Where did that come from?

A reader’s perspective of how awesome those ideas are


I’m sitting here on a Friday night wondering what to think about, what to write about, what deep thoughts an experience or a story inspired in me and I’m sort of not coming up with anything. I wouldn’t really call it writer’s block, more like tired but this whole not coming up with an idea could be a big thing! I was reading Elizabeth Andre’s “5 Steps to Generating Fabulous Ideas For Your Next Novel” on Women and Words (find that article here) and she’s got some really cool strategies! So because I can’t think of anything on my own, I’m letting this article lead me to some stories.

The first step is committing to generating new idea and that totally makes me think of the character of Nic Greenberg from Amy Dawson Robertson’s  Midnight on a Mountaintop. There are so many wonderfully funny scenes in this story and it’s prequel Midnight in Orlando but the scene I’m thinking of in regards to committing to generating ideas is when Nic stops in a graveyard to check out the headstones to add to her list of usable character names. I don’t want to give away too much, but a neurotic writer hanging out in a cemetery can only lead to laughs.

I’m going to combine the second step and the third step of paying attention to the world around you. The article is wonderfully broken down, but from a reader’s perspective I can’t distinguish the two but I think a reflection of what’s going on around you can be found in many of Carson Taite’s novels. I was specifically intrigued with her Reasonable Doubt  and how it reflected events found in newsfeeds every day. Or Lynn Ames’ Beyond Instinct  where the reader is transported to a volatile location, one of many that can be found around the globe today.

I always hear about that advice of write about what you know and Step 4 seems to take that idea and make it better with taking a memory and re-writing the ending. Would this include fanfic such as G Bensons’ All the little Moments  and how it loosely uses characters from Gray’s Anatomy? Or Georgia Beers’ A Little Bit of Spice  where her introduction provides the readers with a little background on her beer tasting experiences and how they were reflected in the story.

And lastly Step 5 of sharing ideas which makes me think of all those wonderful lesfic novels that were co-written. Stories such as the everafter series  by Nell Stark and Trinity Tam. Or the Elite Operatives Series  by Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou.  Wouldn’t a collaboration be considered sharing ideas? It would seem logical to me.

The article was very neat and if I had the skills and gift of writing lesfic I would be all over it in regards to generating ideas. It does make me wonder though, how our amazing lesfic authors generate their ideas for stories topics. Especially those that seem to have so much detail it has to be a personal experience, or so much emotion wrapped up in the characters, or are so thought provoking. What lesfic stories out there have intrigued you as a reader as to where the author came up with that idea?




  1. Elizabeth Andre here, and I’m blushing. So, glad you liked it so much. The reason I separated steps 2 and 3 was because I wanted to make it clear that you can come up with cool new ideas even without leaving the house. My life is filled with several people who for various mental or physical health problems are limited in their ability to leave the house. I wanted to make it clear that not leaving the house is not a good excuse for not coming up with good new ideas. Anyway, still blushing. Thanks!

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    • Elizabeth that totally makes sense and sorry step 2 and 3 kind of got butchered a bit in this blog. I really liked your suggestions for coming up with ideas and thought it was a great blog! I hope this helped get more people to read it because it was valuable. Thanks for providing that as a resource!


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