Clones, Identicals, and Sestra!

Holy crap! It’s that time again…the second Monday of the month means it’s my turn to blog on W&W! Sometimes I feel like I just posted something and then WHAM! It’s already the next month. How does that happen? Yup, this month caught me flat-footed and pretty much tapped of entertaining material. So I thought maybe I’d desperately peruse AfterEllen for some kind of fodder to use for this. And hot damn, you’ll be very happy to know I found something! What is it, you ask? ORPHAN BLACK is back! Season 4 of the freaking amazing Canadian show starts April 14th and I cannot wait!

OB Header

Never seen it? Check out the deets here! You want strong female characters? Check. You want an amazing actor to portray at least twelve different clones—genetic identicals? Check. You really have to see it to believe Tatiana Maslany is capable of intensely different incarnations with each clone she takes on. Holy shit. You want a lesbian clone? Here you go!

OB lesbians

How about a transgender clone?

Orphan Black Trans

A soccer mom clone!

OB Soccer Mom

Helena, a crazy-ass religious clone—Sestra!

OB sestra

The short summary is this: According to BBC America, Orphan Black revolves around the main character of Sarah Manning as she discovers the existence of several of her genetic identicals (yeah, clones!). Sarah takes on the identity of one Beth Childs after witnessing Child’s suicide. Childs is a detective who’s in seriously hot water for her part in a shooting gone bad. Anyway, Sarah intends to swipe whatever money the dead woman has in her purse when she looks at Childs’s driver’s license. Beth has an uncanny resemblance to her, and Sarah, the out-of-money con artist she is, decides to take on Beth’s identity, unknowingly stepping into a police internal affairs investigation looking into the aforementioned shooting. After that comes clone after clone after clone after clone!

If you haven’t yet met the a-freaking-mazing Tatiana Maslany, who you can check out here. In my estimation, she’s one of the most talented actors ever.

So buckle your seat belts, kids. It’s creativity gone wild!


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