Ghost Search Leap Year 2016

It’s leap year!


Sorry, I couldn’t resist that picture 🙂

Here is a link to interesting facts about leap  year. I’ve combed the internet and found most of the information is repetitive. Now, just because I didn’t know most of it – doesn’t mean YOU don’t. Then again – I live my life in a self-imposed bubble!

So in the interest of boredom (yours) I’m going to off in a Vonnie-land direction.

What interest me?  Ghosts and Everything Paranormal.

What ghosts are famous on Leap year?

I took it step by step and searched Google.

The first thing I found was a Korean movie – called, appropriately (and exact google match) The Curse of Febuary 29th. 

I want something a little closer to home.

The Call of Duty game – has been rumored to be leaked to the public on Today’s date.

Mmm. No quite what I’m looking for…

Here is a video – that was actually filmed on 12/27 – and viewed several times today.  “Woman gets pushed to the floor by a ghost.” 

Which begs the question – Who else is looking for ghosts today?

I may need to redefine my search.

Found one! This one from Haunted Places: The National Directory: Ghost Abodes, Sacred Sites By Dennis William Hauck. Found On Google Books.  

“On February 29th, 1704, a band of fifty Frenchmen and two hundred Abenaki and Caughnawaga Indians attacked Deerfield. (Massachusetts.)  The war party slaughtered 49 settlers and captured 111, of whom 20 died on a two-hundred mile journey forced march into Canada”

It’s said that a pregnant woman who was slaughtered (and scalped) on that day haunts the only survivor who made is way back from Canada, John Williams. It’s also reported that her wailing can be heard every leap year from the Old Deerfield Cemetery where she is buried.

This is more of what I’m looking for – not the gore of course, but the famous ghosts who inhabit February 29, leap years.

I was  going to talk about a demon Goddess named Chuang-Mu – but the site blocked me due to a virus on mystic investigations. I had to find another source which turned out to be A character on a role playing board!


There is a haunted castle in Ireland called Leap Castle. But again, although super creepy, has nothing to do with leap year.

Ghost-at-Leap-Castle_photo_mediumleap castle

And last today – but certainly not least (and not about leap year) – but came up in my search. One of the pictures breaking the internet.


Can you see it?  Believe me once you do, you can’t unsee it.


Interesting note.  I went to credit the link and it disappeared?  Leap year Paranormal?

I’ll let you decide!

So there was a few hours (Truly. You have no idea how many links I hit, and got distracted on.) of my search for ghosts on Leap year -and really, I didn’t find many. I really wanted to.

Do you know of any famous ghost stories on this day?















  1. I can’t believe the Queen of the Internet search didn’t find anything paranormal on this day. Hmm weird in it self. Great blog love you.


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