Order Up—Something for Everyone!

For the past few months, Andi Marquette and I have been hard at work putting together the follow-up anthology to All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Romance & Erotica. This one is called Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance & Erotica.OrderUp-Cover-394x600

At first, we weren’t sure that we were going to do it. In fact, we had just about resigned ourselves to the fact that we would not. There’s one simple reason for that.

As fun and exciting as anthologies can be, they’re a lot of work and, ultimately, not the big money-generating publications that we would like them to be. Generally speaking, anthologies are put out there for the interest in the subject by the editor/publisher, love of short fiction, and as a marketing vehicles for writers, not for the money.

But then, the most amazing thing happened. All You Can Eat became a Lambda Literary finalist—the very first one for Ylva Publishing. And it showed us (and Ylva) that this subject matter—food integrated with love and sex—had meat to it (pun intended).

And so, Ylva gave us the green light to do another one. We took a bit of a different approach to this one and, as a result, hit a few bumps in the road. But once we made our way around those bumps, the road became pretty smooth. And, I must say, Andi and I are quite pleased with our collection of stories. As with the first volume, we have a mix of stories ranging from sweet and romantic to hot and steamy, with stories that center around both new couples and long-term relationships, told in various moods from serious to funny. There’s something here for every taste and persuasion. I’m very proud to offer you now our stories and authors:

“Not Spam Again!” by Jaye Markham

“Bunya Bunya” by Cheyenne Blue

“A Twist of France” by N.R. Dunham

“The Way to a Woman’s Heart” by Marie Sterling

“The Secret’s in the Sauce” by Andi Marquette

“God’s Tamales” by Brey Willows

“Sweet or Savory” by Lea Daley

“Cassidy’s Anniversary Caper” by Liz McMullen

“Potluck Club” by Rebekah Weatherspoon

“Something Salty, Something Sweet” by Emma Weimann

“Sliced and Diced” by R.G. Emanuelle

“Clinch it with Coleslaw” by Cheri Crystal

“Daddy’s Hot Appetizer” by CK Combs

“Honey and Lemon” by Jove Belle

“The Indulgent Chocolatier” by Pascal Scott

The ebook will be available in May and the print book in May or June. And who knows—maybe this time we’ll win the Lambda.

So, Order Up—the menu’s hot!


  1. Collections are a fantastic way to meet new authors. I’ve chosen to read an anthology because I writer I loved had a story in it. And then I’ve chosen to read books from authors I discovered through the anthology. Continuing to publish anthologies gets my vote.

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