Immovable Objects

For the last couple of (few?) years, I’ve been blogging here at Women & Words every week. Regardless of what I’ve had going on, I’ve pushed myself to get it done each week because it’s a great way to stay connected to other writers, as well as readers. And I’ve gotten a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I’ve contributed something to this amazing site, and I’ve watched it grow from a spark of an idea to a major hub of activity in the lesfic community.

But I came to a point where I had to assess what I was doing. I found myself overwhelmed with projects and I realized I couldn’t burn the candle at both ends anymore. There are too many immovable objects and I’m getting too old to keep them all standing. However, I am an unstoppable force. I’m one of those people for whom saying “no” is difficult. But I realized finally that it must be done. Something had to give.immovable

So, I told the merry elves at Women & Words that I would be cutting back my blogs to bi-weekly. (Try not to be too upset. You’ll get over it.) My last blog was 2 weeks ago, and you know something? These 2 weeks flew by! And here I am, getting my blog ready for my time slot and I’m no more ready than I would have been if I’d blogged last week.

It’s kind of like a bag (or purse, if you are of the femme persuasion). The bigger the bag you get, the more you fill it. Your current bag is stuffed, so you get a bigger bag, thinking that you’ll have more space. But before you know it, that bag is ready to explode, so you go a size bigger, and…. Well, you get the idea. It’s kind of like that with work. Even if you make a little room in your schedule to accommodate what you’ve got, you only end up cramming more in there.physicsmovable

Well, that’s me, anyway. I don’t know about you all. Maybe you’re more disciplined than I am.

Anyway, I’m hoping that once February falls away into realm of the past that I’ll be able to get into a smoother groove. And I hope to be able to get back to my own personal blogs as well. Those have suffered greatly these past few months.

And maybe, with a little luck, I can offer something coherent and useful every now and then here.





  1. RG, I know what you are saying. When I retired I never thought I would be able to fill the time. Somehow I have but ask me what I have been doing on any given day and all I can say is “not much”. I really can’t quantify what I do now but I do know I’m as busy as ever.


  2. Sometimes you just have to cut back. Good on your for recognizing there was an issue and being brave enough to act on it. Thank you for not quitting the blog entirely. I love all the blogs you guys post and am very grateful for all the hard work each of you does to keep this awesome page so kick ass.
    And thank you for the unstoppable force/immovable objects reference cuz now I’m thinking it’s time to re-watch Imagine Me and You for the 80 bajillionth time. 🙂 Good luck with the time management and whatnot.


  3. I can definitely relate….still managing to put something out once a week, but I am feeling completely overwhelmed right now! Although I’ll miss reading your weekly blog, I’ll enjoy reading it bi-weekly!


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