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Hiya, peeps!

Andi here with another fun stuff roundup. That is, things I find that are goofy, interesting, and sometimes even informative. OMG no way. Yes, srsly.

Okay, so, I’m a huge fan of The Bloggess. If y’all don’t follow her, I’m frankly surprised that you’ve not noticed how empty your lives and your houses are. Check your cars, too, if applicable. Those are likely empty in the lack of Bloggess. At any rate, for you pet owners, she documented her cat staring at a demon the other night. Or maybe a bug. We’re all still trying to figure that shit out.

Here is the story. For those of you with cats that do this, either they really see stuff or maybe they’re just being cat assholes. Because they do that, I’ve heard.

Moving along, so I was totally dreaming about a writer’s retreat, because writers don’t really take vacations. We go on “retreats” where we’re all, “oh, yeah. Totes writing, babe. Fer realz.” And then we fill that freakin’ margarita glass and stroll along the beach because WRITING*.

*not all writers. Some writers actually do write on retreats. Others, like me, dance around the room and then go exploring and then write blogs like this one.

Anyway, here are some writers’ retreats taking place this year, and I posted this primarily because some of these sound like dream vacations and I wanted you all to sit and stare at the pictures with me because my writer’s retreat is usually my freaking spare bedroom with a bunch of incense and a cup that once held coffee. Maybe. Not sure. The Bloggess’ cat would probably stare at it. But still. Let us all dream on one accord.


I recently discovered LADY GEEK GIRL and holy crap, that one corner of my mind where I’d stashed a bunch of my teenaged crush girl and geekoid stuff suddenly started vibrating with sheer, unadulterated glee. All things geek. Mostly things womenz. All things deep analysis or simply fab fun time.


It was from this site that I learned of this comic, Daughter of the Lilies.
It’s on chapter 5, so hit the archive to get yourself all caught up. OMG much delish.

Speaking of comics, I recently discovered Dark Circle’s The Shield (scroll down to see), which is co-written by one of my fave irreverent spec fic dudes (and dudes in general), Chuck Wendig. This guy gets it, y’all. Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.48.27 PM

This is the SHIZZLE. The Shield is totally reimagined as a young woman, Victoria Adams. The Shield, as some of you know, is an iconic hero created in 1940 by Archie Comics. He predated Captain America as a patriotic hero, with a costume patterned after the American flag. Anyhoo, Victoria Adams has an origin story that predates the original Shield; she appears to be a time-jumper of some sort, and was involved in the Revolutionary War. Lots of good stuff here to check out, though issues are a little slow coming — we’re in 2 right now — but so worth the awesome. History. Strong women (note: Wendig writes strong women). Superhero shit. C’mon. JOIN IN!
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.00.30 PM
I also highly recommend Ms. Marvel, who’s been reimagined as Pakistani-American teen Kamala Khan whose family is Muslim and living in New Jersey. She’s also kind of a nerd, with the cutest teen crushes. I freaking love this comic, and I’ve been following it since it launched in … 2014?

Also, since I started obsessing about The 100, I’ve been paying more attention to fanfic. Not just Clexa fic (for those of you who follow The 100, you’ll know whereof I speak). But popping around and checking out some other stuff. I’ve been doing that at Archive of Our Own, so if you haven’t stumbled in there yet,

HERE IS THE LINK to do so. And I recently blogged about some cool things I’ve learned from fanfic. Check it.

And yes, I do manage to find some TV time. I’ve been watching Wynonna Earp on SyFy, which is sort of like if Lost Girl got together with Deadwood, Supernatural, and the 1999 paranormal western Purgatory and got in a bar fight with a bunch of demons out West. Like that. Great characters, strong female lead who is super-snarky, and the actors all seem to be having a great time. You might want to check this one out. There’s also a strong secondary character with a potential lesbian love interest. Hopefully, Wynonna won’t succumb to that damn “kill the gays” trope. We shall see. In the meantime, it’s fun.

Let’s see . . .

Oh, and my colleague in crazy, Jove Belle, and I have started doing a weekly Women and Words podcast. Basically, we recap things going on at Women and Words, but also things going on in the larger world of lesfic. It’s about 15 minutes out of your day (HA! Jove and Andi voices as your earworms!) Check out an episode HERE.

And finally, my little cherubs, here’re my top 5 songs this week for obsessive listening:

[NOTE: this playlist won’t be available for-evah, so get a listen now to get yer groove on n’ all. The songs in the list: “Plain Sight,” Kita Alexander; “Forces,” Japanese Wallpaper; “Slow Spiral,” Mint Julep; “Where I Wanna Be,” ARIZONA; “Take It from Me,” KONGOS]

All right, have yourselves a groovy weekend, all. Play safe, play nice, but PLAY!



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