Dealing with Third Book Syndrome by Jen Silver (Plus a FREE book)

Congratulations to Ann and Sarah Kerry! They both won an ebook copy of The Circle Dance by Jen Silver.

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the sun is shining. It’s the kind of day that demands that life happen outside instead of in. In other words, it’s kinda perfect.

And, to add to the perfection of the day, Author Jen Silver is with us this morning. She’s got a new book, The Circle Dance, and she’s here to tell us all about it. And, because she’s super cool, she’s also giving away two ebook copies. Drop a comment into the space below and I’ll draw a winner this Friday, March 11.

Dealing with “Third Book Syndrome” by Jen Silver

This is my third guest appearance on Women and Words and I would like to thank Jove and Andi for giving me the opportunity once again to talk about my books, my writing process and myself. Believe me, this is not easy for someone who would rather sit quietly in a corner observing everyone else.

circle_dance2016 looks like being even busier, if possible, than 2015. Last year at this time I was just finishing the first draft of my next book due to be released mid-March. When I attended a writing course in 2014 one of the tutors claimed that writing the third novel is the hardest. And although this next one is the fourth one published, it is the third one I wrote with publication in mind.

And it was hard. My second published book was a continuation of the first one, so I knew the characters and had a vague plan of where their story was going. Starting with totally new characters, discovering what made them tick, and what circumstances they were going to meet up with—that was the difficult bit. For a long time I just had a couple of names and a scene—now the second one in the book—with a woman having a cervical smear test. (Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?)

Also, for the longest time, the working title was A Cold Wind. My Scrivener file for the book still has that name. Shortly before submitting the completed manuscript to Affinity I thought I should change it. I didn’t think A Cold Wind was very enticing for a romance.

After writing out a whole page of alternative titles, I came up with The Circle Dance. And that’s the one that stuck. As usual, I’m thrilled that Irish Dragon Designs has produced a great looking cover.

As well as having to get to know new characters, I think I’m now more self-conscious about my writing. Before the publication of my first book, Starting Over, I just wrote stories for my own consumption. The best analogy I can come up with relates to playing golf. When you stand over the ball and start thinking of all the things you’ve been told about stance, swing, distance from the ball, not moving your head, rotating your hips – chances are you’re either going to nob it off the tee (nob is a common technical term here in the UK) or shank it into the woods.

The advice from golf instructors is to just have one pre-swing thought. Don’t overthink the shot. When I watch someone else play and see them standing over the ball for a long time I can accurately predict that they’re going to miss-hit it.

So the trick is to let go, try to let it flow – but even thinking that can inhibit the process. I have to find that one pre-shot thought that will keep me out of the trees when I sit down to write. I just need to remember that I’m writing for myself, writing the stories I enjoy reading.

The Circle Dance is a standalone romance, set in the area where I live. If you follow me on Facebook, you will have seen photos I post regularly from my walks along the canal and sometimes scenes from the town itself. Hebden Bridge is a market town in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, known for having a significant number of independent businesses, shops and cafes (and a high proportion of lesbians per head of population).


Back of the book synopsis for The Circle Dance:

Jamie Steele has moved to another town trying to forget the heartbreak of losing her lover. She now has a low paying job as an IT technician, lives in a rented room, and mostly failing, at the forgetting part.

Ivana Spencer is introduced to Jamie over dinner at her friends’ house. She can see herself falling for Jamie, but Jamie hasn’t got over her ex, Sasha, and perhaps never will.

Sasha Fairfield finds her thoughts taken up with her ex-lover of six years and thinks she wants Jamie back. But given the acrimonious nature of their breakup will Jamie want to even talk to her? After all, Jamie lost her home, her job, her car…and most importantly, the cat…all at the same time.

Follow this captivating romance as love dances through the lives of these women to its surprising conclusion.

The first chapter of The Circle Dance is available to read on the Affinity eBook Press website and the book is scheduled for release on 15 March.

trilogy_promoNote: The fourth book I wrote, in case you’re wondering, is the third book in the Starling Hill Trilogy—Carved in Stone—published last month. All three books in the trilogy are currently available FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

golfteeJen lives near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire with her long-term partner whom she married in December 2014. As well as reading and writing, other activities include golf, archery, and taking part in archaeological digs. Her first published novel, Starting Over, was released by Affinity in October 2014. The second book in the series, Arc Over Time, was published in May 2015 and the third book, Carved in Stone, in February 2016. The Circle Dance, published in March 2016, is a standalone story.

Contact Jen at, friend her on Facebook, or visit her blog:

Links to buying options for the trilogy:


  1. It’s always so nice when a author give’s away their books. Congrats on your new publication and I hope you have many more. Please add my name to the drawing. Thanks.


  2. Some good advice there Jen. Congratulations on your latest baby being published and I look forward to reading it.


  3. Weellll, I still have to get “Carved In Stone” but … since this is a stand-alone. Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity to ‘win’ a free novel.


  4. Sounds like a fantastic read and can’t wait until it hits the shelves so to speak. Will keep an eye out for it on Amazon.


  5. I will be keeping an eye out.
    Please enter me for a chance to win an ebook copy of Jen’s new book.
    Thank you.


  6. Congrats on your latest book, Jen!
    I love this from your post: “The advice from golf instructors is to just have one pre-swing thought. Don’t overthink the shot. When I watch someone else play and see them standing over the ball for a long time I can accurately predict that they’re going to miss-hit it.”
    Yes, yes and yes.
    Take care, and can’t wait to read your book.


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