Romancing the Dinner

A reader’s perspective of how food is romantic.

It’s the end of what was an interesting week. For me it was more on the tough side than the fun side which is always a bummer. But it’s Friday and Friday’s are supposed to be awesome, exciting, hip, cool, out-on-the town kind of days. Not for me. When I was walking to my car after finishing my interesting week, I called Kim. I always do when I get off work, because, well, it’s a highlight of my day to talk with her again after an 8+ hour absence. I told her that all I wanted to do was get home and give her a hug. And because she is so awesome, she easily interpreted that to be- I don’t want to cook or clean or have any other responsibilities tonight other than hugging you, so she ordered Thai food! Yum! What better way to end an interesting week than with some yummy food and a delicious Thai iced tea and not having to think about dishes or anything? To get a hug on top of all that!!

Kim is the best. I still remember meeting her for the first time. Our mutual friend arranged to have dinner with both of us on the same night. Actually she arranged to have dinner with me and Kim ended up being in town so she invited Kim to join us. That worked because a friend of mine was having a rough time and I invited her to join us as well so it turned into a foursome. But that minute when I walked into the restaurant and saw Kim I kept walking and ended up walking into a wall. She was so gorgeous and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her! Until we moved away we returned to that restaurant for dinner quite a few times and every time, it made me remember how lucky I was to be in the right place at the right time to meet her.

The restaurant itself wasn’t the most fancy, I mean originally it was just a dinner with a friend so how dressy does one need to be for such an occasion? Granted it wasn’t fast food, but it wasn’t some little-black-dress number place either. I’m actually not really sure Kim or myself would be comfortable in a dressy place. Sure we dressed up for the dressy dinner on our cruise, and the GCLS conference we attended we dressed up (she wore her summer whites uniform! Hot!!) but overall, we are more comfortable with a jeans and sweater kind of place. Even when we were just starting out dating it never got truly fancy. I know all the previous times I was dressed up, I was either freezing because my dress wasn’t my usual coverage or I was trying to plan, without looking like I was planning, the most direct route to the next point I could sit down because the heels I was wearing were killing my feet!

But sharing food seems to be an intricate part of the courting and romance. I mean going to a movie is kind of fun (unless you choose a scary movie and end up looking like a wuss- and yes I did that with Kim also) but it’s not really conducive to having a conversation and getting to know one another. You could share a coffee or drink but eventually that would lead to food- shouldn’t it? Cooking together can be a fun experience as well and a great way to try to impress! I mean I love cooking for Kim I just wish I had more time and wasn’t so tired when I got home from work. I know that is a pretty weak excuse, but at the moment it is true. Especially after having an interesting week!

Food and meals in our lesfic stories seems to be pretty key for the romance as well. I’m kind of fascinated with how much detail some of our author’s share in regards to meals. If you’ve ever read anything by Ali Spooner you know how amazing the meals  her characters share truly are. I mean who wasn’t wanting to sit down and eat with the wranglers in Cowgirl Up? Or sit down with the family in Bailey’s Run and enjoy the southern cuisine? Her descriptions of the meals and the preparations could almost be a character in itself!

I also wondered how much the restaurants or menu options reflect the lesfic authors themselves. I mean if you read Jae’s Hollywood Series the places they go for food are incredibly varied! Departure From the Script  they have some Mexican food. Damage Control has hotdogs and ice cream. Just Physical has Indian food. That’s a lot of choices, a lot of variety! Are any of them Jae’s favorite because I don’t see her characters in any of her other series enjoying the same types of restaurants? Pretty cool!

Then of course there are the cook-outs and social get-togethers that revolve around food. Such as the Sunday meals that the characters in Lynn Galli’s Imagining Reality attend to stay connected? Or the back yard parties with Quinn Maguire and Honor Blake from Radclyffe’s Fated Love? And in Gerri Hill’s  One Summer Night? The sexual tension when Johanna and Kelly find themselves at the same cook-out was just jumping out of the book!

So how were you wooed by food? And what is your favorite food scene from a lesfic story? Does it matter if it is casual, dressy, cooking, or cook-out? I know that I already said that Kim and I are more casual than dressy but I still love to read when characters go all out with dressing up but sometimes I can just relate better to the casual meal at home type of set up even better.


  1. Month of Sundays by Yolanda Wallace has some excellent food scenes. I love the BBQs in Fated Love and the other related books in that series, too.

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  2. Thanks for the mention Erin. I agree that foods are important in relationships and family life. Especially here in the south where so many stories and events occur around the dinner table!

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  3. Great blog post! Thanks for the mention of my Hollywood series, Erin.

    Actually, I love trying dishes from different countries, and I’m famous (or is that infamous?) for my love of ice cream. Jill and Crash ate Persian (not Indian) food in “Just Physical,” and yes, I personally love that too. The only thing on the list that I don’t eat is hotdogs since I’m an almost-vegetarian.

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    • Jae! I knew that, or at least I would have known that if my copy wasn’t still packed away in our storage unit! Sorry about that! Love the Hollywood Series though- the variety of stories, characters and even food choices.


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