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Hi, everybody!

Happy Friday n’ all of that. So I posted one of my OMG I HAVE TO BLOG PLEASE ASK ME QUESTIONS on Facebook and here are a few of those with my oh, so pithy (or not) answers.

1. FROM LIZ! Which book of yours has made the deepest impact on you as you wrote it?

Hmm. That’s kind of like asking which one of my books is my favorite. I don’t have favorites. I have books that were bigger pains in the ass to write than others, but each one is its own separate journey, and marks a particular point in my life. Every book I’ve written serves as that. In terms of impact, I’d say each one of ’em has had some kind of impact. Perhaps every author’s first book that’s published has a lasting impact because omg, you did it, and whoa, you’re on this journey and what do you do from here? But each one you write has an impact, or you wouldn’t be writing it. 🙂

2. EBENEZA ASKS: Have you seen the latest episode of The 100 and what are your thoughts about it?

OMG DON’T GET ME STARTED. ::headdesk::

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.52.56 PM

3. FROM BETH: What advice would you give to young lesbian writers who are just starting out?

To any LGBTQI writer just starting out — GO, YOU. The advice I offer is this: get some solid beta readers — ones who won’t be all, “oh, this is great. Unicorns and sparkleponies.” with your work. You want readers who are not afraid to tell you something’s not working. Also, take writing courses and/or workshops. Like any skill, writing requires work and practice. It’s not something you do every once in a while. If you’re serious about it, DO IT. Almost every day. Like a sport, you don’t get good at it if you only do it once a week or once in a while.

Read extensively across many different genres, and both fiction and nonfiction to expand your own worldview and get a taste for a variety of different writers and writing styles. Develop a thick skin. If you can’t take the heat of critique, this may not be the path for you.

Be humble. Nobody gets off this rock alive (yet — Mars is still a dream), so treat others as you want to be treated. Ask for help and guidance, but don’t expect people to drop everything for you. Engage with community and see what role you can play in helping build it. Writing is also a community. Participate. Travel as you can and engage with people of many different backgrounds and ages. Your life and your writing will be richer for it.

Ultimately, just get to it. Hammer out that draft and then keep working on re-writes. It’ll come.

And you can always drop me a line! I’m a total cheerleader for writers.

4. JUDI: Did you need walking dead therapy after the latest episode?

No, because the last episode was disjointed and freaking weird, with characters doing things that were so out of character it was cray-cray. I will, however, need therapy after this Sunday’s episode. It’s the season finale, and you know sh*t is going to get so real it’ll hurt. As an aside, I will be watching Fear the Walking Dead because Alycia Debnam-Carey is in it, who played Lexa in The 100 and I really miss Lexa.

5. JULEE: Plain or peanut M&M’s?


Oh, you want me to choose? Why? I LOVE ALL M&Ms!

6. PAGE: What’s your favorite state: NM or CO, and why?

I love them both, but NM is my soul-state. That is, the one that feels like “home.” There are some places on the planet that you just feel are “home,” that resonate deep within, and NM is that place for me.

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7. When is the next book in the New Mexico series coming?

Hell, I wish I knew. As many of you are aware, the first 2 are off the market. You can still get used paperbacks, though (or drop me a line–I have a few lying around I can hook you up with). The third is coming off the market in a few months. The fourth, however, will remain on the market for a few more years per its contract.

I am exploring options for these books, as they need some updates and re-writes because I like to think I’m a better writer now than I was 7 years ago (one hopes). Currently, they are still simmering on a back burner, and I’m holding off on writing a new one because it doesn’t make sense to release a new book in a series when the first ones aren’t available. So. That’s the scoop.

8. JACKY: Would you ever consider teaching a writing course at a university in the future?

I have taught in the past. My students were fun, but overall, the experience was soul-sucking. I’m probably best cut out for doing the occasional class or workshop in a variety of venues. If a university wanted to bring me on for a gig like that, I’d consider it.

9. CK: Wax poetic on green chile and pinon – I’m in that sort of mood

Chile is green
and sometimes red
piñons are brown
unless they’re all shelled

Both you can roast
and eat when they’re done
that’s a New Mexico fall
best under the sun


10. D.K. LINDA: What’s the fastest animal on earth?

Depends on what’s chasing it.


Happy Friday, everybody! Hope your weekend is awesome. And if you’re already weekending, hope you’re having a great time.



  1. Peanut butter M & Ms. or crispy. or dark. 🙂 Love the Q & A! Wish I had thought of a question in time to ask…


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