Things We Lost in the Fire

It’s hard to believe it’s the fourth Monday in February already. But – the calendar says it’s so…

Since last June – third to be exact  – I haven’t written anything of consequence.  I’ve tried, believe me.

But that isn’t what I was going to blog about.

Well, I don’t think anyway – we’ll see where the blog takes me….


Just a reminder of how my brain works!

Since I haven’t been writing – I’ve been doing those Pinterest projects I’ve pinned and/or lusted over.

I’m a creative person – and I MUST create – whether it’s writing or making something of bits and pieces of stuff in my garage – I feel I have to.  It’s in my nature.


Consider the following synonyms 🙂

Build * Conceive * Constitute * Construct * Design * Devise  * Discover  * Establish  Set-up  * Shape  * Spawn  * Start  * Actualize  * Author  * Beget  *Coin * Compose Concoct  * Contrive  * Effect   * Erect   * Fabricate   * Fashion   * Formulate   * Hatch Imagine * Institutes   *Invents   * Occasions   * Originates  * Parent   * Procreate  * Rear  Sire* 

* Bring to Pass.  * Bring into being.  * Bring into Existence.   *Cause to be.  * Dream up.   Give birth to   *Give life to.

I’m amazed at all the birth references – and anyone who’s given birth can relate to the pain of it all.

fairy garden doorIMG_20151120_153714_hdr_kindlephoto-87057276sign with birds

Here are only  a few that I’ve worked on. As you can tell, I’m totally in love with the blue accents. Actually, I’m kind of obsessed. 🙂

I was admiring the colors when I had a thought about a framed print I used to own that had tones of the same color.  I bought it in 1997, and at the time, it was the most I’d ever spent on a decoration of any kind.

Unfortunately – when Sandy and I lost everything in a house fire in 2004 – the print and its matching set were destroyed. I hadn’t seen the same ones up until last week.

(Yes, it’s the Fourth Street house that burned down!) But that’s another story.

I was wishing I had the print again because it would look SO nice with the signs and furniture I had redone. Then I put it to the back of my mind – because really -who wants to remember all the stuff they lost in the fire?

But wait!  Here is where the Law of Attraction made an appearance in a major way.

Two days after wishing I had the print again – Sandy and I were in a thrift store and I had walked up and down all the aisles I was interested in. I stood at the cash register and looked up.


THERE it was! 

In immaculate condition as well. I could hardly believe my eyes – but at the same time I was nodding to the Universe, giddy with gratitude.

I told the cashier the story – while the nice young man climbed the ladder to get it down for me….

She too, had lost everything in a fire in the past.  Then she asked me if I wanted it half price!

Well of course I did.

But I would have bought it at full price – just to remind myself I create my own reality and if I’m plugged in – this kind of stuff happens all the time!

How cool is that?

In addition – since I’ve been staring at a white screen for months while Macy, the muse, is out trolling – maybe I’m trying to write the wrong book for now.

As soon as I made THAT realization – here comes fully formed characters jumping into my head and playing the drums on my temples.

It’s hard putting away something I’ve been working on for a long time – but I’d rather do that and keep writing,  than play hooky with Macy.

As soon as she figures out I’ve sidestepped her – she’ll come back!

Have an awesome week and thank you for stopping in.


  1. Terrific. Reminds me of a time I was searching a used book store for a particular author. I looked everywhere, but nothing. I don’t usually ask for help, but this time I did. The woman behind the counter thought for a minute, then dug around in the pile of books to be shelved. Not one, not two, but three books that I wanted. It was like winning the lottery (without the need for a trust fund). Thanks for this.

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  2. I’m glad your good karma caught up with you and bought you and your picture back together again. How cool is that! Love your artwork.

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