GCLS and the Shocked Author

We’ll do this in sections (maybe) ‘cuz I tend to let my ADD have creative control. Mostly because I’m unaware until I laugh out loud at myself. Ha-ha!

Say cheese! 8a70a0d19a8f15cef1f3f3da6c671e5a

OMG that baby is SO cute!  And has more real teeth than I do… (LOL) Oh wait, that’s my cue.


I finally got a smart-phone – which of course, I had to push myself to be smarter than.  BUT it has this really cool app that I can put notes in, such as “Write this blog…”  And you know what’s really funny?  I don’t even remember putting them in…

No guilt on me – I blame my health!

Vonnie-girl, REFOCUS!

So, I was SUPER honored to be a paranormal finalist in the Golden Crown Literary Awards  this year! After the year I’ve had – it did a whole lot for my confidence to keep writing, as I hadn’t written three pages since the first heart attack.  Untitled


You can open up the list of awesome-sister authors who made this years list by clicking the link AND find out all the detail of the next GCLS convention coming up in Washington DC. Check it out!1418_1665204933743529_7276810380681242403_n

And since I do this usually only once a year – because I agonize over promotion, I’ll keep my eyes closed as I post these. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

Sometime Yesterday:

sometime yesterday awards

And the first two books of The Sisters of Spirits Trilogy:

the awakening award picture

The Quickening

I am humbled and honored. Truthfully, no one is more surprised about this than me.

I can honestly tell you that I MISS these women!  They didn’t send me Christmas cards, pop in to visit, or come over for dinner anymore. So sad…  However, I DO know them as friends, and mention them to other people (who don’t know they are characters) in normal conversation.

Normal person: I had a house on the beach… (or whatever.)

Me: Oh, that’s wonderful. So does Natalie. (Sometime Yesterday)

Normal person: I own a landscaping business.

Me: Awesome, just like Van Easton. (SY)

Do you want to know what’s even better?

My wife will nod, and smile. “That’s right, honey.”

Can’t get cooler than that 🙂

I want to thank my readers who send me awesome personal notes and leave blog comments here!

You make my day and it encourages me to keep writing.

Which book have I written that’s your favorite?

Have a wonderful Monday!

P.S.  Ha-ha!  You really don’t want to know how LONG it took me to do the formatting on this blog…  Hours, I tell you. And it’s because I was writing on a desktop (which showed perfectly) and then previewing a tablet blog…

Ah, to be me.

It’s exhausting!












  1. I can’t wait to read a new novel whenever you write it. I’ve read all of yours so far and love the Sisters of Spirits series. Congratulations on the nomination!

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  2. Congratulations! You deserve it! And I truly enjoyed the Sisters of Spirits trilogy. Hmm think it’s high time to reread them :)). Take care!


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