The Great In-between

Without Justice 300 DPI

On April 1st, I turned in the manuscript for Without Justice, a standalone romantic intrigue novel due out in December (early release copies available at Women’s Week). I had a lot of fun writing this story about two lawyers: one dedicated to her job and the other running away from it. Here’s a peek at the back cover blurb:

Cade Kelly’s life revolved around her legal career until the day she testified against the largest crime family in Chicago. Now in witness protection, she’s working hard to adjust to a life devoid of the things she used to be passionate about. When she meets the smart and beautiful Emily Sinclair, Cade feels hopeful about her new life, but she learns no matter who she pretends to be, she can’t deny the pull of her past.

Emily Sinclair is settling into her role as district attorney and she’s ready to find a love interest to share in her success. Cade Kelly captivates her from the moment they meet, but she discovers that despite their undeniable attraction, Cade will challenge her at every turn. What will happen when Emily learns Cade isn’t who she thought she was, and worse, when they wind up on opposite sides in Emily’s first big case?

My next project is the third book in the Lone Star Law Series: Letter of the Law which will likely be released in the spring of 2017. Letter of the Law 300 DPII’m excited about digging further into this series with an entirely new character, Jade Vargas. Check out the cover, doesn’t she look mysterious?

As jazzed as I am to get started writing Letter of the Law, I’ve used this in-between big projects time to attend the Lone Star Lesfic Festival, relax a little, clean my office, and work out the overarching plot and character sketches for the third novel I’ll write this year, Sidebar, another standalone tale of romantic suspense. I’ve learned that if I start writing a new book with the next one nagging at me, I get all distracted and such, but now that I have my ideas filed away, I’m ready to focus on the adventures of the Cartel-busting task force and high stakes family drama of the Lone Star Law series.

Do you take breaks between big projects or just plunge into the next thing? What do you do on your breaks?



  1. I can’t wait to read both of those. Legal thrillers are some of my favorite stories even before mystery and romance (especially lesbian romance) and ‘Without Justice’ sounds like a bit of all of those. Keep us posted on the actual release date!

    I usually take a short break after I finish a book. It might be a few days, it might be a week or so but rarely is it longer. During them, I don’t write at all other than to jot down crazy plot bunny thoughts that run through my head. I do read though. It’s the only time I get to sit down with actual books or eBooks and not just read a handful of daily articles that are mostly about writing, publishing or marketing.

    With ‘Broken Women’ I took a week long break when I was about 2/3rds of the way done and I didn’t touch it. That’s not the norm but we took a long planned vacation with my folks for their 50th Anniversary and I wouldn’t have done things any differently. Refreshed, I finished it quickly when we got back. I took another break after it went to my proofreader to start a Kickstarter campaign for our (my wife’s…) haunted house business and now I’m back at it. I’m with you though, I’m always thinking a book or more ahead and I have most of the plot for a new one all laid out even as I’m still writing and trying to work out the best ending for my current WIP, ‘Hannah’s Hope’.

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  2. There’s no way I could think about or plan more than one book at a time. Once my novel, Along Came the Rain, was safely dispatched to the publisher, then I felt free to start thinking about a new novel. At that point, it’s a good distraction so I don’t have to focus on the one that’s awaiting acceptance. My goal was to have the first draft of the new novel, Devoted, finished by the time ACTR was published. I succeeded in doing that but now that ACTR is out, I’m finding that my focus is with that and I’ve put Devoted aside. For me this is good, as I’ll come back to Devoted with new eyes and be ready to make plenty of changes to it when I do a second draft.

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  3. Glad you are giving the keyboard a workout … looking forward to reading both in addition to “Above the Law.” With three new Carsen Taite reads on the horizon, I am a happy reader!!!


  4. I definitely need a break, at least on large projects, after I finish writing a book. So far, I’ve written and published two books. In between, I’ve spent a lot of my time writing short fiction, marketing, blogging, and catching up on my To Be Read list. Without a breather from large projects, I find that I get bogged down in a rut really fast; a break makes the writing flow so much more smoothly once you’re back.


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