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A reader’s perspective of making a small voice loud.


My mom always said that it wasn’t polite to talk politics or religion so I’ll try to resist, though this presidential election begs for talk and comments. Instead I’ll focus on a better world. A world created by our amazing lesfic authors! To be honest, it took me a few years to actually go to the voting booths for the first time. I remember when Bill Clinton was running for the first time in 1992. I was just starting college. The second time I had graduated. At the time it just seemed so obvious that he should/would win that it didn’t phase me that I didn’t make the effort to find out how to register to vote and actually get out there and exercise my right. Of all people, I as a woman, should have been ALL over that right as soon as I turned 18!! The Nineteenth Amendment was fought for and won by women who were willing to make a difference in our world! I should have never just taken that for granted and figured everyone else knew what was best for me. I need to be assessing what is right for me and I need to be making it count. If I don’t want to be treated like a second class citizen because I’m a woman or no longer have my marriage to my wife recognized or any number of issues addressed the way that I believe they should be then I need to vote. And I will!

But how wonderful would it be to have Devlyn Marlowe from T. Novan and Blayne Cooper’s Madame President? That story and its sequel First Lady allowed us eight years of wonderful, thoughtful, reasonable politics overseen by a smart, resourceful, and creative president who just happened to be a 10 on the sexy lesbian scale. Or what about Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou’s President in The Gemini Deception? The one played by Rydan Wagner not the other one. Don’t want to give too much away on that one, but someone to stand up for what is right when the risk is incredibly high, I believe makes a wonderful characteristic for a person in the Presidential seat. Even having a Vice President with the caliber of Tracey Richardson’s Jane Kincaid in The Candidate would be awesome!

What took me even longer to realize than needing to vote in the national elections for the next President of the US, was to vote locally. It is locally that I am being affected by taxes, road improvements, state regulations and laws. A more immediate impact that is more likely to affect my everyday living. For someone like that, I would definitely vote for Karin Kallmaker’s Sydney Van Allen from Wild Things. Someone who has been through the trials of life and come out the other side stronger and more certain of how to make the tough choices. One character I wouldn’t want hanging out in the Washington political arena is Senator Naomi Silverberg from Cate Swannell’s Heart’s Passage! Dang but that woman had some issues!

Seriously though, it doesn’t matter who you believe represents your interests the best. What is important is that you express that belief by casting your vote. Need more encouragement? How about Katherine V. Forrest’s Flashpoint. This story attacks the political arena from the perspective of seven very different characters with the common interest of LGBT rights. Being involved DOES make a difference. We wouldn’t be able to have the right to marry if people weren’t willing to express their beliefs through the vote. And the vote is so incredibly important! Just thinking about the whole process is so involved. Barring Complications  by Blythe Rippon is an excellent way to understand the political system from the point of view of the Supreme Court. And to think one of those incredibly valuable spots is vacant right now!

What are some other political lesfic novels that you’ve enjoyed? Who would make an excellent candidate for the White House? Our lesfic authors have done a wonderful job of bringing politics to us in an entertaining and thought provoking manner and I, for one, am excited about being able to cast my vote in the coming elections. I thank all those women who were willing to go to jail, go on a hunger strike, be force feed while in prison, and be willing to still speak out against the inequality the same way I thank all the gay and lesbian men and women who have made my lifestyle possible today. And it all comes down to politics.



  1. All great books. While I’m not American and don’t really get a say in your politics, I do hope all of the sane citizens get out and vote. Otherwise I fear for the world.
    I think I will go and read my favourite books Madam President and First Lady again soon and as the election in the USA goes for so long I can probably read all the others again too.
    Good blog, thanks.

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