The Haps!

Hello, dahlings!

Here are some links that might make you feel special on a Friday and give you some ideas/cool things to do. So let’s go see.

Goes without saying that we are a site with all kinds of book-related things going on practically 24/7. So here are still more book-related things for you to check out:

The Lesbian Review
Super-fun site with reviews, giveaways, author profiles, merchandise, and other fun stuff. You should TOTALLY go and check them out and tell them I sent you. 😉
And if you play around on the Twitterz, you can find them there, too. Go see. Or on Facebook.

GLBT News: The Official news outlet for the GLBT roundtable of the American Library Association.
Books, publishing, and stuff the geeks among you will no doubt luv.

And don’t forget to swing by the Lesbrary when you get a chance. Books, convos, links you’ll dig. Seriously. Check it out.

Golden Crown Literary Society
Lesbian fiction literary society that awards the fabulous Goldies each year to various genres of lesfic at its annual conference. Has expanded to include a one-year writing program.

Lambda Literary
Purveyors of the noted Lambda awards, Lambda Literary is a great place to check out LGBT literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) and literary worlds. Also provides some support for writers and a writers’ retreat.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
I’ve mentioned this crew a couple times in the past, but they bear mentioning again because their site is TEH AWESOME. They do a lot of romance reviews, mostly mainstream (i.e. M/F) BUT every once in a while, a F/F makes it in there for review (and of course M/M). They’ve expanded, too, and they’re also reviewing some spec fic. They do podcasts over there, HIGH-larious reviews, and they’re in your face and awesomely feminist. GO. For realz. Because anybody who refers to their site as the “bright pink palace of bitchery” are the kinds of people you want at your parties.

Trans-Genre Press
Founded in 2012 to publish the works of trans and gender variant people.

Biyuti Publishing
Small, independent publisher publishing works by trans women of color and queer/trans people of color.

Topside Press
Focuses on publishing “authentic transgender narratives.”

The Gay and Lesbian Review: bimonthly magazine of history, culture, and politics.
Kind of a cool look at bunches of different things nationally and internationally in terms of LGBT issues.

Bitch Media
I’m a subscriber to Bitch Mag, which is usually full of super-cool feminist articles, art, literature, and poetry. Includes lots of LGBT stuff, including explorations of gender and sexuality. Highly recommend. And of course there’s the subversive thrill I get knowing that a magazine with the big-ass title BITCH is causing some people to freak out and others to say, “huh. Now THAT’S cool and I am now a radical ninja feminist mail carrier who will bring truth to power!” Benefits all around, thus. (Bitch includes a Books section on their website, too.)

FTM Magazine
Printed and digital mag devoted to FTM and transmasculine communities.


Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, New Orleans
LGBT bookfest RIGHT HERE. Hit the link to see all the awesome. April 1-3.

Camp Rehoboth
Women’s Fest, Rehoboth Beach! Apr. 7-10.

Rainbow Book Fair
For the latest news, check their Facebook page. Slated for April 9 this year, 12-6 PM at John Jay College in New York City.

GCLS annual conference (Golden Crown Literary Society).
This year it’s in the Washington, DC area, July 7-10.

Lesvos Lesfic
You totally read that right. Ylva Publishing folks are hard at work on a bookfest/holiday on the Greek island of Lesvos. HIT THIS LINK RIGHT NOW. As an aside, I camped for a week on a beach on this island near Skala Eressos, and hung out at Sappho Travel (yes, Lesvos is considered the birthplace of the legendary poet), which is handling arrangements. It’s absolutely GOR-JUS. For realz, yo. If you can’t make it this year, pilgrimage another time. June 9-14.

How could you not want to go here?
How could you not want to go here?

OutWrite LGBT Book Festival
Readings, writing workshops, and happy fun times for LGBT books n’ stuff in DC, August 5-6.

Gay Romance Northwest Meetup
Watch this space for their weekend conference, usually in September. Head over there now to see if you can get in on a call for submissions they’re doing.

Left Coast Lesbian Literary Conference
Palm Springs, CA, October 12-16. Registration is open!

Women’s Week, Provincetown
October 10-16. A giant women’s fest, basically, with books sprinkled throughout.

GayRomLit Retreat
Brings together readers n’ writers of LGBT literature. Kansas City, MO this year, Oct. 20-23.

Whew. There you go. Things to plan for, yes?

Happy Friday!