tangled Roots (and, being the overachiever, I also had to read Under the Witness Tree). Next month is Catherine Lane’s The Set Piece. Always a fun discussion and a great group of women.

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    • Hi Franci! A good way to get out the word to generate interest is through a local LGBT resource center or, if you’re lucky enough to have a book store in the area that carries our titles they might be wiling to let you put up a flyer or even host the club. Good luck!


  2. Carsen, I’m glad the Jewel club provides you so much inspiration. The only people I know who read lesfic have borrowed books from me and never returned them or my phone calls to get them back so I doubt they’d be available to help start a book club. No seriously I only know one other person who has read any lesfic and yes, they were my books. I don’t know anyone irl who buy lesfic.
    Would be great to start a book club but alas I don’t see anyone but myself coming.
    I do enjoy online blogs and Q and A groups.


    • Devlyn,

      Sorry to hear about your book borrowers turned book takers. That’s a real shame since I know how much you value your lesfic books, and you’ve always been such a big supporter of our work. I enjoy online blogs and Q and A groups too – virtual book clubs!


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